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Olaf Hage:
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Olaf Hage
P.O. Box 427
Brunswick, ME 04011
News Behind Current World Issues
Biblical and Ancient History Studies


Olaf Hage is a Christian historian and an out of the box thinker. He is a journalist, and at one time a broadcaster. He studied political science, writing, religion and formal ethics at Middlebury College (VT) and biblical and systematic theology through the Emmanuel College (GA) remote-studies program. From 1965-1989, he was a technical writer and ethics consultant. He helped found and edit The Fredericktonian weekly in Maryland, and was Editor & Publisher of the quarterly, Science & Theology.

For over 40 years, Olaf has been doing pioneering research in biblical and church history and related scientific and technical issues. He has produced over 500 audio tapes and dozens of research studies and authored the 2-volume work, The Secret History of the Bible. He has been interviewed hundreds of times on national radio.

Listen: The Multiverse & Politics.mp3
The Broken System.mp3 (The Fix Is In)
The Mark.mp3
Politics, Prophecy And Typhon.mp3
Earth Stripped Bare.mp3 (Typhon)
The Global Darkness.mp3
Gobekli Tepe.mp3
Mad As Heaven.mp3
Sexy Tax Proposal.mp3 (Excellent)
PreTribulation Rapture Hoax.mp3
Let's Build New Cities1.mp3
How To Fund New Cities2.mp3

Listen: Fake Christianity1.mp3
Fake Christianity2.mp3
Fake Christianity3.mp3

Listen: Armageddon1.mp3
Why you can trust the book of Revelation ~ and how the book was designed.
The first three battles of Armageddon unveiled.
The 4th Armageddon in the book ~ and the later battle of Gog-Magog in Ezekiel

Listen: The Cyprus Gospel.mp3

Facts Behind 2012.mp3
Spirits In The Churches (9 Oct 09)
Testing Spirits.mp3 (15 Sept 09)
Gifts Of The Holy Spirit.mp3 (9 Sept 09)
The Fake Anti-Christ.mp3 (19 Aug 09)

Secrets Of The Bible Exposed1.mp3 (Part One ~ May 09)
Secrets Of The Bible Exposed2.mp3 (Part Two~ May 09)
Secrets Of The Bible Exposed3.mp3 (Part Three~ May 09)
Secrets Of The Bible Exposed4.mp3 (Part Four~ May 09)

The Wrath Of God.mp3 (Earth Changes ~ May 09)
The Council of Nicea Bible Exposed.mp3 (April 09)

Tesla, Mars And 2012.mp3 (4 Apr 09)
Aliens And Creation.mp3 (5 Apr 09)

Why Not Lynch Them?.mp3 (21 Mar 09)
The Great Deception Begins.mp3 (12 Feb 09)
Radical Proposal.mp3 (31 Jan 09)

Diamonds Dragons And Dominions.mp3 (19 Dec 08)
Really Bad Weather.mp3 (12 Dec 08)
Some Good News.mp3 (11 Dec 08)

Bomfoggle1.mp3 (31 Oct 08)
Bomfoggle2.mp3 (31 Oct 08)

EconomicRazzleDazzle_Part1.mp3 (11 Oct 08)
EconomicRazzleDazzle_Part2.mp3 (11 Oct 08)
EconomicRazzleDazzle_Part3.mp3 (17 Oct 08)

Bamboozle Razzle Dazzle-CORRECTIONS(25 Oct 08)
(IMPORTANT: Olaf makes corrections concerning some of his statements)

Economic Razzle Dazzle.mp3 (25 Oct 08 ~ Part Four)
Economic Razzle Dazzle.mp3 (Part Five)

The Banking Bamboozle3.mp3 (7 Oct 08 ~ Important UpDate)
The Banking Bamboozle2.mp3 (4 Oct 08 ~ UpDate)
The Banking Bamboozle.mp3(29 Sept 08)
Blood In The Streets.mp3 (16 Sept 08)

Scandals Secrets And Mysteries1.mp3 (11 Sept 08)

A Short Trip To Hell.mp3 (16 Aug 08)
Suicidal Society1.mp3 (10 Aug 08 ~ Part one)
Suicidal Society2.mp3 (10 Aug 08 ~ Part two)

Time Bandits.mp3 (12 July 08)

Blood Suckers1.mp3 (Part One ~ 1 July 08)
Blood Suckers2.mp3 (Part Two ~ 1 July 08 )

Duling For Dollars1.mp3 (Part One ~ 27 June 08)
Duling For Dollars2.mp3 (Part Two ~UPDATED 29 June 08)

Is The Mark Here Now?.mp3

A Shocking Proposal_1.mp3 (Part One)
A Shocking Proposal_2.mp3 (Part Two)

How The Fed Rapes1 US.mp3 (Part One)
How The Fed Rapes2 US.mp3 (Part Two)

The End Is Not Yet.mp3 16 Mar 08 (3 Hours 18 Min - 27mb)
Apocalypse Delayed And Beyond.mp3 (3 Hours 49 Min - 26mb)

Omens of The End.mp3 (PART ONE)|
Omens of The End2.mp3 (PART TWO - 2 Hours 41 Min) |

Global Warming And Other Frauds.mp3 (2 Hours)|
Global Warming Energy Scams.mp3 |

Alien Scourge.mp3
Holding America Back.mp3 (5.47mb)
New Orleans Sabotage.mp3 (5.9mb - 63:24)
Planet X Discovery.mp3
In Defense of Terri Schindler.mp3 (11mb - 118 minutes)
The Meaning of Palm Sunday.mp3 (6mb - 64 minutes)
Witches, Prophets and Powers.mp3 (10.3mb - 110 minutes)

The DaVinci Hoax2.mp3 6.0mb
The DaVinci Hoax1.mp3 5.35mb

Tidal Wave And The Terror To Come.mp3
The Pagan Christmas Deceptions.mp3
Economic Warfare.mp3 5.7mb (Discussion On Current Events - Nov 2004)
Consequences of Abortion.mp3 5.66mb (How Abortion Changes The World)
Evil Taxes.mp3 7.15mb

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