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Lindsey Williams
Lindsey, an ordained Christian minister and a Chaplain in the State of Alaska held executive status among oil company "insiders." What Lindsey saw and heard he discloses to you... and much more. If you want to know the hard cold facts behind this treacherous game, a "plan" which has been in place for many years... listen to Lindsey Williams. He is telling you the truth.
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Call: 1-888-799-6111 (USA)
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Listen: Two Years Or Less.mp3 (23 Oct 09)
Economic Carnage (The Facts ~ 5 Sept 07)
The Writing On The Wall.mp3 (20 Feb 07)
The Dying Dollar.mp3 (13 Nov 06)
The Memorandum.mp3 (15 July 06)
Bourse1.mp3 (15 Apr 06)
Oil and Famine: It's more serious than you think it is

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