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Robert Hach
Reflections of a Generic Christian
Blog: www.ereflector.blogspot.com
Email: ereflector(at)bellsouth.net
Robert Hach is a professor of English at Miami Dade College (Florida). He was born in 1953 in the New York City area and grew up in Miami, Florida. He began to study the Bible as a freshman at the University of Florida, when he joined a fundamentalist sect called the Churches of Christ, in which he spent seventeen years, first, as a member, and then, as a professional minister. After concluding that ecclesiastical Christianity was at odds with Christian faith as it is revealed in the Bible, he left organized Christianity to seek the biblical truth about God through free association with members of the Christian community at large. He has written a book titled, Possession and Persuasion: The Rhetoric of Christian Faith, which contrasts the historic theology and methodology of ecclesiastical Christianity with what he considers to be a more biblical understanding of Christian faith. He also posts related articles on a blog, titled, Reflections of a Generic Christian, at http://www.ereflector.blogspot.com
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