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Stewart Best
Best Video Productions
P.O. Box 190,
Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA, 54751
WebSite: www.TheLightGate.com
WebSite: www.truinsight.com/
Phone: 1-800-257-2672
FAX: 1-715-632-2398

The Bible And Solar Cycle 24
LISTEN: The Bible And Solar Cycle24 (9 Feb 2007 ~ 1:42:40) Solar Cycle 24 is forecast to be deadly. Will this solar cycle wipe out civilization on a global scale... if so, we have now entered into the most dangerous period in Earth’s entire history. Will 2007 prove the time line of Psalms 90?
g-NOTE: "...the Sun is burning more brightly than at any time during the past 1,000 years, according to new research." (See: www.telegraph.co.uk)
Project Red Star
LISTEN: Project Red Star.mp3 | (25 October 2006). More on "Project Red Star" will be coming in the future.

Mega Earth Changes II - Blue Star Shining
What is really happening to our planet? What does Scripture reveal about earth changes? What we can expect to happen and most importantly, why it is happening. LISTEN: Mega Earth Changes.mp3 |

Climate Change 2007
Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change
21 page summary aimed at policy makers
IPCC Report PDF (2.20 mb Download)
Adobe Acrobat required for reading this file.

The Coming Global Catastrophe Caused By Weather
DOD Climate PDF 913 kb (Download)
Adobe Acrobat required for reading this file.

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