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Dr. Shmuel Asher
Email: Dr. Shmuel Asher AHLC@Midrivers.com
Dr. Asher's Blog: www.AncientHebrewLearningCenter.blogspot.com
Dr. Asher is a Hebrew Scholar with a Doctorate degree in Ancient Hebrew Biblical theology. His teachings advance the more original ancient Karaite tradition of uncompromising Torah truth rooted in original Hebrew culture, traditions, and language, not modern religious dogma.

Hailing from an uninterrupted family lineage of Torah scholars originating from the Hebrew Tribe of Asher from Northern Israel, Dr. Asher now works primarily as a teacher and author.

Born in Brooklyn NY, Dr. Asher spent most of his childhood in NJ and early twenties in Israel receiving his citizenship, quickly identifying with the roots of his Hebrew ancestors. Learning the Torah from the age of seven and later identifying most Judeo-Christians of being deeply misinformed on all levels of Hebrew history, customs, and language, the young S. Asher felt driven to help. Where most Jews of the orthodoxy today will not aid the so-called gentiles, S. Asher understood from his youth that it was the duty and mandate of all Hebrews to become learned in The Eternal’s original Torah, apply it to our lives as a light to those around us, and then teach it to all gentiles. S. Asher ignored no chance or circumstance to teach anyone who would listen.

To this end Dr. Asher has published four books to aid those searching, collecting many students in person and online worldwide, as well. Those who glean insight from Dr. Asher are those searching beyond fundamental religions for the more original truth over superstitions, as well as their Hebrew roots. Dr. Asher’s factual, hard-hitting teachings based in long hidden truths, excavated out of their ancient sands using only the tools of truth, logic, the original Aramaic-Hebrew language and culture, have been at times controversial, yet enlightening. The Land of MEAT & Honey continues in this tradition.

LISTEN: Genesis2.mp3 (Part Two)
Genesis1.mp3 (Part One)

The Truth About The Biblical Texts2.mp3 (Part Two ~ 2 hours plus)

The Truth About The Biblical Texts1.mp3

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