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Michael Fleming
Changing Lives Ministry World Church
P.O. Box 821
Maricopa, Arizona 85139

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"Restored By Grace"
By, Michael Fleming

Who Is Michael Fleming?
Michael Fleming is a man that has had a rough life. Growing up in Denver, Colorado as well as Los Angeles California Michael has seen alot. from the time that his parents divorce Michael was on the fast track to nowhere. Even though his grades in school were good he just couldn't get the affection that he was looking for from his mother. Even though he has five more siblings he was always felt as though he was not good enough to get his mother attention, and that is when he turned to doing crime to get her to notice him. By the time michael was fifteen years of age he has already committed robbery, sold drugs, stole cars, anything to get fast money. At the age of fifteen after he and his younger brother got into a fight and his mother helped his brother by holding Michael down, Michael pulled out his gun and was getting ready to shot and kill his younger brother, that is when his mother sent him back to his father in Denver, Colorado.

Still looking to be accepted and not getting it from his father either, Michael continue to smoke weed and hang out. Michael managed to get his GED and go to college he attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. Even though he did not graduate the experience was one that he would never forget, and one that prove to be costly by not finishing his education. Coming back to Colorado Michael quickly fell back into a life of crime and from there form the age of twenty -two to forty-six Michael has spent twenty four years in and out of county jails and prisons. Even though he had businesses and homes a good life Michael just wanted more, more money, more power that he thought he could get by selling drugs and ruined others lives. The last time in prison Michael wrote Restored By Grace, his first novel and he credit his relationship with Jesus Christ for the change in his life.

Michael is now the proud founder of Changing Lives Ministry World Church, a newsletter that goes throughout the United States at no cost.

By the way -- Michael is also a brand new father of a baby boy. After a life of misfortunes and mishaps Michael is finally on the road that God has prepared for him from the foundation of this world and he knows that God will restore everything back to him.

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