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Paul Sandhu
Author and Researcher
Biblical ~ Ancient History ~ Pre-History ~ Mythology
Email: deshpal.sandhu@hotmail.com
WebSite: http://www.signsoftheend.net
Blog: http://apocalypse2010.blogspot.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DeshpalSandhu?feature=mhum

Who Is Paul Sandhu?
I was born and raised in India from where I migrated to Canada in 1980. In 1984 I came to believe in Jesus Christ and since then I have been a serious student of history, mythology, and the Bible. The Bible as a history of the past, present and future may only be accurately understood through a study of history, and of mythology because mythology is a distorted account of history from which much can yet be learned about our past.

Having a very good understanding of Hindu mythology and Eastern religions from my upbringing in India, and extensive study and research into Biblical history I have come to the conclusion that our existence is not as mysterious as we have been led to believe. The answers are all there if we know where to look. My hope is that your study of the information on my website will give you a cleared understanding of the purpose of your existence and the past history of man and the cosmos, the real history not the fiction that is taught to us from birth.

I have written a great deal on Creation and Origins of the Universe and man, of Consciousness and Conscience, on the subject of sentience and artificial intelligence as well as the true nature of the Matrix that most people believe to be the real world. On my websites are posted many articles as well as audio teachings and radio interviews on Biblical doctrine as well as current events in the light of Biblical prophecy. I encourage viewers and listeners to study the information I present which I have painstakingly researched over the 26 plus years and offer freely to all for their edification.

May God reveal in your hearts what He has clearly shown me; the purpose of my existence and of the infinity of life in Christ that is freely available to all who believe in Him. Thanks for visiting and feel free to write with your comments and or questions

Listen: Creation1.mp3 (Part One)

Predictions For 2011
2011 Predictions1.mp3 (Part One)
2011 Predictions2.mp3 (Part Two)
2011 Predictions3.mp3 (Part Three ~ Agriculture & Economy)
Crisis After Crisis.mp3 (Global Issues)

Signs Of The End Times
The Time Table Of The Apocalypse
Signs Of The End Times.mp3 (Part One)
Signs of The End Times2.mp3 (Part Two)
Signs of The End Times3.mp3 (Part Three)

The Time Table Of The Apocalypse1.mp3 (Part One)
Is This The End Of The World.mp3 (Part Two)
Is This The End Of The World3.mp3 (Part Three)
Is This The End Of The World4.mp3 (Part Four)
Is This The End Of The World5.mp3 (Part Five)
Is This The End Of The World6.mp3 (Part Six)
Is This The End Of The World7.mp3 (Part Seven)

The Pre-Adamic Ages
ThePreAdamicAges1_11May2010_TBS.mp3 ThePreAdamicAges2_19May2010_TBS.mp3 ThePreAdamicAges3_6June2010_TBS.mp3 ThePreAdamicAges4_9June2010_TBS.mp3 ThePreAdamicAges5_15June2010_TBS.mp3 ThePreAdamicAges6_22June2010_TBS.mp3 ThePreAdamicAges7_7July2010_TBS.mp3

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