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Robert Bowie Johnson
www.A Truer God.com
Robert Bowie Johnson holds a general science degree from West Point (1965 graduate), and is an airborne ranger infantry veteran of Viet Nam who served from March 1968 to March 1969.

He has been studying the Sacred Scriptures, Greek myth, Greek art, and the Parthenon since 1984.

His latest book is The Parthenon Code: Mankind's History in Marble (September, 2004). His previous two books are Athena and Kain: The True Meaning of Greek Myth (2003) and Athena and Eden: The Hidden Meaning of the Parthenon's East Facade (2002).

Also see all the chapters from the book Sowing Atheism: The National Academy Of Sciences' Sinister Scheme To Teach Our Children They're Descended From Reptiles. Robert offers a "FREE" PDF download of his book on his website.

Robert Bowie Johnson's work is thought-provoking and of great importance to every "thinking" Christian. You will find his books extremely well researched. On Audio... he connects the dots as he moves through the ancient world solving mysteries and unlocking secrets hidden in plain sight.

Listen: The Cloak Of Naamah.mp3 (10 June 2011)

Colossians1.mp3 (22 July 09 ~ Part One)
Ephesians1.mp3 (24 June 09 ~ Part One)
Ephesians2.mp3 (30 June 09 ~ Part Two)
Ephesians3.mp3 (15 July 09 ~ Part Three)

The Atheist's Nest(9 June 09)
Evangel Grace.mp3
(Robert introduces his special guest Mike Thompson)
Life And Discovery.mp3 (7 Apr 09)
Athena's Cloak Over God's Word (3 April 09)
Atheism, Art And The Ancient World (Part One)(7 March 09)
Atheism, Art And The Ancient World (Part Two) (25 Mar 09)

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