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Terry Meiser, Author
Website: www.Life Is Simple Hard But Simple.com
Email: rterrymeiser@nmax.net
Cell Phone: 1-717-363-3225
The following is taken from Terry Meiser's website
All my life I have been working, preparing, researching and studying for this day. Just like everyone who has walked this magical world I have had challenges. Whether challenges are financial, physical, emotional or spiritually-we all need to find a way to conquer. YES, I truly believe that Life Is Simple Hard But Simple (just the way God wanted it). Inside these pages you will discover that life is intended to be simple-hard-but simple. When we understand this concept it becomes much easier to appreciate what is going on in our lives.

Throughout my life I have discovered certain building blocks that guide me on a daily basis. I've attempted to write the book to myself-giving it a One-to-One feel. My objective is not to convince you to think like me, but rather to convince you to challenge the way you think.

You will benefit by learning why you should have a personal mission, how to define such a mission and most importantly-how to fulfill your very own personal mission. It closes with guidance for those inevitable rough spots in life and lays a strategy for achieving and enjoying success on a daily bases. You can read this book in an evening. However, working with this valuable information can then derive a lifetime of benefits.

If you are ready to discover what awaits you inside Life Is Simple Hard But Simple take that first step and get a copy today. The book is currently available in the following three formats: Hardback, E-book, or Read a FREE Copy http://www.lifeissimplehardbutsimple.com/hardbutsimple.pdf.
You can choose the best option for you and be on your way to a great mission!


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