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Robert M. Kelley
Author of
Learn What The Bible Really Says ~ Fast
Robert M. Kelley
P.O.Box 293125,
Kettering, Ohio 45429-9125
PHONE: 1-800-652-1415
WebSite: www.KelleyBibleBooks.com

Robert Kelley's book, "Learn What The Bible Really Says ~~ Fast" is unrelated to any church, organization, doctrine or ism's of man. Beautifully presented with no non-sense, no frilly bla, bla stuff, just meat! World traveler, businessman, teacher, author, Robert Kelley has studied the Scriptures for 40 years and says he is appalled at the fairy tales, fantasies, and falsehoods that are taught as Bible truth. For example, have you been told things like... this is G_D's world, G_D is a Trinity, everyone has an immortal soul or good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell? Robert Kelley says; "Studying the Bible is one of the most important actions a human being can perform. He says; "It is impossible to over-estimate the value of Bible study."

The Secret Plan
The Secret Plan.mp3 (Part One)
The Secret Plan2.mp3 (Part Two)
The Secret Plan3.mp3 (Part Three)
The Secret Plan4.mp3 (Part Four)

Bible Translations
Bible Translations1.mp3 (Part One)
Bible Translations2.mp3 (Part Two)
Bible Translations3.mp3 (Part Three)
Bible Translations4.mp3 (Part Four)

KJV After 400 Years
KJV After 400 Years1.mp3 (Part One)
KJV After 400 Years2.mp3 (Part Two)

How To Keep From Falling Away
How To Keep From Falling Away1.mp3 (Part One)
How To Keep From Falling Away2.mp3 (Part Two)
How To Keep From Falling Away3.mp3 (Part Three)
How To Keep From Falling Away4.mp3 (Part Four)
How To Keep From Falling Away5.mp3 (Part Five)

Answer To Prayer
Answer To Prayer1.mp3 (Part One)
Answer To Prayer2.mp3 (Part Two)

The New Covenant
A New Series
New Covenant; Who Is Called.mp3 (part One)
New Covenant; Who Is Called2.mp3 (Part Two)
New Covenant; Who Is Called3.mp3 (Part Three)
New Covenant, Who Is Called4.mp3 (Part Four)

The Birth Of Christ
The Christmas Quiz
The Birth Of Christ.mp3 (22 Dec 2011)
The Christmas Quiz.mp3 ( 9 Dec 2010)

Old Covenant VS. New Covenant.mp3
(Special audio for 13 March 2006)
Which Covenant Are You Living Under?
When did the Old Covenant end and the New Covenant begin?... much more info.
"Prophecy And The End Times Series"
Biblical Prophecy ~ Daniel.mp3 (Part 1)
Olivet Prophecy.mp3 (Part 2)
Satan's Servants
Satan's Servants And Ministers.mp3 ~ Part 1
Satan's Servants And Ministers.mp3 ~ Part 2
Israel And The Jews
Israel And Jews.mp3 ~ Part 1
(The 12 Tribes of Israel)
Israel And Jews.mp3 ~ Part 2
(Political Israel vs. Biblical Israel)

"Prophecy And The End Times Series"
Biblical Prophecy ~ Daniel.mp3 (Part 1)
Olivet Prophecy.mp3 (Part 2)
Revelation1 (Part 3)
Revelation3 The Seven Seals.mp3
Revelation Part 6.mp3
Revelation Part 7.mp3
Revelation Part 8.mp3 Covers Revelation Chapters 10 and 11)
Revelation Part 9.mp3 (Covers Revelation Chapter 12)
Revelation Part 10.mp3 (Covers Revelation Chapter 13)
Revelation Part 11a.mp3 (Covers Revelation Chapter 14)
Revelation Part 11b.mp3 (Covers Revelation Chapter 14 Part 2)
Revelation Part 12.mp3 (Covers Revelation Chapter 15 & 16)
Revelation Part 13.mp3 (Covers Revelation Chapter 17 & 18)
Revelation Part 14.mp3 (Covers Revelation Chapter 19 & part of 20)
Revelation Part 15.mp3 (Covers Revelation Chapter 20)
Revelation Part 16.mp3 (Covers Revelation Chapter 21)
Revelation Part 17.mp3 (Covers Revelation Chapter 22)

The Seventh Seal And Beyond
Robert Kelley's series covers things which we should be looking forward to. You may want to have a pen and paper handy so you can make note of the Scriptures mentioned.
Seventh Seal1.mp3 (part one)
Seventh Seal2.mp3 (part two)
Seventh Seal3.mp3 (part three)
Seventh Seal4.mp3 (part four)
Seventh Seal5.mp3 (part 5)
Seventh Seal6.mp3 (part 6)

Bible Basics
What Is A Christian2.mp3 | How To Study The Bible.mp3 | How To Pray.mp3 |
The Old Covenant.mp3 | The New Covenant2.mp3 | God's Master Plan 2.mp3 | God's Master Plan 3.mp3 |
About God Almighty.mp3 | About Jesus Christ.mp3 | Holy Spirit.mp3 | Trinity3.mp3 | Angels2.mp3 |
Satan And His Demons1.mp3 | Satan And His Demons2.mp3 |

"The Big Picture"
Discussion on "End Time" Issues
and much more
The Big Picture1
The Big Picture2
Immortal Soul.mp3
The Birth And Return Of Jesus Christ.mp3
Christ Returns To Rule.mp3
Saints In Heaven or On The Earth.mp3
Millennium Rulership Structure1.mp3
Millennium Rulership Structure2.mp3
Life In The Millennium1.mp3
Life In The Millennium2.mp3
Life In The Millennium3.mp3
Life In The Millennium4.mp3
The Gog Magog War.mp3
Days Of Salvation.mp3
Lake Of Fire.mp3
New Heavens And New Earth.mp3
Is This God's World?.mp3
Going To Heaven?.mp3
What Is Hell?.mp3
Three Kingdom Requirements.mp3
Immortal Soul2.mp3
The Greatest Sin.mp3

Satan's Global Government
Satan's Global Government1.mp3
(Part One)
Satan's Global Government2.mp3
(Part Two)
Satan's Global Government3.mp3
(Part Three)

A Historical Look At Translations
(This is sure to upset some listeners)

Bible Translations1.mp3 (Part One)
Bible Translations2.mp3 (Part Two)
7th Trumpet And Beyond
Your Future Forever1.mp3
(Part One: The Seventh Trumpet)
Your Future Forever2.mp3
(Part Two: The First Resurrection)
Your Future Forever3.mp3
(Part Three: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb)
Your Future Forever4.mp3
(Part Four: The Seven Last Plagues)
Your Future Forever5.mp3
(Part Five: The Return of Jesus Christ to Take Control)
Your Future Forever6.mp3
(Part Six: Christians Go To Heaven?)
Your Future Forever7.mp3
(Part Seven: Christians Rule with Christ on Earth)
Your Future Forever8.mp3
(Part Eight: The Set-Up of Christ's Government at the Start of the Millennium)
Your Future Forever9.mp3
(Part Nine: The Set-up of Christ's Government at the)
Your Future Forever10.mp3
(Part Ten: Early Millennium Events Concerning Israel)
Your Future Forever11.mp3
(Part Eleven: Life On The Earth In The Millennium ~ Part A)
Your Future Forever 12.mp3
(Part Twelve: Life On The Earth In The Millennium ~ Part B)
Your Future Forever 13.mp3
(Part Thirteen: Life On The Earth In The Millennium ~ Part C)
Your Future Forever 14.mp3
(Part Fourteen: Life On The Earth In The Millennium ~ Part D)
Your Future Forever 15.mp3
(Part Fifteen: Life On The Earth In The Millennium ~ Gog Magog War ~ Part E)
Your Future Forever 16.mp3
(Part Sixteen: Multiple Days of Salvation and much more ~ Part F)
Your Future Forever 17.mp3
(Part Seventeen: ~ Lake of Fire, I ~ Part G)
Your Future Forever 18.mp3
(Part Eighteen: ~ Lake of Fire, II ~ Part H)
Your Future Forever 19.mp3
(Part Nineteen: New Heaven And New Earth ~ Part I)

Bible Prophecy 101
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 1a)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 1b)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 2)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 3 )
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 4)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 5)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 6)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 7)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 8)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 9)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 10)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 11)
Bible Prophecy 101.mp3(Part 12)

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