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November 2012
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Aaron Kaplan: The Truth Revealed.mp3
David Sielaff: People That History Forgot.mp3 (Introduction, & Parts 1 & 2)
David Yahseph: Question Yahweh.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Cultural Transitions3.mp3 (Part Three)
Kelly Vandersteen: Conversations With Kelly3.mp3 (The Law & Consciousness)
Kelly Vandersteen: Conversations With Kelly2.mp3
Olaf Hage: The Broken System.mp3 (The Fix Is In)
Peter Levenda: Commentary On World Events1.mp3
Peter Levenda: The Angel And The Sorcerer2.mp3
Stephen Lendman: World In Crisis5.mp3

This is a must do: 1% Wall Street sales tax solution to stablize US federal budget [....] In the midst of the current haggling over the US federal budget, the main fact is being ignored: the fiscal shortfall of the US government over decades is largely due to Wall Street's rigging of the tax code so that the main money center banks pay little or nothing in the way of taxes. .... Wall Street banks are corporations, and US corporations are supposed to pay a federal corporate income tax of 35% on their profits.

What they are doing to you...
Interview with Dr. Barrie Trower

GAZA GAS FIELDS: War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields This is a war of conquest. Discovered in 2000, there are extensive gas reserves off the Gaza coastline. .... The issue of sovereignty over Gaza's gas fields is crucial. From a legal standpoint, the gas reserves belong to Palestine. .... The death of Yasser Arafat, the election of the Hamas government and the ruin of the Palestinian Authority have enabled Israel to establish de facto control over Gaza's offshore gas reserves. British Gas (BG Group) has been dealing with the Tel Aviv government. In turn, the Hamas government has been bypassed in regards to exploration and development rights over the gas fields. .... The military occupation of Gaza is intent upon transferring the sovereignty of the gas fields to Israel in violation of international law.

Links for signing petitions in all 50 states here - http://rtr.org/pages/Tracking-Secession

Petition to impeach Obama gets 27,000 votes The petition to impeach Obama has already surpassed 27,000 votes, meeting the 25,000 requirement to mandate a response by White House officials. The petition, which is posted on the 'We The People' section of whitehouse.gov, lists four different examples of how Obama has acted unconstitutionally. MUCH MORE...

IDF doesn't hurt children when it bombs Gaza

October 2012
New For This Month

Aaron Kaplan: Earth's Most Terrible Day.mp3
Bruce Hopkins: InterNetGrocer2.mp3 (Special Offer For Listeners)
Cathering Allen: BakingSoda.mp3 (How To Use It)
David Sielaff: God of This World_Boasting_God's Vote.mp3
David Sielaff: The Anatomy Of A Church2.mp3 (Part Two)
Joseph P. Farrell & Scott D. de Hart: Transhumanism1.mp3 (Part One)
Kal Gronvall: The Prudent Hide.mp3
Kelly Vandersteen: Conversations With Kelly1.mp3
Michael Cox: NGPR1_Prepare.mp3
Olaf Hage: The Mark.mp3
Peter Baxter: The Mayan Calendar And kondratieff Cycles.mp3
Peter Levenda: The Angel And The Sorcerer.mp3 (Part One)
Thomas Fusco: Thomas Fusco on The C & K Show With GeorgeAnn.mp3
Thomas Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil18.mp3 (Part 18 - Various Topics)

The Obama Deception HQ Full length version
Obama Fires Top Admiral As Coup Plot Fears Grows U.S. military commanders say Obama is incompetent as Commander n' Chief. Obama is guilty of dereliction of duty during the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya. .... A shocking new report prepared by the Foreign Military Intelligence Main Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, and circulating in the Kremlin today, states that President Obama has fired one of the United States Navy's most powerful Admirals over growing fears the US Military is planning an overthrow of his government. Sacrificed At the Altar Of Obama: CIA Assets Ordered to "Stand Down" During Libya Attacks; Delta Force Spec Ops Waited For Hours For Deployment Orders (shtf plan)

ALERT: Concerns on the rise as Hurricane Sandy expected to hit 26 nuclear power plants
Even if pools can still be powered and cooled, that doesn't mean that a chance of a disaster is nil: according to a McClatchy report from 2011, the cooling pool used in the US contain much more nuclear material on average than those in Japan. MORE...

Illegal Israeli settlers torch Palestinian olive trees The attack follows the cutting-down of almost 70 olive trees in the same village this past Wednesday, which was the start of the harvest season. Israeli settlers, mostly armed, regularly attack Palestinian villages and farms and set fire to their mosques, olive groves and other properties in the occupied West Bank under the so-called "price tag" policy. However, the Tel Aviv regime rarely detains the assailants. The Israeli settlements are considered illegal by the UN and most countries because those territories were captured by Israel in a war in 1967, and are hence seen as being subject to the Geneva Conventions, which forbids construction on occupied lands.

1. In the name of justice all charges against Bradley Manning must be dropped.
2. The British must stop their insane obsession to arrest Julian Assange.
3. Mit Romney must admit his association with Monsanto.
Mitt Romney, Monsanto Man (A very immoral person)
4, The BLM and the State of Nevada must stop attacking wild horses -- they are sending the horses to rendering plants to be murdered -- based on junk science and changing laws at will -- it is all illegal and immoral.
5. The US "empire building" -- "warmongering" must stop and troops brought home.
6. The US sending arms and supporting Syrian rebels must stop.
7. Hillary Clinton must learn the virtue of silence.
8. Afghan war - a mythical threat. It is useless for the US to be there -- get out now.
9. Drones: the operators are students in the "learning" phase -- they are NOT professional. That is why so many innocent people are being murdered AKA collateral damage.
10. The Israeli zionist regime must stop their warmongering insanity against Iran,
expecting the US to send their men and women to die in a Zionist battle for Zionist greed and power.
Would the Zionist regime carry out a "false flag" against the Israeli people or a US ship in order to drag
the US into their nasty war? probably, I am sad to say.
11. FACT: The biggest security threat to the people of the US and the world is the US-Zionist government.

22 September 2012
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Anatomy Of A Church1.mp3(Part One)
Stephen Lendman: World In Crisis4.mp3 (Part Four)

15 September 2012
New For This Week

Bruce Hopkins: InterNetGrocer.mp3 (Excellent Storage Food)
Roger Taggert: The Way It Is.mp3
Thomas Fusco: What Is Wealth.mp3

8 September 2012
New For This Week

David Sielaff: The Twelve Minor Prophets1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: The Twelve Minor Prophets2.mp3 (Part Two)
Joseph Farrell: Babylon's Banksters7.mp3 (Cycles, Gold, & Politics)
Olaf Hage: Politics, Prophecy And Typhon.mp3
Peter Levenda: RatLine2.mp3 (Part Two)

Please View This Documentary: The Thomas Miller-El affair
This is worth watching... you will learn things you did not know

Read: UK Nuclear Expert Murdered In French Alps
Briton Saad al-Hilli, who was killed in the French Alps on Wednesday along with
his wife Ikbal and another woman, worked at a top-secret British nuclear lab, local media reported
VIDEO: APEC 2012: Putin talks breaking barriers, driving recovery
VIDEO: US acts as Gulf guardian angel, brushes off Bahrain protests as Iran plot (Pepe Escobar)

1 September 2012
New For This Week

Michael Cox: Change.mp3
Olaf Hage: Earth Stripped Bare.mp3 (Typhon)
Peter Baxter: TheJubilee And The kondratieff Cycles.mp3
Peter Baxter's WebSite : Kondratieff Winter.com

PressTV Video: Bipartisan budget cuts, genocide of US population (Webster G. Tarpley)
PressTV Video: US presidential candidates lapdogs for Zionist lobbies

25 August 2012
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: What's Wrong With The Moon.mp3
Linda Siegel: Keeping Honey Bees.mp3
Stephen Lendman: World In Crisis3.mp3 (Part Three)
ALERT: Hazardous Weather Scheduled For South East Oklahoma

18 August 2012
New For This Week

Darnette Taylor: African Prophecy And The US.mp3
David Sielaff: What Is Important1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: What Is Important2.mp3 (Part Two)
Joseph Farrell: Cosmic War17.mp3 (Part 17)
Peter Levenda: RatLine1.mp3
Thomas Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil17.mp3 (Part 17 ~ Prophecy)

11 August 2012
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Where Islam Fits In Prophecy Today.mp3
Stephen Lendman: World In Crisis2.mp3 (Part Two)
Visit: "thebyteshowchannel" at youtube

4 August 2012
New For This Week

Barry Chamish: Netanyahu And Olmert's Deep Secrets.mp3 (Netanyahu's mostly unknown ties to Mitt Romney & Murder For Power)
Kal Gronvall: Pea Soup.mp3
Michael Cox: To Be Or Not To Be.mp3
Walter Bosley: Spy Chase1.mp3 (Part One)

28 July 2012
New For This Week

Joseph Farrell: Cosmic War16.mp3 (Part 16)
Stephen Lendman: World In Crisis.mp3
Thomas Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil16.mp3 (Part 16 - Higgs Boson)

Steve Frayne: Seeing is believing (This Is Amazing!)

21 July 2012
New For This Week

Bill Blum: Killing Hope.mp3
Darnette Taylor: Apache Prophecy.mp3
Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces9.mp3 (Part Nine)
Roger Taggert: Star Gate Aden.mp3

READ - VIEW: Utah Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store
Read: Former Anglo-Irish bank chief arrested
Read: Fukushima contractor forced workers to fake radiation readings
Read: US drops biggest-ever human trafficking case amid evidence doubts

14 July 2012
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: From The Past To The Present.mp3
David Sielaff: Special Historical Report on Islam.mp3
Roger Taggert: Out There.mp3
Walter Bosley: Empire Of The Wheel2.mp3 (Part Two)

Read: Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt Down The Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy

Animated cartoon about US foreign policy written by William Blum

7 July 2012
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Suspicious Plane Crashes.mp3
David Sielaff: Antinomy Of The Bible.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Cultural Transitions2.mp3 (Part Two)
Tom Mack: The EU And The USA.mp3

Read: Innocent, but still locked-up: Guantanamo prisoners stay behind bars years after being cleared for release
Read: Kill Crazy - State of Georgia to execute man declared mentally retarded by the court
Read: Romney town hall crowd applauds death penalty
Read: Justice Dept., FBI to review use of forensic evidence in thousands of cases
Read: Jailing Americans becomes a profitable business
Read: US making huge profits from private prisons
Read: Monsanto rider: New bill could make biotech companies immune to courts
Read: Feds: Georgia banker missing, so is $17 million
Read: Peregrine Financial Group brokerage said to be $220 million short in customer funds
Read: PFGBest founder attempts suicide as $200m goes missing from accounts
Read: Unemployment benefits mistakes mean Americans owe government $14 billion
Read: Major Russian space contractor accused of embezzling $17 million

The Men Behind Obama And More Than You Want To Know

View: Webster Tarpley: The Next Decade
View: Webster Tarpley: The Elite's Plan for Global Extermination
Read: WikiLeaks releases Syria Files, almost 2.5 mln emails to be published
Read: Guantanamo upgrade: US to spend $40 mil on renovation (Why? Who will be tortured next?)
Read: US Presbyterians consider divestment measure against Israel
Read: [Based on FBI Report] Benjamin Netanyahu involved in smuggling nuclear triggers
Read: Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring
Read: Related FBI Report: PDF: http://www.irmep.org/ila/krytons/06272012_milco_mdr.pdf
Read: Iran should stop US war machine legally - Int. lawyer Francis Boyle
Read: NATO tied to Muslim slaughter at Srebrenica

Read: Fort Bragg shooting - 1 dead, 2 wounded
Read: Roger Hayes Arrested, Tried In Secret Court, Imprisoned
Read:"Disable the purveyors": Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?
Read: WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning wins battle over US documents
Read: Putin accuses Bolsheviks of treason
Read: Israeli-Arab community upset over new military draft law
Read: UK report finds IDF tortures Palestinian children
Read: Israeli Protesters smash bank windows, block roads
Read: Amnesty International: Israel Condemned for Violent Crackdown on Protestors
Read: Confirmed: Iraq orders closure of BBC and 43 other media outlets
Read: Russia and China say Syrians must determine their own destiny
(RT Report ~ Latest Development: Syria? is forcing "children" as young as 4 and 5 years old to carry weapons...)
Read: Clinton says Assad will still have to go
Read: What does the Supreme Court's health-care ruling mean for you
Read: Seven consequences of the healthcare ruling
Read: Supreme Court's Obamacare decision hands federal government unlimited power to force you to spend 100% of your paycheck on things you don't even want
Read: Obamacare: 21 New or Higher Taxes (This will make you cringe)
Read: ObamaCare Ruling - Pure Fraud and No Due Process (Actually, it is treason)
Read: The Power To Tax Is the Power To Destroy (He then said it has unlimited power to tax people who do not buy products the government wants them to buy. by, Peter Schiff)
Read: This 4th of July We Will Celebrate Tyranny, More Unwanted Taxes, and the Destruction of the Constitution of the United States of America (All of this, so past and present American presidents and leaders can live like kings, while the little people starve)
Read: Time for regime change in the USA
Read: Fraud Ring In Hacking Attack On 60 Banks (Worldwide)
Read: Big Banks Craft Living Wills In Case They Fail
Read: UK & US refuse to sign UN document censuring Bahrain (Human rights abuses)
View: Three states declare emergency after storms leave 11 dead and millions without power (USA)
Read: India floods kill 30, displace 1 milllion (Pray for them)
Read: Huge fires rage in Spain (700 people to evacuate their homes ~ Valencia and Catalonia regions)
Read: Study shows Coca Cola, Pepsi contain alcohol

26 June 2012
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Victory Over Fear.mp3
David Sielaff: The Ten Nations and the Roman Empire.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering18.mp3 (Part Eighteen)

View: Chris Hedges "The American Empire Is Over & The Descent Is Going To Be Horrifying"
Read: $2.5 Billion Siphoned From Financial Institutions So Far.pdf (McAfee: Operation High Roller PDF)
Read: Fraud Ring In Hacking Attack On 60 Banks
(According to a joint report by software security firm McAfee and Guardian Analytics, more than 60 firms have suffered from what it has called an "insider level of understanding")
Read: US stocks drop after US top court upholds Obama reforms
Read: Where does money come from? The giant Federal Reserve scam that most Americans do not understand

Read: Julian Assange is in very real danger of assassination, says Bob Ellis
Read: Ecuador recalls ambassador for Assange advisement
Read: Jerry Sandusky convicted of child sexual abuse
Read: Arkansas Supreme Court rules that execution is unconstitutional
Read: US Reconstructs Former Military Bases Across Asia-Pacific
Read: Obama administration repeatedly lies about drone kills
Read: Everyone at West Point must be investigated and listed as war criminals (Gordon Duff, senior editor at Veterans Today)
Read: For Iraq, "The Salvador Option" Becomes Reality ( Iraq - Death-squad style massacres)
Read: Syngenta Charged for Covering up Livestock Deaths from GM Corn
Read: Genetically modified grass blamed for mass cattle deaths in Texas (The GM grass is producing cyanide gas)
Read: Poland shaken by case alleging an illicit CIA prison there
Read: CIA wanted torture cage for secret prison in Poland (Some 27,000 detainees are suspected to have been held by the U.S.
in secret prisons around the world including in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Island of Diego Garcia (Indian Ocean), Jordan and aboard U.S. amphibious assault ships. ufppc.org... In August 2009, the Obama administration said it would continue the Bush administration's practice of sending terrorism suspects to third countries for detention and interrogation....SUSPECTS, SUSPECTS ... now he has a kill list!)
Read: UK gov't authorized war crimes in Iraq (Former chief British Army lawyer in Iraq Lieutenant
Colonel Nicholas Mercer ... New explosive revelations show British soldiers have tortured Iraqi civilians
who were hooded, strip-naked and assaulted in secret black jails under direct authority of the Ministry of Defense
and in blatant violation of Geneva Conventions on rights of victims of war... Do you think they really care?
Read: Israel condemned for violent crackdown on protests
Read: Former Russian finance minister predicts eurozone's collapse

16 June 2012
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Fatima, The Vatican, The Butler And UFO's.mp3
Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces8.mp3 (Part Eight)
Pastor Terry Jefferson: Dreams And Visions.mp3
NOTE: Bad Weather Coming To Oklahoma

Assange Episode 9 - Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda trained by CIA 20 years ago

Read ~ View: Sweden, UK dragging feet while US drums up case against me - Assange
Personally, I am outraged by the Australian Government's spineless position on this matter.
I am outraged at the United States over their phony justice system and utterly outraged at Sweden.
Julian Assange is NOT a terrorist. Revealing the truth is NOT a terrorist activity. The truth embarrasses
and enrages some people and it should. There are far too many lies and deceit rampant in our world. Lies and deceite got
the American people into many wars including the Iraq war, and currently Afghanistan. - GeorgeAnn
Breaking News: Julian Assange asks for political asylum in Ecuador (Please pray for Julian Assange)
Read: Moody's downgrades credit ratings for world's 15 biggest banks
Read: Russia, China, Iran plan to stage in Syria "biggest Mid East maneuver" (this "news" item is not factual)
Read: US recognizes Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy
Read: China reiterates support for Iran nuclear energy program
Read: Russia continues to support Iran's nuclear energy program
Read: Not 'if' but 'when': US intervention in Syria on countdown
Read: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov't Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers
Read: Chicago more dangerous than Afghanistan
Read: San Onofre nuclear plant could become California's Fukushima
Read ~ View: Pro-austerity party wins Greek election
Read: Portuguese protesters hold anti-austerity rally in Lisbon
Read: Spanish protesters rally outside bailed-out bank in Madrid
Read: Italians protest against government economic policies
Read: Merkel slams Hollande's approach to eurozone crisis
Read: Baltic 'UFO': New dive, new details (PHOTOS)

Nouriel Roubini of New York University's Stern School of Business
speaks during the Skybridge Alternatives (SALT) Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada May, 9, 2012 (Reuters/Steve Marcus)
Read: Nouriel Roubini: 'We try to create Europe which has not created enough Europeans'

9 June 2012
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Falcon9 Rockets.mp3
David Sielaff: Economic and Population Trends.mp3
Kal Gronvall: Utopia.mp3 (What about the Euro?)
Pastor Terry Jefferson: Devices And Wiles.mp3
Thomas Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil 15.mp3 (Part Fifteen)
NOTE: The EURO has not collapsed. They have not finished their "looting" scheme yet.

View: [KR301] Keiser Report - Con Games Go Global! (Greek's please pay attention)
Read: World holds US in contempt for drone attacks: Survey
Read ~ View: Russia will respond to a possible US-led war on Syria: Analyst
Read ~ View: http://www.thomhartmann.com/
Read: US to deploy more than 3,000 troops to Africa
Read: US Navy drone crashes in Maryland (the first of many)
Read: Drones over US to get weaponized (so far, non-lethally)
Read: Indiana legalizes shooting cops
Read: Jailing Americans becomes a profitable business
Read: Americans brace for next foreclosure wave
Read: Iceland economy grows at fastest pace in four years
Read: Former 'God's Banker' could blitz Vatican with cache of secret documents
View: Max Keiser: JP Morgan And The Vatican Bank (Second Half Of Interview)
Read: Insight: Vatican bank-money, mystery and monsignors
Read: Vatican has long history of intrigue and controversy
Read: Vatican crisis highlights pope failure to reform Curia
Read: UN to tax American Internet companies?
Read: Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus - report (Where have we heard this before?)
Read ~ View: Olympic error: UK government to answer for hiring human rights abuser
(The UK is rolling out some terrible weapons to use against protestors -- LRAD sonic gun and missile launchers to greet Olympic games)
Read: Obama endorses another escalation of CIA drone strikes in Pakistan (murder, murder)
Read: Innocent, but still locked-up: Guantanamo prisoners stay behind bars years after being cleared for release
Read: Smart meters subject to hacking (Leaving the customers without electricity)

2 June 2012
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Ezekiel, the Temple, and Jeremiah1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Ezekiel, the Temple, and Jeremiah2.mp3 (Part Two)
Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces7.mp3 (Part Seven)
Walter Bosley: Empire Of The Wheel.mp3 (Part One)

View: Drop dead euro (RT - CrossTalk)
Read: NDAA unconstitutional: Federal judge bans Obama from indefinitely detaining Americans
Read: Pot calling kettle black: US officials leak more than Manning?
Read: Unidentified gas used in Syria (The unidentified gas caused suffocation among residents, the activists said)
Read: Military suicide rate surges to nearly one per day this year
Read: US escalating intimidation of whistleblowers
Read: Russia interested in Nicaragua plans to build an alternative to Panama Canal
Read: Russia ready to broaden cooperation with Afghanistan
Read: Russia supports Iran's right to civil nuclear energy - Putin
Read: Parcels containing human remains sent to two Canadian schools

26 May 2012
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Biblical Vows And Their Present Significance.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Cultural Transitions1.mp3 (Part One)
Notice: Hazardous Weather Outlook (For Oklahoma)

I am requesting prayer for Catherine Allen, her husband Bruce passed away today 27th of May.
Please pray for Julian Assange - he is in danger
Please keep praying for Pfc. Bradley Manning: US withholds key documents from Manning trial (Crooked trial)
Prayer requested for Chris Hedges
Prayer requested for Bob Chapman and his family
Prayer requested for Tareq Aziz (and his incarcerated colleagues who are paying a terrible price, meted out in kangaroo courts)

Read: Tareq Aziz - A Son's Plea
Read: Thousands of Israelis protest against social injustice in major cities
Read ~ View: Veteran Mideast Journalist Charles Glass on Syria's Violence & the Prospect of Military Intervention
Read: The Kill List: How Obama redefined the term civilian
Read: Murder, Inc: Official Obama Policy
Read ~ View: Glenn Greenwald: Obama's Secret Kill List "The Most Radical Power a Government Can Seize"
("I think one of the things that the New York Times article did was shed light on President Obama's character")
Read: Obama's kill list - all males near drone strike sites are terrorists
Read: Obama approves names to be put on kill lists of drone strikes
(The UN has denounced the attacks as targeted killings and said they posed a challenge to international law)
Read: Secret 'Kill List' Proves a Test of Obama's Principles and Will (NYT - A MUST READ)
Read: ACLU sues US over extrajudicial killings of Americans
Read: 10 more Iranian prisoners executed in Saudi city of Dammam (Saudi Arabia is the darling of the U.S. State Dept.)
Read ~ View: World should stand up to new brand of US terrorism
Read: US, South Korea soldiers parachute into North Korea for spying
READ: US Pentagon has plans for military strike on Iran (The Horror of Immorality)
Read: Syria Rebels Vow to Capture Chemical Weapons
READ: US terror strikes (Drones) kill 31 in 72 hours
Read: Hundreds Die as US-Backed Yemen Offensive Escalates
Read: House Passes HR 4133 Binding the US to Israel and Their War Agenda
Read: What Did We Learn From Israel's Sneak Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty?
View: Dead In The Water - The Sinking of the USS Liberty (A murderous cover-up by US and Isreal)
Read: Criminal Charges Placed against IDF General Ashkenazi (Israel cannot investigate its own crimes...)
Read: Netanyahu 'revolted' by Syria's Houla massacre (Yet, he is Willing to Slaughter the People of Iran)
Forces loyal to Assad killed at least 108 people and injured around 300,
mostly women and children, on Friday in Houla in Homs province
Read: 32+ children killed in Syria: UN monitor
Please pray for the Syrian people

The Houla Massacre: A War Provocation by the NATO Death Squads in the Tradition of Himmler's Gleiwitz
Operation of August 1939, Designed to Flip Eager Lion 2012 into Aggressive War Against Syria

As the "Syrian National Council" Disintegrates, NATO Tries a New Line:
Al Qaeda's Central Role in Syria Makes an Invasion Necessary

Syria: "Why is the world not doing anything to help us?"
Extrajudicial executions, deliberate and wanton destruction of property, indiscriminate attacks and
torture of detainees - which constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes - have become the 'norm' in Syria...
the wanton murder of the Syrian people must stop

Webster Tarpley: NATO-CIA Destabilization of Syria
(In English)

19 May 2012
New For This Week

David Sielaff: The Decline Of The Churches.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Saucers Swastikas And Psyops3.mp3 (Part Three ~ For Brian)
Michael Cox: Attitude.mp3
Thomas Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil 14.mp3 (Part Fourteen)

Read: IAEA report says no diversion in Iranian nuclear program
Read: Deal or no deal, Iran may be bombed - Israeli minister
Read: Iran has not, will not build nuclear weapon - Israeli military chief
Read: Israeli warmongering imperils world peace: Iran UN envoy

Americans don't share global domination policies of their leaders
American policies are usually dictated by amazing ignorance
Video: Senator Jim DeMint - 94% of Bills Passed in the Senate are done in SECRECY with NO DEBATE

Congress still okay with indefinite detention and torture of Americans
Even after a federal court deemed the NDAA unconstitutional,
the US House of Representatives refused to exclude indefinite detention
provisions from the infamous defense spending bill during a vote on Friday

Read: Innocent Americans spent at least 10,000 years in jail
Read: Ron Paul wins majority of Minnesota delegates
Read: US Has been preparing to turn America into a military dictatorship
Read: Deaths connected to the Obama White House
Read: Bin Laden died of natural causes: Former CIA agent
Read: Vatican slams new book of leaked documents as 'criminal'
Read: Hundreds of suspected pedophile priests plague California
Read: Televangelists defrauded tens of million of dollars (Trinity Broadcasting Network)
View: 97% Owned - Monetary Reform documentary
View ~ Listen: Chicago police van runs over protester
Listen: Hear all the local action (riot police)
Listen: Hear all the local action (Chicago Riot Police)
View: Timcast NATO Summit
Listen: Radioman911.com now in NATO mode (Scanner Radio Feed)
Listen ~ Read: Chicago NATO Command and Communications Operations Update
with Photos [N139HS ModeS:A09D60 , N242A ModeS:A2376D , N3935A ModeS:A490F6]
Listen: NATO Communications Monitoring Guide and LIVE COVERAGE
Read: Local Chicago Scanner YahooGroup (Many posts on NATO stuff & Links)
Read: NATO Communications Center A Suburban Secret
Read: RadioReference Thread: Up-Coming NATO Communications
Read PDF: NATO Warmongers Secret Chicago Summi
Read PDF: DoD Non-Lethal Weapons Human Effects
Read PDF: DoD Review Guidelines for Guantanamo Detention
Read PDF: FBI Report on Bitcoin
Read PDF: Risks of New Smartphones

12 May 2012
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Silence From Space.mp3
David Sielaff: Book Of Lamentations.mp3
Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces6.mp3 (Part Six)

Prayer requested for Bruce, he has a serious lung infection and is very ill in the hospital.

The Michigan authorities claim the pigs must be killed because they carry parasites and disease --- so do human beings.
Farmers forced to slaughter healthy swine or face jail time

Read ~ View: Bush kidnapped & tortured, Obama murders
Read ~ View: Afghan tension - US military, CIA out of control
Read: Congress votes for more war in Afghanistan
(By a vote of 303-113, the U.S. House of Representatives rejected an amendment by California's Barbara Lee (D-Oakland)
on Thursday that would have swiftly ended combat operations in Afghanistan)
Read:US to send large combat brigade throughout Africa
Read: US plan for Iran strike ready: US envoy to Israel
Question: Why does a country with 300+ nuclear weapons need to extort millions/billions from the U.S.A. for more weaponry?
Read: AIPAC Resolution Demanding War With Iran On House Floor Tomorrow (Tuesday) (AIPAC Demanding Genocide)
Read: The Israel Lobby Never Sleeps (There has been no media reporting on H.R.4133)
Read: Eugenicide: False Flag Nuking of Israel (A group of lower-class Jews purposely guided to Israel by Global Power Elite Jews,
explicitly for the purpose of taking this nuclear hit, as the GPE's useful eugenic-genocidal victims.)
Read: Israel to revive razing of homes as form of punishment
Read: States demand secrecy over meat filth and cruelty practices
Read: Israeli foods exported to Azerbaijan cause infertility in men
Read: Up to 1 million Americans too poor to go bankrupt
Read: Number of PhDs on public aid triples in US
Read: Detroit Group Tells Welfare Recipients to Hijack Homes
View: http://assange.rt.com/ (Bahrain arrests main human rights activist Nabeel Rajab)
Read ~ View: Uncle Sam fabricates crimes due to political agenda - Bout
(The trial was very similar to medieval witch-hunt trials of inquisition...)
Read: Bout sentence 'unacceptable, politically motivated'- Russia
(It was a "put-up" job against Bout -- The U.S. manfactured evidence against him
Read: US violating human rights at home and abroad - Russian report
Read: Cop caught masturbating in patrol car while on the job
Read: Cop [Jerad Wheeler] boots pregnant woman in stomach - Dept. says it's fine
Read ~ View: Kelly Thomas Beating Video: Fullerton Homeless Man's Beating Revealed At Pre-Trial Hearing
(Kelly Thomas was beaten to death -- he called out for mercy, he called out to God, he called out to his dad.
There are waaay too many psychopaths in law enforcement -- even one is too many!)
Read ~ View: Saudi auction sells suicide bombers for Syria
(The father, Abu-Salah, receives 1.5 million Saudi riyals (roughly USD 400,000), for offering his son, Khaled, as sacrifice...
Press TV could not independently verify the authenticity of the video...)
Read: Psychopaths have different brains to normal people
(The have no "mercy" nor "compassion" for anyone -- this article is incomplete, lacking in facts)
Read: Apocalypse not now: Mayan relic says 2012 not end of time

5 May 2012
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Nuclear Contaminated Japan And Antarctia.mp3
David Sielaff: Jeremiah5.mp3 (Part Five)
Michael Cox: A Bone In Every Pot.mp3

Israel threatened to take down world in nuclear Armageddon
Netanyahu's politics puts Israel in mortal danger
Senior Israeli politicians criticizing the government and its warmongering policy against Iran.
Israel Labour leader criticizes Netanyahu's Iran policy

Israeli intel ex-chief: Netanyahu's policy on Iran misleading, messianic
Top Israeli government ministers are misleading the public about the consequences
of preemptive military action against Iran, former Israeli security chief Yuval Diskin has warned

'It will lead to war' - Ron Paul fights to end military aid for Israel
(H.R. 4133, the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012)

(HR 4133) Israeli Legislation Scheduled for the House Floor ASAP

Washington and Israel Threaten Humanity

Daring to Criticize Israel

George Carlin -"Who Really Controls America"



JFK Secret Society Speech (Remember 1961)
"I found out something I never knew. I found out that my world was not the real world"
Robert F. Kennedy, shortly before he was assassinated

28 April 2012
New For This Week

Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces5.mp3 (Part Five)
Thomas Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil 13.mp3 (Part Thirteen - The Resurrection -- The Penny)

Army manual for re-education camps applies to US citizens

Trials without evidence prove justice is dead in US: American analyst

First They Come for the Muslims (pre-emptive prosecution applies to every U.S. citizen.)

Welcome to the Asylum

Read ~ View: 'We are in Third World War - an economic war. And the weapon is debt'
View ~ Listen: 9/11, False Flags, and Black Ops: An Evening of Debate
Read: USDA Backs Production of Rice With Human Genes (large-scale cultivation in Kansas)
Read: Former Muslims United
Read: World Leader in Decommissioning Reactors: "There is no technology which may be directly applied" at Fukushima
View: Cloud of depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and West Coast?
View: Chemical blast video: Twin explosion hits Japan plant (Chemical Factory Containing 3,400 Depleted Uranium Containers Explodes)
Read: The Dialectic: Fomenting the Revolution (What is communism?)
Read: 25 horrible statistics about US economy
Read: Microsoft does about face on CISPA (Political commentator Luke Samuel says
"the law is directed against a nebulously-defined and imaginary threat")
Read: Romanian govt. falls over EU debt crisis The issue of how to tackle the eurozone's debt burden has
led to the collapse of governments across Europe. On Monday, the Dutch government fell...
Read: A History of the World, BRIC by BRIC
Read: A Game of Drones
Read: Spanish Company Will Count American Votes Overseas In November

21 April 2012
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Restitution Of All Things.mp3
David Sielaff: Free Men into Slaves.mp3
David Sielaff:
Soloman's Empire.mp3
Roger Taggert:
Planet-X And The Anunnaki.mp3

Spaniards say US biggest threat to global security: Survey
Read: The Russians are coming! First joint 'Top Gun' drills to be held in US (Fort Carson Colorado - scheduled May 24 and 31, 2012)
View ~ Read: US sent death squads into Syria (Webster Griffin Tarpley)
Read: Iran not pursuing nuclear weapons (Israel's Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz)
Read: Feds eye retirement-fund tax to cut $16 trillion-plus deficit
Read: North Dakota has a great chance to secede (Daily Paul)
View ~ Read: The fine print: North Dakota may not be a state (Apprrently this "news" story may not be factual?)
Read: Valley News Live (North Dakota) (Apprrently this "news" story may not be factual?)
Read: Washington is leading world into lawlessness: US analyst
Read: Ron Paul still in the race with millions in funding and zero debt
Read: Caught on tape: Chilling new video of US border patrol beating immigrant to death
View The Video of U.S. Border Patrol Beating Immigrant To Death: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSjVQY0ifls
PLEASE sign the petition to have this deadly beating investigated....http://act.presente.org/sign/anastasio/
Read: The World's Largest Open-Air Gulag
Read: US gives Israel 680 million dollars for Iron Dome
Read: Farmers fight hogicide in Michigan
View: Don't Buy Any Food You've Ever Seen Advertised

14 April 2012
New For This Week

Richard Dolan: After Disclosure And Beyond.mp3
NOTICE: Richard Dolan's new radio show: "Truth Out Radio,"
every Saturday night from 8-11 EST at http://www.globalradioalliance.com/
Randy Maugans: The Naked Truth.mp3
Roger Taggert: Adam's Clothes.mp3

Read: Why Men Revolt -by- Robert D. Kaplan (sign up to read)
Read: Saudi Arabia: Beheadings for witchcraft
Read: The Fallacy Of Bugging Out
Read: Forget Travel If You Owe The IRS (Senate Bill 1813 (Highway trust fund) -- Read .PDF)
View ~ Read: Leaked video shows live animals shot, mutilated, killed in military training
Comment: A few years ago a news article came out concerning military shooting "pregnant" horses in Nevada to desensitize troops
Read: The Rise of Psychopaths in US Governance
View: http://assange.rt.com/ Julian Assange - The World Tomorrow
Read ~ View: Julian Assange - I'll be called a traitor, interviewing radicals
Read: Cancer & Fungus (by, Mark Sircus)
Read: Children of the 90s: Coming of age (The tissue library)
Read: For every US troop killed, 25 veterans commit suicide: Report
Read: Mexican forces discover 14 dismembered bodies near US border(Keep away from Mexico)
Read: Government, how to bypass monopoly laws (by, Walter Burien)
Read: Bank rescue dough gone for good (Austria)
Read ~ View: Sleazy business: CISPA 'pushed by spy & tech companies for profit'
Read: Two Years After the BP Oil Spill: IS THE GULF ECOSYSTEM COLLAPSING?
Read: THE DANGERS OF RADIOACTIVE TRITIUM: Canada's Nuclear Energy Industry
Read: NUCLEAR RADIATION CRISIS: Japan is Poisoning Other Countries By Burning Highly-Radioactive Debris
Read: Fatwa against nuclear weapons political milestone
Read: Unplugging Americans From The Matrix
Read: The Rise of the Killer Drones: How America Goes to War in Secret
Read: SPEAKING OUT AGAINST DRONE WARFARE: The cost and consequences of exposing the drone wars
Read: THE "WIPE OFF THE MAP" CONTROVERSY: A Rare Admission From Israel in Relation to the "Iran Threat"
Read: The REAL COLOMBIA SCANDAL: When Bedding Prostitutes Is Worse Than Crimes Against Humanity

7 April 2012
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Jeremiah And The Seventy Years Prophecy1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Jeremiah And The Seventy Years Prophecy2.mp3 (Part Two)
Kal Gronvall: Electronic Thieves.mp3
Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces4.mp3 (Part Four)
Roger Taggert: Entertainment And Sacrifice.mp3

Read: The Rise of Psychopaths in US Governance
View: What Have We done?
Read: Nuclear Power Is Expensive and Bad for the Environment - It's Being Pushed Because It Is Good For Making Bombs
("Governments have been covering up nuclear meltdowns for 50 years in order to protect
the nuclear plant production of weapons-grade nuclear material.")
Read: Indeed, safer designs - such as thorium reactors - were left on the shelf because they don't produce weapons-grade plutonium
Read: 75 percent of nuke sites have leaked tritium
Read: A surprising culprit in the nuclear crisis

Bahrain is to retry 20 medics who treated protesters during last year's uprising, despite earlier promises to spare 15 of them.
A military tribunal earlier sentenced them to up to 15 years in prison Opposition in dire need of media spotlight.
There is a media blackout on the protests in Bahrain.

View: NATO-backed death squads fuel violence in Syria (Interview with Webster Griffin Tarpley)
Read: United States chooses silence on Bahrain crisis
Read: Disgraceful to find U.S. female veterans homeless
Read: Over 110,000 US forces used psychotropic meds in 2011: Report
Read: Saudi Arabian regime has ruled to execute 25 Indonesian maids
(About 1,700 Indonesian nationals are in prison in Saudi Arabia, the Indonesian Embassy says)
Read: New documents reveal Cheney's bid to whitewash torture
(Cheney tried to bury evidence proving that the US "enhanced interrogation" program was illegal)
Read: Dr. Sam Vaknin (Psychologist) Claims Obama Suffers from Narcissism
Read: Arizona bill declares women pregnant two weeks before conception
Read: Ron Paul rocks UC Berkeley
(Paul may be campaigning as a Republican, but the ideas that drive his campaign
are being hailed by young Americans disenfranchised by the broken promises and bad decisions...
Read: Rick Santorum has embraced Spanish priest behind devout Catholic group Opus Dei ~ What is Opus Dei?
View: Just in case you missed it: " Rick Santorum says killing Americans good, but killing Iranians is wonderful"(Isn't this immoral?)
Read: 5 cops get stiff sentences in Katrina shootings, cover-up
Read: ICC blocks Palestine war crimes probe (Israel is delighted with the decision,
however 130 governments have supported Palestine's status as an independent state)
Read: US aid to Israel: 115 billion dollars
Read:UN reports alarming increase in Israeli violence (a must read)
Read: Gov't OKs 1st Israeli uranium exploration license
(During the Maya 357 oil explorations that were conducted in the Hatrurim area,
researchers found signs of a high presence of radioactive metals in the region)
Read: Israel's Lost Right (By: Roi Tov)
Read: Humanism Fanatics; Gullible Christians (By: Roi Tov)
Read: Empty red chairs to commemorate 11,541 Bosnian war victims
(The Bosnia war, led to the death of at least one-hundred thousand Bosnian citizens and
displacement of hundreds of thousands of others, many of them Women and children)
Read:Turkey to begin trial of two generals that led 1980 brutal coup
(reportedly involved the execution of nearly 50 and the arrest of over 500,000 suspected activists)
Read: Nuclear Lobby Pushes Ahead with New Reactors (More insanity!)
Read: French nuclear reactor shut down after fire alert
(France is the world's most nuclear-dependent country and operates 58 reactors)
Read: Demystified: 11 myths Capitalism feeds on
Read: 45 signs that America will soon be a nation with a very tiny elite...
Read: How American corporations transformed from producers to predators
Read: U.S. Aircraft Carriers Departing Persian Gulf?
Read: American Enterprise in Gulf: Second aircraft carrier deployed

31 March 2012
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Alien Reverse Engineering?.mp3
David Sielaff: The Soviet Union's Demise1.mp3(Part One - End times and beyond)
David Sielaff: The Soviet Union's Demise2.mp3(Part Two - End times and beyond)
Joseph Farrell: Babylon's Banksters6.mp3 (Part Six)

Read: In Memoriam: Andrew Wordes, Enemy of the State
(A horriffic story of a man's frustration with the state and his suicide - Roswell, Georgia)
Read: Italy faces one suicide-per day amid deepening poverty
Read: Black cop shot 28 times by white cops - and accused of murder
(An African-American cop from Chicago is facing 80 years behind prison for attempted murder
after four white police officers shot him nearly 30 times and left him for dead)
Read: Pensioner shoots himself at Greek Parliament, refuses to search for food in garbage

Read: Meese to Newsmax: Obama Trying to 'Intimidate' Supreme Court on Obamacare
Read: Full Text Of Newsmax Column Suggesting Military Coup Against Obama
Read: A World without Oil: Companies Prepare for a Fossil-Free Future
Read: Plasma fusion becomes a reality?
Read: US students walk out of speech by two Israeli soldiers (Rutgers University students protest Israeli war crimes)
Read: ICC blocks Palestine war crimes probe
Read: Israel Killed 115 Palestinians, including 18 Minors in 2011
(In addition to arrested Palestinian demonstrators, dozens of Israelis have been arrested for taking part in demonstrations)
Read: US Supreme Court backs strip search on new inmates
Read: 13 Years Later - NATO Conducts Mopping Up Operations In the Balkans
View: The Global March to Jerusalem - A Time To Cry (GRTV)
View: Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land: Israel & Palestine (Part 1)
View: Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land {Part 2}
View: Truth About Israel - American Media Won't Tell You
Read: Dispelling the Lies, Telling the Truth about Western Aggression in the Persian Gulf
Read: US draws up plans for nuclear-powered drones
Read: Covert War on Terror - the Data
Read: US military investigation damns drone operators PR machinery promoting drones
as safe-kill from afar. Interviews of the civilians -- Here are a couple of small excerpts:
Read: http://cryptome.org/2012/03/creech-savagery2.pdf (hospital interview)
Read: http://cryptome.org/2012/03/creech-savagery.pdf (summary of the report)
Read: Congressional report - attack on Iran would be a failure
View: US-NATO War Crimes: "Humanitarian Intervention" Challenged (Michel Chossudovsky)
View: The Nature and Significance of NATO-US-Israeli War Crimes (War Crimes Conference, Kuala Lumpur ~ George Galloway)
View: 'Land Day' clashes: Youngster killed, over 200 injured (Correction: 850 injured)
Read: Report shows surge in worldwide executions
Read: BRICS summit to explore creation of bank
Read: Global 'water war' threat by 2030 - US intelligence
Read: Goldman Sachs with a 16 percent stake in a porn site (NYT)
Read: Human trafficking in US results in millions of victims

24 March 2012
New For This Week

Michael Hoffman: Noahide ~ War With Iran.mp3
Roger Taggert: Snatching Children And Tunnels.mp3
Thomas P. Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil 12.mp3 (Part Twelve)

Augusto Perez requests intercessory prayer to make sure that Obamacare never becomes the law

View ~ Read: Solutions For Waste Water Disposal From Oil And Natural Gas Exploration And Prodiction (This is a must)
Read: Top Obama lawyer admits Obamacare is unconstitutional
View ~ Read: Killed at Home: White Plains, NY Police Called Out on Medical Alert Shoot Dead Black Veteran, 68 (This is an outrage)
View: Just in case you missed it: "Santorum says killing Americans good, but killing Iranians is wonderful"(Isn't this immoral?)
CONSENSUS among the 16 US intelligence agencies that there is NO evidence that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon
Read: Murder Is Not an Anomaly in War By: Chris Hedges
View: The Holocaust Industry - Interview with Norman Finkelstein
View: Lecture on "Misquoting Jesus" A textual criticism of Biblical manuscript tampering - (Bart D. Ehrman)
View ~ Read: Russia, China Confirm Boycott of NATO's "Enemies of Syria" Conference in Tunisia; Goal is Bombing, Civil War, Failed State, Warlords on Libyan Model (Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley)
View ~ Read: Kony 2012? a New Recruiting Tool for US-UK Aggressions and Genocide in Africa
Read: US Marines Dispatched to Five African Countries
View: Meet Your Meat
Read: Michigan Swine ISO The Invasive Species Order -- (VIEW VIDEO:http://youtu.be/843yH_0RMIA)
Read: Insane Michigan government announces plan to destroy ranch livestock based on hair color and arrest hundreds of ranchers as felons
Read: Iran Ahl al-Bait Assembly slams Wahhabi fatwa to destroy churches
Read: Obama the most dangerous American alive

17 March 2012
New For This Week

Kal Gronvall: Prepare For War?.mp3
Read: Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness (Note: This EO has no number)
Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces3.mp3 (Part Three)
Richard Dolan: Before Disclosure2.mp3 (Part Two)
Scott Siegel: The Aloe Studies.mp3 (Health)

View: Why is President Obama keeping Yemeni journalist in prison?
(This journalist appears to be in prison for exposing Obama's war crimes)
Read: Britain was nuked by their own weapons
Read: Ron Paul blasts Obama for killing Americans
Read: 'Fairytales!' No Russian warships, anti-terror squads in Syria (RT)
Read: Obama admin. OKs using aborted babies' brains in labs
View: Sy Hersh on the My Lai Massacre Anniversary
(March 16th marked the 44th anniversary of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, when U.S. troops killed more than 500 civilians)
View: Rabbi Yisrael Dovid Weiss: Zionism has created 'rivers of blood'
View: Twin car bombs kill dozens in Damascus (At least 27 killed and 97 wounded)
Read: Mossad, CIA agree Iran has yet to decide to build nuclear weapon
Read: Armageddon's Alliance ( By: Roy Tov)
Read: Civilian Inmate Labor Program.pdf (U.S. Army Military Publication)
Read: Crucifixion is proposed as Sharia punishment for murder, theft crimes
("This is God's law and is not optional," Azzazy said, commenting on his proposal. "The current penalties are not deterrent enough.")
Read: Now The Government Can Legally Kill Christians (Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine -- On March 20, 1991, President George H.W. Bush, a supposed Christian, signed the bill HJ Res. 104 into law. "...a subterfuge for the elimination of Christianity, the elimination of all Christians, and the enslavement of all remaining "Gentiles.")

10 March 2012
New For This Week

Joseph Farrell: Babylon Banksters5.mp3 (Part Five)

Read: Several States are trying to pass legislation that would ban sharia (Islamic) law from being recognized in their state court systems
View: Conception To Birth - Alexander Tsiaras (Such a marvel)
Read: SEC Rules for PepsiCo's Use of Aborted Fetal Cells
"the use of aborted fetal tissue to bring products to market will not only continue, it will expand...."
Read: It's not just Pepsi: drug, food, cosmetic companies use aborted baby cells, says scientist (THE LIST)
Read: Monsanto's Roundup threatens stability of global food supply (it is killing the soil)
Read: J.P. Morgan Chase's Ugly Family Secrets Revealed
Read: OCC Probing JPMorgan Chase Credit Card Collections
Read: The NYPD Tapes Confirmed (This is a must read)
Read: Report: Israel to build largest detention facility in world
Read: Iraqi teenagers stoned to death for "emo" haircuts (fundamentalists activity)
Read: Fundamentalist Christian Crocodiles in Heat (Fundies are great at rationalizing things like, protecting the interests of the unborn, while signing on for the murder of those already born ... such as voting for war mongers)
Read: Man reveals shock UKs first transgender pregnancy
Read: 40 embarrassing things US best at
Read: US Army suicides jumped by 80% following Iraq invasion
View: Dangerous alternatives: 23 Fukushimas lie in wait in the US
Read: Ancient structures manipulate sound for sensory effects
Read: Majority of world's Languages to be extinct by next century

3 March 2012
New For This Week

Roger Taggert: Alien Stuff2.mp3 (Part Two)
Thomas P. Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil 11.mp3 (Part Eleven)
Tom Mack: Study On The Soul.mp3
Download "Study On The Soul": PowerPoint Presentation

Read: NASA Confirms Cold Fusion Is Real
Read: Little-Known Lobbying Group Created 115 State Laws for Industry in 2009
Read: American Association for Justice Report About ALEC.pdf
Read: US plans to legally justify targeted killings of Americans
Read: The Secret Memo That Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans

25 February 2012
New For This Week

Richard Dolan: Before Disclosure1.mp3 (Part One)
Tom Mack: EU, Bankers, MERS.mp3
NOTE: To vote against Ron Paul is to vote for war.... only "brainwashed" and STUPID people vote for war (murderous genocide).
So, when you go to vote -- ask yourself, "am I a murderer"?

Prayer Request: Please keep praying for the Syrian people. They are in desperate need of your prayers.
ICRC urges Syria to let aid into Homs -- The International Committee of the Red Cross says convoys prevented from entering besieged battle zone. British reporter who fled area says 'It's not a war, It is a massacre; indiscriminate killing of men, women, children' --- opposition said President Bashar Assad's army had committed a massacre. -- "All men who remained in the neighborhood aged between 14 and 50 were arrested. We fear they will be massacred. Where is the world?" said one activist. "The massacres are continuing. They are torturing them and killing (detainees) one by one. They are executing them in batches," (SNIP)

View: "Santorum says killing Americans good, but killing Iranians is wonderful"(Isn't this immoral?)
CONSENSUS among the 16 US intelligence agencies that there is NO evidence that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon
Read: Mass Mind Control
View: Epitaph!~The Video
Read: Civil War POW Camps (The camps were more deadly than the war)
View: The madness of the Euro
View: The Secret Government (CIA Overthrow of Mossadeq)
View: U.S. and Them: Operation Ajax - Iran and the CIA coup
Read: Why the FBI might soon cut off your Internet
Read: Monsanto agrees to pay victims of dioxin in West Virginia
Read: New York's U.S. Bankruptcy Court Rules MERS's Business Model Is Illegal
Read: Big Pharma's shame: emerging markets bribery
Read: Bible predicts advent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ???
Read: Andrew Breitbart, dead at 43, was to release explosive tapes featuring Obama (This is a very suspicious death)
Read: Top Legal Expert: "President Obama -- Says That He Can Kill Any American Citizen Without Any Charge and -- On His Own Discretion. He Can Jail You Indefinitely On His Own Discretion"

18 February 2012
New For This Week

Joseph P. Farrell: Saucers Swastikas And Psyops2.mp3 (Part Two)
Kal Gronvall: Pick Your Destiny.mp3
Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces2.mp3 (Part Two)
Roger Taggert: Alien Stuff.mp3

Prayer requested for the people of Syria. Please, your prayers are greatly needed!

View: Syria: Civilians Die as Homs Is Pounded by Artillery (Absolutely merciless. It is a GENOCIDE)
Read: No justice for woman tasered to brain death (Florida police officer Daniel Cole who tasered a 20-year-old US woman until she was brain dead has been cleared of wrongdoing ~ the woman is in a coma, not expected to recover.)
Read: US Gen. Dempsey: Iran rational actor, not after nukes (Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey -- A top US military official has described Iran as a rational actor in the international arena, stating that the Islamic Republic is not after producing nuclear weapons.)
Read: www.Stop Baptist Predators.org
Read: The Missionary Myth
Read: Untimely Cut - The Sterilization of Akha Women
Read: The Grey Man, Trafcord, Fake Rescues, Fake Orphans
View: Map of Government Officials War Profiteering
(Members of US Government who are connected with the top 5 companies of the Military Industrial Complex)
Read: ICE agent praised for swift actions
(The ICE agent hailed for his "heroic actions" in shooting dead a colleague who opened fire on his supervisor)
Read: 500 Killed by police using stun guns since 2001
Read: Bahrain uprising may lead to civil war
Read: Thousands locked up in Saudi dungeons
Listen: Critique of Ron Paul's Austerity Plan by Webster Tarpley
(Notice Tarpley makes no mention of issuing debt free currency -- why?)
Read: Ron Paul - US slipping into a fascist system
View: Max Keiser: Financial holocaust looms as Germany storms Greece
Read: 2 Western journalists killed in Syria (Marie Colvin & Remi Ochlik both killed ~ the world has lost two remarkable people)
Read: Correspondent Anthony Shadid, 43, dies in Syria (The world has lost a "good" man)

11 February 2012
New For This Week

NOTICE: TheByteShow no longer has any association with Doug Riggs.
It is a confidential matter. I'm sorry but I cannot answer any questions concerning it.

Comments: Thanking everyone who is helping to keep the aduio files free. A heartfelt thank you.
Comments: A huge "thank you" to the listener who heeded the call for help!

David Sielaff: Jeremiah3.mp3(Part Three)
David Sielaff: Jeremiah4.mp3(Part Four)
Joseph Farrell & Scott de Hart: Yahweh ~ The Two Faced God2.mp3 (Part Two)
Thomas P. Fusco Behind The Cosmic Veil 10.mp3 (Part Ten)

Prayer needed for the people of Syria and Iran, and Bahrain.
Prayer requested for all who are homeless, without a job, without food, without love, without prospects.
Prayer requested for Pfc. Bradley Manning
Prayer requested for all who are suffering from government brutality and judicial abuse.

Read: Most inmates who burned to death in Honduras prison fire were not even charged, convicted(confirmed 358 dead)
Read: Electronic cigarette explodes in Fla. man's mouth (Something to think about!)
Read: Army officer's leaked report rips Afghan War success story
Read: US police officer kills [unarmed] Marine in front of his children in California
Read: SK Christian pastor and wife arrested for killing of their three children
Read: Attorney accuses 200 California priests of sex abuse
Read: Turmoil fuels market for second passports
Read: What are we going to do if the number of American adults that can't -- take care of themselves
Read: Germany warns Israel against Iran attack
Read: Hundreds of thousands of Portuguese protest the government's austerity measures
Read: Protesters in Morocco demand release of political prisoners
Read: Syrian General slain in Damascus, regime says
Unknown armed men have killed the head of a hospital in Syrian capital Damascus -- 3 gunmen opened fire at Brig. Gen. Issa al-Khouli as he left his home in the Damascus neighborhood of Rukn-Eddine. Al-Khouli was a doctor and the chief of a military hospital.
Read: IAEA Chief praises Iran as a peace-seeking country
Iran has also repeatedly opened up its nuclear facilities to IAEA inspectors and called for dialogue and diplomatic means to allay the so-called Western concerns over its nuclear activities.
Read: Egyptians hold anti-junta demos
Read: Israel National Library uploads trove of Newton's theological tracts
Read: Brutal Cold Continuing across Europe (500+ Dead)
Read: Experts blast new mental health bible

4 February 2012
New For This Week

Catherine Allen: Radiation2.mp3 (Part Two)
David Sielaff: Spirits And Degrees Of Evil.mp3
David Sielaff: Ancient Canal In Egypt.mp3
Kal Gronvall: Blindness Before Destruction.mp3
Roger Taggert: Royal Presidents2.mp3 (Part Two)

Prayer requested for all who are victims of flooding and those who are suffering from freezing temperatures.

Read ~ View: Congress OKs drone flights in US airspace (legislation requires the FAA to provide military, commercial and privately-owned drones with expanded access to US airspace by September 30, 2015 -- The FAA has predicted that 30,000 drones could be in US skies by 2020. Will they begin KILLING U.S. citizens like they do in Pakistan?)
Read: Obama terror drones: CIA tactics in Pakistan include targeting rescuers and funerals
Read: Banks Paying Homeowners to Avoid Foreclosures
Read: The Pentagon and Slave Labor in U.S. Prisons
Read: Profit Driven Prison Industrial Complex - The Economics of Incarceration in the USA
(For every 100,000 Americans, 743 citizens sit behind bars)
Read: Gaming The System.pdf (How The Political Strategies of Private Prison Companies Promote Ineffective Incarceration Policies.pdf)
Read: Banking on Bondage: Private Prisons and Mass Incarceration
Read ~ View: UNSC, IAEA serving West against Iran (Interview with Webster Griffin Tarpley)
Read: US, Israel try to drag Iran into war
View: Egyptian police use shotguns against protesters
View: The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime
Read: 3 big banks sued over mortgage fraud
Read: Robo-Signing is the Tip of the Iceberg for the Banks
Read: Recapturing The Robber Barons (By Jim Kirwan)
Read: Wrong Ideas Are Sinking America (The Reluctance To Kill Is Disappearing)
View: http://nullificationmovie.com/ (State nullification is the idea that states can refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws)
Read: Eight current and former heads of Mossad and Shin Bet are against attacking Iran
Read: North Carolina educator charged in beheading plot
Read: Entire Police Force (2500) In Juarez Mexico Ordered To Leave Their Homes (There is a war on the border)

28 Jan 2012
New For This Week

Roger Taggert: Royal Presidents1.mp3 (Part One)
Thomas P. Fusco Behind The Cosmic Veil9 ~ UFO's And The Paranormal.mp3 (Part Nine)

View: Chossudovsky: "War on Iran would mean World War III" (RT)
Read: Filmmaker arrested at House hearing on shale gas
(Josh Fox, director of a U.S. documentary "Gasland" that portrays shale gas production as dangerous is Arrested)
Listen: Chossudovsky: Iran and the Globalization of War (Please Listen)
View: A Video the US Military Doesn't Want You to See (by grtv)
Read: Nuclear officials investigate possible leak at California plant
Read: Measures radioactive iodine in Barents Region (Norway, Sweden and Finland)
Read: Assad may start regional war if UN tells him to step down
View: US ruling elites want to control planet
View: US DU weapons: high kill, low cost
View: World eternally contaminated by US DU
Read: Torture and Impunity in US Courts
Read: Panetta: Obama personally approves killings of Americans suspected of terrorism (Murder)
Read: Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson calls for repeal of the Patriot Act
Read: Afghan woman slain for giving birth to daughter (Murder)
Read: Bahrainis slam regime violence, brutality
View: Anti-Zionism conference held in Gaza
Read: Afghan parents, son guilty in 'honor' killings (Honor killing is murder)
View ~ Read: [VIDEO] Up to 500 arrested in Oakland
Read: Illinois nuclear reactor loses power, venting steam(steam contains low levels of tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen)
Read: Pythons apparently wiping out Everglades mammals (Florida)
Read: World lacks enough food, fuel as population soars

21 Jan 2012
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: The Trouble With Moon Rocks.mp3
David Sielaff: The AntiChristian Trinity1.mp3
David Sielaff: The AntiChristian Trinity2.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Yahweh ~ The Two Faced God1.mp3 (Part One)
Pastor Terry Jefferson: Mind Control And The Media.mp3
Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces1.mp3 (Part One)
Richard Dolan: After Disclosure1.mp3 (Part One)

Please keep praying for Pfc. Bradley Manning

View: "Police State In This Country Is Growing Out Of Control!" Ron Paul Vow To Eliminate The TSA!
View: Ron Paul: We Live in a Dictatorship
Read: The Conspiracy Is Against God - Ask God What to Do (Don't look for direction from others. Look to God for direction)
Read: The False Teachings of Church Christianity
Read: Blood on whose hands? Bradley Manning, Washington, and the blood of civilians
Read: Santorum: State Murder as a Moral Enterprise
Read: Ayatollah Santorum the Sanctimonious
Read: US deploys 12,000 troops in Libya?
Read: Mali to provide ICC with jails (The ICC has so far announced similar agreements with Austria, Belgium, Columbia, Denmark, Finland, Serbia and the United Kingdom)
Read: US may bomb Cuba under Gingrich (Warmonger)
Read: 600 million new jobs in next decade needed in World
Read: New Method for Making Human-Based Gelatin (Jello Anyone?)

Read: Jewish Bolsheviks Murdered 66 Million In Russia
Read: The Genocide You Never Hear Of
Read: Human trafficking a growing crime in the U.S.

Please Read This Book (The Canadian Holocaust): No Longer Hidden.pdf
More than 50,000 children who died from beatings, starvation, rape and torture, or being deliberately
exposed to tuberculosis and left to cough their lives away in squalor and terror: all at the hands of
(so called) Christian men and women who have never been prosecuted for their crimes.

14 Jan 2012
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Latest Events On Earth And In Space.mp3
Thomas P. Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil8, Reactions.mp3 (Part Eight)
Tom Mack: What Happened To Me.mp3

Prayer Requested for the farmers of India -- since 1997 200,000 (two hundred thousand+) have commited suicide.
The Monsanto Corporation is directly responsible for these suicides.
Prayer Requested for Chris Hedges and his attorneys' Carl Meyer and Bruce Afran

View: Chris Hedges Sues Obama Admin Over Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Approved in NDAA (Thank you, Chris Hedges)
Read: Why I'm Suing Barack Obama (Chris Hedges)
Read: The text of Hedges' legal complaint: http://www.scribd.com/doc/78392538/Text-of-Hedges-Legal-Complaint
Read: NDAA official text: http://www.scribd.com/doc/78392113/NDAA-Official-Text
Read: Evangelical [Christian Zionist] leaders unite behind Santorum [a warmonger]
Read: US, Israel in open rift over Iran: Big joint military drill cancelled
Read: Beating the Drums of War: Provoking Iran into "Firing the First Shot"?
Read: War Plan Iran: The US Finally Admits Its Criminal Bankruptcy
View: Canine Companions - Air Force Veteran and his Service Dog Napal
View: The Therapy dogs at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Read: Dumb as a rock: The things that U.S. high school students do not know
View: Perry defends Marines filmed urinating on Afghan corpses
Read: 'Unemployed graduates' set themselves on fire in Morocco
Read: 30 million women and children sex trafficked globally
Read: Beheadings in U.S. Look Like Work of Cartels

7 Jan 2012 (Early for this week!)
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: The End Of Time30.mp3 (Part Thirty)
David Sielaff: Christ As High Priest1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Christ As High Priest2.mp3 (Part Two)
Kal Gronvall: Financial Nazis.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Saucers Swastikas And Psyops1.mp3
Roger Taggert: The Merovingian.mp3
Thomas P. Fusco Behind The Cosmic Veil7.mp3 (Part Seven)

Read: Who Really Owns Your Gold Stocks?
View: Syria Unrest-News Analysis-01-06-2012 (With Webster Tarpley)
View: Chossudovsky: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran (From Russia Today)
View: Iran: IAEA study as pretext for war (From Russia Today)
Read: Iran war: Excuse for US bankruptcy
(American intelligence agencies in at least two US National Intelligence Estimates in 2007 and 2010 reported that Iran is not attempting to develop a nuclear weapon)
Read: http://www.dangoor.com/thescribe73.pdf (Journal of Babylonian Jewry)
Read: Nazism inspires anti-Iran war rhetoric
"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will usually come to believe it." (Joseph Goebbels)
View: Judge Napolitano: What if they're lying to you about Ron Paul? - Fox Business
Read: Israeli spy chief downplays Iranian nuke threat
Read: Perry says he will reinvade Iraq if elected (Warmonger)
Read: Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers to March on White House in Support of Ron Paul
Read: Legacy of US wars: Death and poverty
Read: Muslims [are] global leaders in persecuting Christians
Read: Persistent killings: Christians flee deadly attacks in Nigeria
View: The Romney Con (Warmonger)
Read: Another tyrannical success for Lieberman: Enemy Expatriation Act now law under NDAA
Read: Israeli Christian leader murdered
Read: Ethic of killings fires back at Israel (by Roi Tov)
View: Keiser Report: Wall Street saints above God & law (E232) (a "must listen")
Read: US body scanners can cause death
("Ionizing means it knocks the electrons out of your body, which breaks your DNA chain, which can cause death or cancer,")
Read: UN alarmed by Saudi rampant use of torture and death sentences
Read: UK rules out preemptive strike on Iran
Read: 28 signs U.S. public schools are indoctrination centers and prison camps
View: Ron Paul "We Don't Need To Invade Anymore Countries Or Start Anymore Wars!"
Read: Obama warned of dumb war with Iran
Read: People Without A Country
Read: Oklahoma, U.S.: First execution of 2012-- (we must stop playing God and abolish the death penalty)
Barry Chamish Update (PDF)
COMMENT: If you want more NWO elect Romney, Gingrich or Santorum and you'll get plenty of it...