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Sharry Edwards
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I've known Sharry Edwards for years and am pleased to be working on this new audio series with her. Sharry's work falls into the category of "God's countermeasures." She pioneered the field of Human BioAcoustics and her work is highly respected by thinking people world wide.

For more information about Sharry Edwards And Sound Health:

The International Association of New Science (IANS) awarded its top honor, Scientist of the Year, to Sharry Edwards. Her work has been the subject of hundreds of articles published throughout the world. Two documentaries have been completed about her work: Energy Medicine", and "Sonic Apothecary"s, The honors Sharry Edwards has received are too numerous to mention here.

Sharry Edwards has taken a very old idea - that sound has the ability to influence personality and health - and has transformed it into a modern concept of math based medicine. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including The Definitive Guide of Alternative Medicine, Health on the Edge (entire chapter) by Larry Trivieri, The Duke Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, and The Scientific Basis of Alternative Medicine.

A few years ago, Pfizer pharmaceuticals published a paper showing that Parkinson's disease could be predicted through vocal analysis. Many of the concepts used by Pfizer were techniques used and published by Edwards nearly two decades ago.

Human BioAcoustics combines the concepts of Vocal Profiling and analog Sound Presentation to create the new science of Sonistry. Sharry Edwards explains that "just as there is a system of biochemical pathways within the body, there is also a system of frequency based Mathways that can be used to assess and predict states of health. She has amassed a database that includes math based biomarkers for many issues thought to be incurable.

LISTEN: Sharry Edwards Sound Health.mp3 (22 Jan 08)
NOTICE: We are looking for people who have been stricken with Morgellons disease. We need voice prints so we can get to the truth of this disease and reverse it. On this audio file Sharry talks about this and much more. Also, Kathy Fucetola (Ralph's wife) joined us for a few minutes to talk about CODEX and Ron Paul.

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