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Norm Franz
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Topics covered on this audio file: Mystery of Commercial Babylon, Future of Money and Investments, Being In the World but Not of It and Biblical Investments in the Last days. Norm Franz, a Christian minister and Bible teacher is a noted authority on what the Bible says about money and investments in the last days.

For more information on this issue check out
Ascension Ministries website
dealing with Money And Wealth.info
LISTEN: Financial Armageddon.mp3

There is extensive information on this file... The Fourth Seal.mp3 Norm Franz delves much deeper into the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," the "Four Seals." End Times... Nimrod's anti-god style of one world order. Manifesting Mystery Babylon. The Swords. Manifestation of the Third Seal. The Pestilence. The patterns. What's about to happen in the U.S. and the world. Prepare yourselves... it's coming. Passover and Judgment. The Birth Pains. The "Fifth Seal" ~ the Seal of the Martyrs. The crucial importance of walking in YHAHEH'S Righteousness and keeping your focus on HIM NOW. Check Out Ezekiel 14... every word of it.
Apocalypse Now.mp3 (PART TWO ON THE 4 SEALS
10.4mb ~ 111:25 Running Time ~ 15 March 06)

World In Transition.mp3

The World Wide Financial Collapse.mp3 (26 Sept 07)

The world wide Collapse is underway,
it is now the beginning of the end of the old Babylonian system.
Beginning of The End of The System

America's Financial Humpty Dumpty.mp3 (21 Feb 08)

LISTEN: Debt For Equity Swaps.mp3

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