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Dr. Joseph Lumpkin
Website: Fifth Estate Publishers

Joseph Lumpkin has a long and varied background in research and writing. Over years of study and research he has written over 25 books on the subjects of theology, religion, church history, the Lost Books of the Bible, and Amateur Radio. Dr. Lumpkin has worked in research and development within the U.S. Department of Defense on major projects including Hypersonic Missile Technology and Super Computer clustering. In addition to his background in science, computers, and research, Joseph has a Doctorate in Ministry and has acted as chaplain to several family outreach programs. He is the CEO of Fifth Estate Publishing (www.fifthestatepub.com), with a catalog of over one-hundred books including, The Lost Books of the Bible, The Book of Jubilees, Fallen Angels, and The Encyclopedia of Lost and Rejected Scriptures. And, much more...

Conversations On The Ancient
Great Rejected Texts
LISTEN: Spiritual vs. Religion.mp3 (10 July 2013)
Jubilees And Fallen Angels.mp3 (12 June 2013)
Origin of The Bible & Christianity.mp3(23 May 2013)
The Books Of Enoch1.mp3 (14 May 2013)

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