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Tom Demeter
I am a minister, of Christ's "gospel of faith," based on the "law of faith" Rom.3:27, preaching Christ's "mystery" given to Apostle Paul Eph.3:3.

My function is to WARN the people of the world, that we are living at the "End of the World" as in Noah's day Mat.24:37, and how to PREAPRE for the destruction and re-creation of the earth, by becoming Christians, and to be one of the "First Fruits" of God Rev.14:4, and if it is at all possible to be God's ELECTS Mat.24:22, to be in the resurrection without dying I Thes.4:17.

My "calling of God" Jn.6:44 and training started in Europe. I lived through World War II in Europe, being under German occupation, and lived under communism after the war under the Soviets. The Communists would not give a "work permit" to my father, marking him as "enemy of the people." In essence we were condemned to death by starvation, as the people in Gaza are right now.

My younger brother and I escaped, fled from behind the Iron Curtain of communism when I was 18 years old. We emigrated to America. From here I went to theological school in England, where I discovered that Christians, including my denomination do not know how to gain salvation.

Soon, by the help of one of my professors, I have found that the churches are all teaching the "Doctrines of the Pharisees" Mat.16:12, and the Anti-god's "mystery of iniquity" gospel I Thes.2:7, which Jesus said will "SHUT UP the Kingdom of Heaven against man" Mat.23:13, or prevent us to gain eternal life.

This alarmed me, and I left the Christian economy, to study on my own. I had a business, during this period.

While I was in business, I studied Christ's "mystery" Eph.3:3. In time Christ "revealed" to me (since all truth comes by "revelation" as it did to Apostle Paul the "mystery," and all the saints the truth) WHY all Christians were "pre-ordained" to be "deceived," as our salvation was "pre-ordained" also 2 Tim.1:9.

This is when I could finally understand why Jesus said that by the "End of the World" Mat.24:3, in the age we are in, we will be like the people in Noah's day Mat.24:37, who had NO SALVATION, for they did not have the "holy spirit" of God, and the "knowledge of salvation" Lk.1:77 required for salvation.

Christianities "deception" was "confirmed" to me by Christ through Apostle John in Rev.12:9.

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