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Wanda Adam
Phone: 1-205-370-0016
Email: WandaHAdam@hotmail.com
Wanda is a licensed health practioner in Alabama
Wanda Adam was born in Birmingham, Alabama. She began the journey to natural wellness and complementary therapies in 1978. Ms. Adam has owned and operated several health food stores as well as teaching classes on basic nutrition. She received her diploma in nutrition in 1982. Believing that we should be treated as a whole, Wanda pursued her education in complementary modalities. The main tenant of healing being, "First do no harm." So working with other healthcare practitioners when indicated, Ms. Adam now strives to integrate complementary healing modalities into her clients daily lives. Now residing in Blount County, Alabama, she has a private practice in board-certified hypnotherapy, Reiki energy healing and EFT as her primary integrative therapies. Ms. Adams' greatest joy is to see her clients take responsibility for their own health and happiness. She believes we each have that privilege in life. Her goal is to help people understand that and move toward that. And most of all, first do no harm.

LISTEN: What About Addictions.mp3
What Is Reiki Healing.mp3
GMO Foods.mp3 (Much More)

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