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Tom Horn
Tom Horn, Author of: "Ahriman Gate" WebSite: www.RaidersNewsUpdate.com
Transgenics and Human Enhancement Technology... Today's redefinition of the human species has a Biblical connection. Transgenic blends between animals and humans = Chimaeras. The wickedness of the pre-flood world (Atlantis) has arrived... again!

LISTEN: Angel In The Whirlwind2.mp3 (Part Two) (6.27mb ~ 10 May 2006)|

LISTEN: Angel In The Whirlwind1.mp3 (Part One) |

LISTEN: Transgenics And Psychotronics.mp3 (7.32mb ~ 20 Feb 2006)|

LISTEN: Biblical Connection To Transgenics2.mp3
(PART TWO ~ 10.9mb ~ 117 minutes)

LISTEN: Biblical Connection To Transgenics1.mp3 (PART ONE )

Note: During the recording of this important interview with Mr. Tom Horn, concerning the "BIBLICAL CONNECTIONS," something or someone was making it impossible for him to hear GeorgeAnn. You'll understand when you get to the end of the recording. Transgenics1.mp3 |

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