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Tom Mack, MBA, A+, Net+
201 Raton Street #112
Trinidad, Colorado 81082
EMAIL: tom.mack@whitestonefoundation.org
Main Website: www.WhiteStoneFoundation.org
www.The Music of Heaven.com

Special Message From Tom Mack
Many have asked about the status of our Bible Music project. When I had my accident, the work had to stop as I spent much of the next two years in hospitals, a nursing home, and at home recouping from my injuries. Even though I still have three more surgeries to face, I have a break in the medical activity allowing me to do some work on the music. As a result of this work, I have posted several samples of the music on the The Music of Heaven.com page, and http://www.projectrpl.org All files are free. Go down the page and you will see several buttons offering the several Parshas from the Book of Genesis at three different bitrates. Only do the 192 Kbps download if you have a lot of time or a fast Internet connection. The 128 Kbps download will take less time to download but there will be a drop in quality. I put the 32 Kbps download up for those with dial-up connections.

I am hoping to have the entire book of Genesis done by the beginning of next year and Exodus done by Summer of 2010. If you have any questions, please E-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Here is the link to download the latest version of The Music of Heaven: http://music.whitestonefoundation.org

The Foundation website is now featuring one of the most extensive news sections you will find on the Internet. Just enter http://news.whitestonefoundation.org in your browser and you will be taken directly to our News Bureau. For health issues and information go here: http://health.whitestonefoundation.org If you want to check out our International News, just enter http://internationalnews.whitestonefoundation.org and you will be taken to our International News Page where you can select which area of the world you want news from.


Tom's Additional Websites:

Bible Code Research

Anti-Christ Watch

(New Site Watching for Antichrists and Their False Ministries)

Tom's IT News Site

Tom's Music Site http://treeoflife-music.com

LISTEN: Tree of Life.mp3
(Tom's music ~ 21 June 2013)

Professor Tom Mack ~ 2012 - 2013 Audio Files
The EU And The USA.mp3 (5 July 2012)
Study On The Soul.mp3
For a FREE PowerPoint Viewing Program to read this file Click Here
Download "Study On The Soul": PowerPoint Presentation
LISTEN: EU, Bankers, MERS.mp3
LISTEN: What Happened To Me.mp3

Professor Tom Mack ~ 2010 ~ 2011 Audio Files
LISTEN: Project RPL.mp3
Check out: http://www.projectrpl.org

Osama Code And More.mp3
Tom Mack's Osama code page: http://biblecoderesearch.org/Osama/index.html

Heart And Soul.mp3
PDF -- http://www.thebyteshow.com/PDF/Studies_on_the_Soul.pdf

The Heavener Mysteries:
Heavener Mysteries3.mp3

Guerilla Computing
Tom Mack: Security Issues.mp3
Tom Mack: Guerilla Computing3.mp3 (Part Three)
Tom Mack: Guerilla Computing2.mp3 (Part Two)
Tom Mack: Guerilla Computing.mp3
Tom Mack: The Computer Underground.mp3
Tom Mack: Stuxnet Issues.mp3

Professor Tom Mack ~ 2009 Audio Files
Norwegian Light Show.mp3
Read: Tom Mack's Norwegian Light Show.pdf

Health Care Extreme Emergency.mp3

The Infinity Code1.mp3 (Part One ~ Aug 09)
The Infinity Code2.mp3 (Part Two ~ Aug 09)

The follow-along PowerPoint Presentation for these two interviews.
The Infinity Code3.mp3 (Part Three ~ Aug 09)

The follow-along PowerPoint Presentation for this interview.

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Quantum Bible Research.mp3 (18 July 09)
Quantum Bible Study Principles.mp3 (19 June 09)
Quantum View Of The End Times.mp3 (4 June 09)
Creature, Soul, Nephesh.mp3 (20 Mar 09)
(YES, Animals Have Souls!!!)
God, gods Watchers And Nephilim.mp3 (20 Mar 09)
A Change Of Pace.mp3 (10 Mar 09)
Economic UpDate.mp3 (3 Mar 09)
Economic And Bible Code UpDate.mp3 (25 Feb 09)
Coming Back1.mp3 (Part One ~ 31 Jan 09)
Coming Back2.mp3 (Part Two ~ 31 Jan 09)


Tom gives a brief history of the "kings" in the Old Testament and then moves into the end-time following topics: The anti-Christ, The Beast, Islam, Israel, The U.S., War, The Temple, The Two Witnesses, The Coming of Jesus Christ and much more...

LISTEN: End Time Talk.mp3 (22 July 2006 ~ 17.2mb ~ 2 Hours 30 Minutes)|

Tom Mack investigates the "Heavener Mystery" that Larry Taylor mentioned in "The Big Shake." Here is an early report from Tom... more coming. LISTEN: Heavener Mystery.mp3 (Part 1)| Heavener Mystery.mp3 (Part 2)

LISTEN:Scam Terror Connection.mp3
(The connection between "Romance Scammers" and Funding Terrorism)

LISTEN: BibleCodes (Mp3). Special Show With Tom Mack on Bible Codes: The 4 Beasts of Daniel... The Beast System vs. anti-Christ system, Islamic Hawala (money) system. Who are the modern Amalekites and how do they affect us today?

The Money Beast.mp3

The Prophecy Tapes1 (Mp3 - Part One) |
The Prophecy Tapes2 (Mp3 - Part Two)

Coming Soon: Tom Mack's New Website.... Music based on the Hebrew Letters of the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament). Uniquely beautiful, spiritual music. This is not like anything you have ever heard before!

Tom Mack's
Special Bible Codes & More

Nephilim Scriptures.pdf

The Sons Of God Scripture Study.pdf

Biblical Study on The Soul

(Strong's #5315)
Soul Report1.pdf (262kb)

Bible Codes On:

(Potential End-Time European Dictator)

Pray for Natalee and her mom. Natalee_Holloway110.pdf

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