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To get your 10% discount email TheByteShow before you purchase "Although others have previously questioned the validity of the hypothesis that AIDS is caused by a retrovirus called HIV, it took an expert toxicologist and pathologist, Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, to implicate the widespread medical use of corticosteroids and related therapeutic drugs as the major causative agent in the U.S. AIDS epidemic. These powerful drugs are currently widely used to treat a host of various inflammatory diseases..." Professor Otto G. Raabe, Univ., Calif., Davis

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What Happened To Eliza Jane?
WebSite For Eliza Jane:
NOTE: Eliza Jane's Story aired on ABCs Prime Time on December 8th 2005. However, ABC was biased: ABC had in their possession Dr. Al-Bayati's report which was published in the medical journal ( Veritas PDF). Even though the report was evaluated by scientist and physician ABC failed to disclose this information to the public. Why would ABC withhold crucial information from the public?

Special Interview With Christine Maggorie: Her story in her own words ~ unedited:
LISTEN: What Happened To Eliza Jane.wav 6.8mb - - Running Time: 73:14 ~ (Aired on TheByteShow: Saturday 31 Dec 2005)

Special Interview With Dr. Al-Bayati about his "Differential Diagnosis" concerning Christine Maggiore's daughter Eliza Jane. LISTEN: Dr.Al-Bayati_ElizaJane_21Dec05_TBS.wav 5.6mb ~~ Running Time: 60:16 ~ (Aired on TheByteShow: Saturday 31 Dec 2005)

Dr. Al-Bayati prepared a comparison between Eliza Jane's case with Destiny Jacobo's. (PDF format). Coroner Ribe claimed that Destiny died in 1995 of Shaken Baby Syndrome with associated head trauma. Destiny’s parents were accused of abusing and killing their daughter. The mother and father were both jailed in 1996. The mother is still in jail, the father was released in 2001.

Who Is Dr. Al-Bayati?
When Sadam took control of Iraq in 1968, within a few days, Sadam unleashed his reign of terror. The assassinations and disappearances began. Alone, Dr. Al-Bayati fled Iraq in 1976 and came to America where he became a U.S. Citizen and received his education at U.C. Davis. He has a serious appreciation for freedom, honesty and ethics. Dr. Al-Bayati's experience in Iraq left him with deep sensitivity to people being wrongfully accused and imprisoned. A highly gifted and dedicated man, Dr. Al-Bayati perfected and expanded the methodical scientific process known as "differential diagnosis" which has proved time and again the innocence of those who have been wrongfully accused. "Dr. Al-Bayati has done more than anyone I know of in exposing medical facts concerning the incompetence which has served to imprison innocent people." G_D BLESS YOU, Dr. Al-Bayati. [GeorgeAnn]

Example: Florida (Orange-Osceola) State Attorney Lawson Lamar's office used chief medical examiner Shashi Gore's testimony to convict Alan Yurko of killing his baby. When Dr. Al-Bayati exposed the incompetence of Sashi Gore's testimony, the state board barred Medical Examiner Shashi Gore from doing any more autopsies. "Dr. Al-Bayati's "differential diagnosis" played a very significant roll in finding the true causes of bleeding and death in baby Alan's case showing Alan Yurko's innocence." Please read Al-Bayati-Yurko Report.doc Listen: Dr. Al-Bayati's Interview On The Yurko Case - NOTE: 16 March 2005 ALAN YURKO WAS FREED

Also, be sure to read this excellent report by Dr. Al-Bayati: Shaken Baby Syndrome or Medical Malpractice.doc?

Dr. Al-Bayati's articles can be found in the British Medical, Red Flags Weekly You can also read Dr. Al-Bayati's articles at (link goes to the Table of Contents for Volume 2, Issue 1 of Medical Veritas ) | |

Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., D.A.B.V.T.
Toxicologist and Pathologist
Toxi-Health International
150 Bloom Dr.
Dixon, CA 95620
Tel: (707) 678-4484
Fax: (707) 678-8505
Email: Dr. Al-Bayati

International Center for Better Medicine
We are asking for your tax-deductible
donation to improve our healthcare system in the U.S.
All donations, large or small are appreciated

Send donation to:
International Center for Better Medicine
Dr. M.A. Al-Bayati
150 Bloom Drive
Dixon, CA 95620
Phone: (707) 678-4484

Dear prospective donor:

Mounting medical evidence supports that a wide variety of illnesses may be caused by exposure to many types of toxins and chemicals.

These exposures may come from the environment, the workplace, medications, vaccines, and numerous other sources. Unfortunately, our current medical system pays a very little attention to illnesses induced by chemicals. Most of the illnesses induced by chemicals are incorrectly diagnosed as idiopathic illnesses and patients are treated with high doses of corticosteroids and/or other immunosuppressant agents that cause serious adverse reactions and death.

For example, physicians have mistakenly diagnosed injuries and lesions observed in infants who suffered from adverse reactions to vaccines and/or medications, as injuries caused by violent shaking " Shaken Baby Syndrome" or SBS. These faulty SBS diagnoses have resulted in the false accusations of loving caregivers (thousands per year). The pain of losing a child is more than most of us can imagine but add to it a false accusation of abuse and in many cases prison. The damage done is often irreparable, individuals and families are devastated and their lives destroyed when accused of harming a child and subsequent imprisonment. This unscientific practice has caused enormous grief and suffering to so many people not to mention the loss of valuable resources, needlessly spent on unnecessary trials.

International Center for Better Medicine (ICBM) has found that the root of many health problems can be discovered through a process called differential diagnosis using toxicology, pathology, and other biomedical disciplines. Once the source of a health problem is discovered, many individuals can be successfully treated. In SBS cases where people who have been falsely accused of harming children, these reports expose the truth, vindicating those who have been unable to demonstrate or prove innocence. Our President, Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati, has successfully used this process in diagnosing many individuals nationwide.

Dr. Al-Bayati is a pathologist (Ph.D.) and a dual board certified toxicologist (DABT and DABVT). He has over 20 years of experience in biomedical research, teaching, and serving as expert witness in many medical-legal cases. He has more than fifty published articles in the fields. Furthermore, he has conducted more than fifty interviews with the news media in the USA and abroad that include television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, discussing his ideas on important medical subjects such as AIDS, adverse reactions to vaccines and medications, and exposure of workers to chemicals in the workplace.

Like anything else, differential diagnosis takes time and money. ICBM would like to make Dr. Al-Bayati's services available to those who cannot afford them and also support publishing his work so that the general public may benefit from important medical research and findings. He is dedicated to working with people and their physicians to identify the cause(s) of their health problems. His objective is to helping people live healthy lives, free from illnesses caused by toxic exposures or taking the wrong medications because of misdiagnosis.

These efforts have saved lives, protected the rights of innocent people and educated the public about these issues.

We ask for your generous support in our continuing effort to improve our nation's health. Every donation will help someone obtain an accurate assessment, identifying the cause of illness or injury enabling successful treatment to begin. Some of our work will be used to reverse unjust convictions thereby helping falsely accused and incarcerated people to clear their names and repair their lives.

Every dollar donated is put to work to achieve our objectives. ICBM office space has been donated and many volunteers contribute their talents so that each donation is maximized. Donations are tax-deductible. ICBM is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt corporation. Pleased send your donation made payable to ICBM at the address below. Should you have questions please contact us for further information.


Sascha Anya Sarnoff, Founding Board Member - ICBM
Dawn Winkler, Board Member - ICBM
Santa Barbara California

Helping People Is A Good Thing
Please Help A Wrongfully Accused U.S. Citizen
By Making A Donation

What Happened To Christine Maggorie's
Daughter Eliza Jane?
Read Dr. Al-Bayati's Report

Did Bryant Arroyo Kill Baby Jordan Anthony Shenk,
As Alleged by the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania?
Read Dr. Al-Bayati's Report On Baby Jordan.Doc
Read The Final Report At RedFlagsWeekly Decide Bryant Arroyo's Guilt or Innocence For Yourself...

Listen: Bryant's Mother Makes Plea For Your Help
.wav 3.3mb - Jan 2005
Listen As Paralegal
Nancy Garcia Gives The Facts.wav 3.2mb
Bryant Arroyo's innocence is represented by Nancy Garcia, a Paralegal and family advocate. Nancy gives the facts in this startling case. Bryant is a U.S. Citizen. He was wrongfully accused in the death of a baby and was sent to prison where he remains today. Here again we have sloppy work coming out of the Lancaster County PA Medical Examiner's Office and medical evidence which was intentionally withheld from the jury. Evidence (medical proof) withheld which would have served to immediately exonerate Bryant Arroyo. Bryant's attorney took his client's money and then the attorney did not work to represent his client's innocence. Dr. Al-Bayati has examined the evidence which was used to incarcerate Bryant Arroyo and has fully exposed the medical facts... and it will shock you! Our medical and judicial system is broken. Please listen as Nancy explains the facts in Bryant's case. We need your prayers and an attorney willing to take on this case and we need funds. We are asking for your help, your donations. If you are willing to help right the wrong done to Bryant Arroyo please contact Nancy Garcia

Nancy Garcia, President and CEO
Famlies United For Justice
P.O. Box 1125
Springfield, Mass 01101
Telephone 1-413-736-6590
Fax: 413.736.6616
Email: Families United For Justice

Lisa Says; "The Judge recently dropped the 1st degree murder charge and death penalty. We feel very blessed and are praying the 3rd degree charge will be dropped within the next few weeks."
(30 October 2005)

Emergency Prayer Request For
Alejandro Mendez And Lisa Mullenax
Alejandro Held For 2 Years - no Trial
Emergency prayer is desperately needed and any other assistance you may be willing to give. I have posted this before and many of you signed the on-line petition. Thank you for helping this family. This case is similar to the Alan Yurko case in that both Alan and Alejandro have been accused of a crime which they did not commit. Alan is now free, but Alejandro is not. Lisa's husband, Alejandro, is facing the DEATH PENALTY for a crime he did not commit. Lisa's husband is currently incarcerated due to incompetent physicians and blatant medical malpractice. He has now been charged with 1st and 3rd degree murder. He has been incarcerated for 11 months to date and still no trial date has been scheduled. Despite Alejandro's provable innocence, the District Attorney of Centre County, PA, Ray Gricar, is seeking the death penalty.

The following is a clip from the July 2004 Idaho Observer:
Victimized by a theory: The “Shaken Baby Syndrome” farce
by Lisa Mullenax
Following our son's death on September 2, 2002, Alejandro and I requested that Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati review Lucas's case, as we wanted to know the true cause of his death. This highly respected toxicologist and pathologist conducted a thorough investigation into the true causes of our son's death, which led him to some startling discoveries. His extensive report was recently posted on the internet during an “SBS Conference” co-hosted by Nicholas Regush and Sandy Mintz on The evidence produced in this report indicates that “shaking” was not the cause of our baby's death. Dr. Al-Bayati believes Lucas died as a result of adverse reactions to vaccines and medications. Other renowned physicians have independently reviewed our son's medical records. Their interpretation of the evidence concurs with Dr. Al-Bayati's findings.

Lisa states: Our lives have radically changed since this nightmare began. As a result of these false accusations, Alejandro and I have lost our home, our savings, our careers and our reputations because we were accused by the medical establishment of having killed our precious baby. The police confiscated numerous sentimental objects, our computer, mattress, and even personal items such as my underwear -- all to use as supposed “evidence!”

What can happen if your baby dies?
Francine Yurko1.wav 5.4mb | FrancineYurko2.wav 4.5mb

Wrightslaw Advocacy Series Representing The Special Education Child
A Manual For The Attorney & Advocate by Peter and Pamela Wright
Free ebook (21 pages, pdf):

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