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Joseph P. Farrell ~ D.Phil. (Oxon.)
Email: Vardas3(at)aol.com
Website: www.GizaDeathStar.com

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, a meticulous and brilliantly gifted researcher and prolific author. He holds a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and has also published four previous works concerning theology. Joseph pursues research on his other loves and hobbies: classical music (he is an organist, plays the harpsichord, and composes classical music), physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff".

Thrice Great Hermetica And The Janus Age.mp3 (Part Two)
Thrice Great Hermetica And The Janus Age.mp3

Financial Vipers of Venice
Financial Vipers of Venice2 (PART TWO ~ A Zinger!)
Financial Vipers of Venice1.mp3 (Part One)

Covert Wars & The Clash of Civilizations
Covert Wars & Clash of Civilizations2.mp3 (Part Two)
Covert Wars And The Clash of Civilizations1.mp3 (UFO's, Oligarchies And Space Secrecy)

Covert Wars & Break-Away Civilizations
Covert Wars & BreakAway Civilizations3.mp3 (Part Three ~ Whackadoodle?)
Covert Wars & Break-Away Civilizations1.mp3 (Part One)
Covert Wars & Break-Away Civilizations2.mp3 (Part Two)

God, Man & Lucifer

These are very special files recorded in January of 2008
LISTEN: God, Man And Lucifer.mp3 (Part One - 1 Jan 2008)
God, Man And Lucifer2.mp3 (Part Two - 1 Jan 2008)

Cultural Transitions

LISTEN: Cultural Transitions13.mp3 (The world as it is today and could be tomorrow)
Cultural Transitions12.mp3 (The world - Inner and Outer Space)
Cultural Transitions11a.mp3
Cultural Transitions11b.mp3
Cultural Transitions10.mp3 (Money, Vatican, Outer Space, Nuclear Weapons... More)
Cultural Transitions9.mp3 (Part Nine ~ GMO, Banking, Religion)
Cultural Transitions8.mp3 (Part Eight ~ Many Topics Covered)
Cultural Transitions7.mp3 (And Much More...)
Cultural Transitions6.mp3(Part Six ~ Boston & Texas ~ Much More)
Cultural Transitions5.mp3 (Part Five ~ 2 Hours & 24 Minutes)
Cultural Transitions4.mp3 (The Vatican Bank and much, much more)
Cultural Transitions3.mp3 (Part Three)
Cultural Transitions2.mp3 (Part Two)
Cultural Transitions1.mp3 (Part One)

Joseph P. Farrell & Scott D. de Hart

LISTEN: Joseph P. Farrell & Scott D. de Hart:
Transhumanism1.mp3 (Part One)

Yahweh ~ The Two Faced God
Hard Copy Available at www.LULU.com

LISTEN: Yahweh ~ The Two Faced God.mp3 (Part One)
Joseph Farrell & Scott de Hart: Yahweh ~ The Two Faced God2.mp3 (Part Two)

Saucers Swastikas And Psyops

Saucers Swastikas And Psyops1.mp3
Saucers Swastikas And Psyops2.mp3 (Part Two)
Saucers Swastikas And Psyops3.mp3 (Part Three ~ For Brian)

Books Authored By Joseph P. Farrell
NOTICE: All of Dr. Farrell's books may be purchased from his website.
The Giza Death Star (2001)
The Giza Death Star Deployed (2003)
Reich of the Black Sun (2004)
The Giza Death Star Destroyed (2005)
The SS Brotherhood of the Bell (2006)
The Cosmic War (2007)
Secrets of the Unified Field (2008)
The Nazi International (2008)
The Philosophers' Stone (2009)
Babylon's Banksters (2010)
Roswell and the Reich (2010)
LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy (2010)
Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men (2011)
The Grid of The Gods: The Aftermath of The Cosmic War And The Physics of The Pyramid Peoples (Authored with Scott D. DeHart 2011)
Saucers, Swastikas And Psyops (2011)
Yahweh: The Two Faced God (E-Book - 2012)
Transhumanism (2012)
Covert Wars & Break-Away Civilizations (2013)

A Talk With Joseph About Spanky

Joseph Farrell & GeorgeAnn: Dear Little Spanky.mp3
Spanky1ab.jpg(throat wound)
Spanky2a.jpg (shoulder wounds - 2 square cuts - 2 different nights)
SPANKY_CLOSE_UPab.jpg (throat - there are no teeth marks)
Spanky4a.jpg (throat - close up - no teeth marks and no blood)
Spanky5.jpg (throat - this was not done by an animal)
Spanky, Diamond Shaped Chest wound.jpg (no teeth marks and no blood)
Spanky, Diamond Shaped Chest Wound Close up.jpg (no teeth marks and no blood!)
Spanky, Diamond Shaped Chest Wound2.jpg (no teeth marks and no blood!)

The Grid Of The Gods

Genes Giants Monsters And Men

LBJ And The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy

Babylon's Banksters

LISTEN: Babylon's Banksters1.mp3
Babylon Banksters2.mp3 (Part Two)
Babylon Banksters3.mp3 (Part Three)
Babylon Banksters4.mp3 (Part Four)
Babylon Banksters5.mp3 (Part Five)
Babylon Banksters6.mp3 (Part Six)
Babylon's Banksters7.mp3 (8 Sept 2012 -- Cycles, Gold, & Politics)

The Philosopher's Stone
And The
Magic of Social Engineering
Special Ongoing Series With Joseph P. Farrell
Listen: Philosophers Stone1.mp3 (Part One)
Philosophers Stone2.mp3 (Part One)
Philosophers Stone3.mp3 (Part Three ~ The Election)
Philosophers Stone4.mp3 (Part Four ~ Black Magic)
Magic Of Social Engineering5.mp3 (Part Five ~ Perception)
Magic Of Social Engineering6.mp3 (Part Six ~ Vatican)
Magic Of Social Engineering7.mp3 (Part Seven ~ Education)
Magic Of Social Engineering9.mp3 (Part Nine ~ Education)
Magic Of Social Engineering10.mp3 (Part Ten)
Magic Of Social Engineering11.mp3 (Part Eleven ~ Japan & Middle East)
Magic Of Social Engineering12.mp3 (Part Twelve ~ Middle East & Osama)
Magic Of Social Engineering13.mp3 (Part Thirteen ~ IMF & Dominique Strauss-Kahn)
Magic of Social Engineering14.mp3 (Part Fourteen ~ The Half Humans)
Magic Of Social Engineering15.mp3 (Part Fifteen ~ Straw Poll - Middle East - Seal 6)
Magic Of Social Engineering16 (Part Sixteen ~ UFO's, Banksters, Elites)
Magic Of Social Engineering17 (Part Seventeen ~ The Apocalypse)
Magic Of Social Engineering18.mp3
(Part Eighteen ~ Obama's death terror care bill ~ Technology ~ The Euro & Vatican )

Roswell And The Reich; The Nazi Connection
A New Series With Joseph P. Farrell
Listen: Roswell And The Reich.mp3 (Part One ~ 6 Feb 2010)
Roswell And The Reich2.mp3 (Part Two ~ 24 Nov 2010)
Roswell And The Reich3.mp3 (Part Three ~ 25 Dec 2010)

Dirty Secrets ~ Nazi International
Listen: Dirty Secrets1.mp3 (Part One ~ 29 Dec 08)
Dirty Secrets2.mp3 (Part Two ~ 12 Jan 09)
Dirty Secrets3.mp3 (Part Three ~ 26 Jan 09)
Dirty Secrets4.mp3 (Part Four ~ 12 Feb 09)
Dirty Secrets5a.mp3 (Part Five A ~ 29 May 09 )
Dirty Secrets5b.mp3 (Part Five B ~ 29 May 09 )
Dirty Secrets6.mp3 (Part Six ~ 30 May 09)
Dirty Secrets7a.mp3 (Part Seven-a ~ 1 Oct 09)
Dirty Secrets7b.mp3 (Part Seven-b ~ 1 Oct 09)
Dirty Secrets8.mp3 (Part Eight ~ 15 Nov 09)
Dirty Secrets9.mp3 (Part Nine ~ 28 Aug 2011 ~ The Valkyrie)
Dirty Secrets10.mp3 (Part Ten ~ 17 Nov 2011 ~ Saucers, Swastikas And Psyops)
Dirty Secrets11.mp3 (Part Eleven ~ 3 Dec 2011)

Cosmic War
Special Ongoing Series With Joseph P. Farrell
Listen: Cosmic War1.mp3 (September 07)
Cosmic War2.mp3 (6 October 07)
Cosmic War3.mp3 (11 October 07)
Cosmic War4.mp3 (13 October 07)
Cosmic War5.mp3 (16 October 07)
Cosmic War6.mp3 (8 Nov 07)
Cosmic War7.mp3 (17 Nov 07)
Cosmic War8.mp3 (16 Feb 08)
Cosmic War9.mp3 (5 Mar 08)
Cosmic War 10a.mp3 (Part 10a ~ 5 July 08)
Cosmic War 10b.mp3 (Part 10b ~ 5 July 08 ~ 1:59)
Cosmic War 11.mp3 (5 July 08 ~ 1:59)
Cosmic War 12.mp3 (21 Oct 08 ~ 2:17:23 )
Cosmic War 13.mp3 (10 July 09)
Cosmic War14.mp3 (6 Mar 2010)
Cosmic War15.mp3 (Part 15 ~ 25 Sept 2010)
Cosmic War16.mp3 (Part 16 ~ 2 Aug 2012)
Cosmic War17.mp3 (Part 17 ~ 23 Aug 2012)
Cosmic War18.mp3 (Part 18 ~ 28 Sept 2013)
(How the ancient technology stacks-up with today's technology ~ and much more)
Cosmic War19.mp3 (4 May 2014
(Biblical issues, Lucifer, Knight Templers, Vatican, Egypt and much more)
Cosmic War20.mp3(1 June 2014)
(The Bible, Creation, Outer Space, Flt. 370, Ukraine & Russia, The Moon & Mars, The Economy)
Dr. Farrell says; "someone informed me that the rumor that the Back to the Future hoverboards are NOT real.... so issue that correction please with my apology! http://www.snopes.com/movies/films/hoverboard.asp)

Cosmic War21.mp3 (part Twenty One - 28 July 2014)

"God, History, & Dialectic"
By Joseph Farrell
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell's Theological Work Is Available.
NOTE: Dr. Farrell's views have changed somewhat since the
publication of this fine work.
"God, History, & Dialectic" Purchase Here:www.Filioque.com

Dr. Farrell: Adjunct Professor of Patristic Theology and Apolo-getics, California Graduate School of Theology. A student of Metropolitan Kallistos Timothy Ware, Farrell was Professor of Patristics, Saint Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary. M.A., Oral Roberts University, B.A., John Brown University, D.Phil. Pembroke College, Oxford. (From Wikipedia)

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