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Jerry E. Smith
Author, World Traveler, Researcher
Website: www.JerryESmith.com
To order Jerry's books call:
Adventures Unlimited Press
PO Box 99, Kempton, IL 60946
WEATHER WARFARE: Science Beyond The Box - HAARP - Geophysical Warfare - Chemtrails? - Environmental Modification - Electromagnetic Waves And Earthquakes - Contrails And Global Warming. Listen: Weather Warfare1.mp3 | Weather Warfare2.mp3 | Weather Warfare3.mp3 (9 May 2007)

Jerry is the author of ~ "HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy."
Jerry picks up where the others stop. The science, politics. and players behind the weapon. What can this weapon do? Jerry Says; "My book became an examination of two major questions: what is the fundamental flaw in how we fund and conduct science, and how can a democracy defend itself from its own military and covert intelligence agencies?" Listen Jerry E Smith_HAARP-Update.mp3 (13 May 2006) Listen: HAARP_TheUltimateWeaponofConspiracy

Listen: The Spear of Destiny In History And Legend" (Authored by Jerry E. Smith & George Piccard) The Templar Knights, Nazi Occultism: Blood Lodges & Secret Orders; Nazi UFOs; Operation Paperclip; Testing The Spear; The Battle For Neuschwabenland; The Hartmann Expedition; The Rise Of The Fourth Reich. Toward the end of this audio file Jerry discloses some very interesting info concerning cell phones... and much more. "Great Books," Jerry [g]. Check out the book here: Secrets of The Holy Lance

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