This is a special page about Spanky & the family.

This photo of me was taken 12 Nov 2011. Mom takes really good care of me... I'm just soooo cute!

See what I mean? I'm just so very, very spiffy... mom loves my face! I'm a star, I'm a star!

This is me... Spanky last year (2010)

5 June 2011: Now I look awful. I have wounds all over me and they hurt.

Joseph Farrell & GeorgeAnn: Dear Little Spanky.mp3
Spanky1ab.jpg(throat wound)
Spanky2a.jpg (shoulder wounds - 2 square cuts - 2 different nights - no teeth marks)
SPANKY_CLOSE_UPab.jpg (throat - there are no teeth marks - no blood)
Spanky4a.jpg (throat - close up - no teeth marks - no blood)
Spanky5.jpg (throat - this was not done by an animal)
Spanky, Diamond Shaped Chest wound.jpg (no teeth marks and no blood)
Spanky, Diamond Shaped Chest Wound Close up.jpg (no teeth marks and no blood!)
Spanky, Diamond Shaped Chest Wound2.jpg (no teeth marks and no blood!)

6 June 2011: Spanky is currently hiding in the store room. I am very skiddish, nervous. I ate some food and drank water several times today. A good sign, I guess.

7 June 2011: Someone contacted my mom and told her that this area is full of "port-holes" and that there is alot of "paranormal activity" in this area. I believe they are right because I don't know what happened to me! It was awful, just awful, not to mention PAINFUL.

8 June 2011: Mom ordered some special stuff to put on my wounds and her listeners have helped out also which is real good because it is all mom can do to keep us in food. I want you to see me, how I looked when I first came to her for help... boy oh boy... I was in serious need of help.

This is me... 12 September 2009

I had "mange"... I had it really bad. I was just so miserable and very sad. No one wanted me and no one was willing to take care of me. So I came to mom's door and she took me in and helped me. Everyday, several times a day she would rub me down with "Lavender Oil" and in about a week I was getting better and within two weeks the mange was all gone.

9 June 2011: Spanky is eating his food and drinking water. He seems to be coming back to being himself. Although he is still somewhat uncomfortable. The meds are working... his wounds are beginning to heal.

12 June 2011: Spanky sleeps a lot and he has rejoined Guido and Moshe in sleeping near them. A very good sign. I have not contacted the authorities... yet! I have several reasons for not doing so which I cannot share at this time. A gentleman sent an email to me concerning the benefits of a QLaser. I looked it up on youtube and gosh I wish it were not so expensive. I think it may help to heal and grow hair where Spanky has deep wounds -- especially on his throat. But, he is eating and drinking which are good signs.

14 June 2011: A medical person looked at Spanky's wounds and said the cuts on him looked to be surgical of some sort. Said I was taking proper care with the wounds -- that was good to hear. Spanky continues to eat and drink normally. He is not so anxious to go out at night anymore and that is a good sign. I have also been using "Oil of Lavender" (Essential Oil) on him where his coat is looking shabby to prevent more of his hair falling out. He has lost quite-a-bit of hair due to the trauma he has been through. I want to thank those of you who have helped with the expenses as I personally have no money. It is a serious struggle to purchase dog food not to mention food for myself, electricity, gas (hot water), internet, etc., that's how serious it is around here. -- more later.

Meet My Moshe, The Rottweiler.

Moshe came into my life as an abused "shelter" puppy (about 7 years ago). Moshe has a quiet "laid-back" disposition. And, he is very gentle. He weighs about 135 lbs (which is more than I weigh). Moshe has a "psychic" link with me. I talk -- he listens, he understands. It's just that easy with him.

Moshe: November 2011

Moshe & Spanky -- November 2009

19 June 2011: Spanky is healing, thank God. Healing all except his throat where he will never grow his coat. I'm just glad he is coming along so well now. I am very grateful for all the prayers offered for his healing. Spanky has been through so much.

26 June 2011: Spanky is doing much, much better. His wounds are healing but once again he will never grow hair where his throat was cut. But, that's ok... I love him anyway. He is quite the character and gets along with Moshe very well. Guido (my long hair minature doxie -- another rescue story) loves Spanky. I mean he really is in awe of Spanky and worries if he can't "see" Spanky. By the way -- the "family" here are all against war. Killing is wrong. Even the dogs know it.

2 July 2011: Tonight there was a "fireworks" display (1 July) and the booms really upset Spanky. He behaved as if "that noise is just plain wrong." But, soon enough he calmed down with gentle petting and telling him "it's ok, it's ok." Moshe and Guido remained calm. Well, Guido was almost calm:) All the prayers said for Spanky have worked and I am very grateful for the prayers and to everyone who took the time to remember Spanky. More Later...

14 July 2011: Well, Spanky is doing fine and back to fairly normal thanks to all of you who have remembered Spanky in prayer. I thought he would never grow his hair where his throat was cut --- wrong! Spanky has "peach fuzz" growing over the area and I am soooo happy for him. Again, I believe it is because of prayer! Thank you to all of you. A sad thing -- yesterday when I returned from town my neighbor's puppy was dead along side the road. They don't take care of their dogs. I think she was looking for some water. It is very, very sad.

Well, it is 4 August 2011 and the weather widget on my computer says that it is 116 degrees today. Moshe, Spanky and Guido, all three, are staying inside by the cooler. Can't say as I blame them. The humidity is awful -- like trying to breathe under water! Spanky is doing just fine. He is just about fully recovered from the horror he experienced and his hair continues to grow where the wounds were -- I am amazed. Have more good news -- there is a real vet in town -- he just opened his office -- I hope he will stay. A few days ago there was a baby black bear behind my house -- looked a little like a baby Moshe. I am rather fond of the "Black Bear." Many, many years ago I raised one and it was a lot of fun.

22 October 2010: It has been awhile and I must say Spanky is beck in top shape! Tonight we had thunder, lightening and rain... greatly needed rain. This part of Oklahoma has alot of greenery and huge pine trees -- it is the most beautiful part of the state.

26 Oct 2011: How are the pups? My pups are doing ok -- however a young female dog came to me injured... her uterus was literally hanging out of her body (actually she belonged to my neighbor). I phoned the sheriff's office and a very nice deputy came out here. He said our county offers no vet assist., for injured animals. He said he is well acquainted with my neighbors. He advised that I ask the neighbor if he'd give me the dog -- I did and he said yes. At first I asked the neighbor if he would take the dog to the vet and he said he had no money -- I responded that he would have money if he did not spend all of it on booze. He just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. So, the local vet came to pick her (the dog) up and fix her. She is a pretty little girl... but very cowed, very timid and all too thin (starved). And, for sure she is starved for love and attention. Now, the only thing is that I need funds for dog food, vitamins etc. Just good quality dog food and all will be ok! Do you know that that little dog was running around for THREE DAYS in that condition? Her death would have been very painful and I prayed over it and I came to understand that I absolutely could not allow her to suffer so she is undergoing surgery to fix the problem and that will take most all my savings. But, when it is within our power to help -- we should do so and I did. Soon as I am able to, I will post a picture of her.

30 Oct 2011: Well, here she is -- safe, well fed and cared for (she needs a bath but that can wait) She has had surgery to fix her uterus. I will call her Dotty because she has dots all over her. She is terribly shy and behaves in a way that tells me she has been subjected to terrible abuse. One of her eyes is somewhat milky... what was done to her? You can tell by her posture in this picture that she is frightened and expects the worst.

12 Nov 2011: You can already see the difference in Dotty... she looks healthier, her body language is relaxed, she is not fearful and she is now part of the pack. Dotty is a real sweetie.

Dotty -- November 2011

14 February 2012: While watching the Westminster Dog Show -- Dotty became all excited when she saw the miniture Gray Hound. She was so funny as she actually stomped her feet turned and "woof, woofed" at me! Spanky, Guido and Moshe were not very interested in the dog show. They were more interested in snoozing.

Meet Little Guido -- February 2009
When I first acquired little Guido, about three years ago (2009), he only weighed 3 lbs. He was starved and very frightened. The woman who gave him to me needed to find a home for this little guy... he was being kept outside in freezing weather. You can see how thin he was. Guido is fully grown in this photo and is a long hair Dachshund.

Here is Guido whispering something in Morsie's ear. Guido treats Moshie like his personal "teddy bear." Moshe is very, very patient... although Guido is "little" he is mighty!

I moved this from the guest page to Spanky's page because Spanky knew the baby wolf as I did.
UPDATE NOTICE: Happy news! This evening I was outside and I saw the wolf puppy. I was shocked.
He was terribly beaten and could walk only with great and painful difficulty. I immediately got a
can of dog food and fed him. I then rubbed him down with olive oil as he is eaten up with a serious case
of mange -- from stress. My neighbor saw what I was doing and he too was shocked because he believed he
had beaten the wolf puppy to death (sometime between the 20-21 of June 2014).

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who prayed for this little wolf puppy.
UPDATE-2: So, here is a pic of the little wolf puppy -- please notice there is no fur on his face and legs and the lumps on his body from the horrible beating. You can see he is trying to walk to me as I have a dish of food for him -- you can see he is in pain. This pic was taken 27 June 2014
UPDATE-3: I have not seen the little wolf puppy since the 27th. It is now July 1st. I sat with a bowl of food for him off and on for hours each day and also at night, but he never showed. They either have him locked up somewhere or he has died from the horrible beating. I do not know what has happened to him. I am very sad over all of this. UPDATE 4: It is July 4th -- no sign of the baby wolf UPDATE 5: The baby wolf is dead. I talked with the neighbor and he told me he found the baby wolf dead.

Rest in peace and love from your friends baby wolf -- 10 July 2014
Living with Wolves