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James Sundquist
Discernment Ministry
James'Website: www.Abrahamic-Faith.com/False-Teachers.html James is an accomplished producer, composer, guitarist, author and developer of health maintenance compliance software. James says; "It is a misconception amongst Christians to think that a great revival is happening, in fact the Bible is very clear that the falling away must come first before the Anti-Christ is revealed and this is what we are seeing today!"

Discernment Commentary
James Sundquist commentary on Rick Warren's apology, Senator Obama, and... Minnesota recently elected Congressman in Minnesota who is a Muslim refuses to swear on the Bible, but insists on the Koran. Imagine the intelligence coup and access to security briefings in the hands of a Muslim who can then funnel this intelligence to Muslim Imams who then give it to terrorists. I appeal to the citizens of Minnesota and Congress to impeach Representative

Serious Warning To Christians
James Sundquist gives a serious warning to Christians: Beware of Rick Warren's Peace Plan... his "peace plan" is NOT Scriptural Churches and entire countries are being infected and taken over. LISTEN: WARNING.mp3 (April 2006)
LISTEN: Spiritual Euthanasia.wav

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