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24 Dec 2011
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Isaiah5a.mp3 (Part Five - a)
David Sielaff: Isaiah5b.mp3 (Part Five - b)
Rabbi Johnathin Gross: The Jewish Case For The One State Solution.mp3
(GeorgeAnn is standing in for Barry Chamish on his radio show ~ sorry for the poor audio quality)
Thomas P. Fusco Behind The Cosmic Veil6.mp3 (Part Six)

PRAYER REQUESTED FOR Barry Chamish -- he is in the hospital with a heart attack. UPDATE: Barry is now at home - thank you for every prayer and all the phone calls.
PRAYER REQUESTED for Monica -- she had a heart attack on 25th Dec and is in need of healing.
PRAYER REQUESTED for Ted Pike -- his beloved wife has passed away.

VIEW: Military Buildup Worldwide: The Globalization of War (by grtv -- Michel Chossudovsky, James Corbett, Rick Rozoff)
URGENT VIEW: RED ALERT - Emergency Broadcast: On The Brink of Ww3
URGENT READ: US army ready to engage in Iran war
COMMENT: This is insanity, Obama must be removed by legal means from office immediately as he suffers from mental illness and is unfit to remain in office. Anyone in agreement with this "war" is in agreement with genocide -- it is not about oil -- it is about genocide on an extremely large scale and there may also be many Americans in America who will suffer and die from the retaliation for this criminal insanity.
READ: US blaming Iran for 9/11, incredible
URGENT READ: U.S Threat to Attack Iran with Nukes is "Criminal": ("No Options Off the Table" is an Illegal Threat to the Peace -- He adds the U.S. today is engaged in "ongoing international criminal activity" for "planning, preparation, solicitation, and conspiracy to commit Nuremberg crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide.")
VIEW: Federal Government Takes Final Step to Suspend Constitution
VIEW: When The President Can Kill Whoever He Wants

Read: The March to War: Iran and the Strategic Encirclement of Syria and Lebanon
Read: The Globalization of War: The "Military Roadmap" to World War III
Read: Ethnic Cleansing of Invented People
Read: 10 big media lies about Israel
Read: German professor - Iran attack Downfall of Zionist Israel
Read: Firm sold Israel torture instruments (A Danish-British security company sold torture instruments to Israeli prisons)
Read: Israel legalized torture in 90s
Read: Israel uses banned torture methods ("loophole" in definition of torture, permits practice of "torture with impunity,")
Read: Israel uses worst tortures in jails
Read: Israeli soldiers habit
Read ~ View: USA - New Pic Shows Aftermath of Man Tied to Chair by Cops and Pepper-Sprayed 'Until He Died'
Read: 1500 deaths reported in India custody (most of the deaths are from torture)
Read: Now migrants flooding OUT of Europe in search of jobs as tens of thousands flee Portugal, Ireland and Greece
Read: House Passes Authority for Worldwide War
View: JIM WILLIE '20 Lehmans Flash Event & Libyan Gold' - Part 1 of 3
View: JIM WILLIE 'Comex Shortage & the MF Global Farce' - Part 2 of 3
View: JIM WILLIE 'Operation Twist & Global Quantitative Easing' - Part 3 of 3
View Terrorism - Made in the USA -- by SageProphet (13 parts -- BBC's documentary called "The Power of Nightmares" )
View: (Yemen) March of Life arrives in Sana'a (After traveling a total distance of 262 km through Yemen's rough terrain and cold weather, protesters were warmly welcomed by hundreds of thousands of supporters who were awaiting their arrival.)
Read: UN, US censured over Yemen genocide
Read: (Yemen) Saleh preparing to flee to USA
Read: Dozens die as Christmas day bombings sweep Nigeria(Islamist sect Boko Haram has carried out increasingly bloody attacks in its campaign to implement strict Shariah law across Nigeria)
View: Women Protest Worldwide Photos (Egyptian Police are very violent against women)

17 Dec 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: The Hidden Depression.mp3
David Sielaff: Isaiah3.mp3 (Part Three)
David Sielaff: Isaiah4.mp3 (Part Four)
Pastor Terry Jefferson: The MindSet.mp3
Robert Kelley: The Birth Of Christ.mp3
Roger Taggert: Hum Bug.mp3
Thomas P. Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil5.mp3 (Part Five)

PRAYER REQUESTED FOR -- Army Pfc. Bradley Manning.
Prayer Requested for the world's elite -- that they will have a change of heart.
Prayer Requested for Richard and Bev -- they both have very painful backs and are in need of prayer.
Prayer Requested for the people of Syria, Iran and Egypt...
Prayer Requested for all the American people who will not be having a "happy holiday" season due to loss of job, loss of home, loss of family, loss of everything...

Read & View: Government censors document revealing plans to wage war on Americans URGENT
Read: Increase in U.S. Mortality and Fukushima Fallout.pdf Also see: http://www.radiation.org/
(An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan, according to a major new article in the December 2011 edition of the International Journal of Health Services.)
Read: Coal-fired power plants in a dozen states will be forced to shut down (New EPA rules)
Read: Hundreds of new teachers allowed into the classroom despite failing basic numeracy and literacy tests up to THIRTY-NINE times
Read: Twelve biggest US lies of 2011
Read: 50% Israeli conscripts refuse to serve
Read: ZBIGNIEW AT IT AGAIN (By, Joseph Farrell)
Read: UN drops call to outlaw defamation of religions
Read: Iran Hits American Satellite (According to the largest Hebrew newspaper, Iran blinded a CIA spy satellite.
...be careful when assessing such a scoop from an Israeli newspaper - Roy Tov)
Read: US to deploy combat ships to Singapore
Read: Russia: US seeks to enslave world
Read: Russia plans ICBM to counter US shield
Read: Death and After in Iraq (Chris Hedges: The body baggers of Iraq)
Read: More US Soldiers Committed Suicide Than Died in Combat
Read: Pentagon Is Offering Free Military Hardware To Every Police Department In The US
Read: Quick Facts: US police brutality
Read: Vegas police kill disabled veteran (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Read: Dozens of Bahraini protesters injured
Read: Israeli soldiers shoot Gaza fisherman
Read: Egyptian troops savagely attack women
Read: 2 days of Syria violence leave 150 dead (Syria also kills 60 fleeing soldiers)

10 Dec 2011
New For This Week

Darnette Taylor: Birds And Bears.mp3
David Sielaff: New Findings In Jerusalem.mp3
Thomas P. Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil4.mp3 (Part Four)

Read: SEC charges ex-Fannie, Freddie CEOs with fraud
Read: Over 146 millions live in poverty in US
View: Episode 223 (Max Keiser Report on RT)
View: Max Keiser: JPMorgan (Bankers) Steals Your Money
Read: Polar bear cannibalism on the rise
View: Cryptome Protest Photos Series
Read: Obama the Provoker
Read: West military greed feeds on wars
View: Prescription For Disaster Gary Null
View: HOUSTON Police Place Tent Over Restrained Protesters and Gas Them.flv
Read: Police to test laser that 'blinds rioters'

3 Dec 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Earth Under LockDown.mp3
Augusto Perez: The End Of Time29.mp3 (Part Twenty Nine)
Joseph P. Farrell: Dirty Secrets11.mp3 (Part Eleven)
Robert Kelley: The Secret Plan4.mp3 (Part Four)
Roger Taggert: Radical Comments.mp3
Thomas P. Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil3.mp3 (Part Three)

Read: US mom denied food stamp, shoots Kids
Read: New virus found in Africa (a deadly virus responsible for severe Ebola-like bleeding)
Read: New Ebola vaccine developed (this vaccine, grown in tobacco plants)
Read: US equips police with military weapons (Over 17,000 law-enforcement agencies have ordered USD 2.6 billion worth of tools, paying for delivery costs only. The rise in the orders of weaponry comes as US crime rates have fallen to 40-year lows)
Read: Remains of 274 US troops dumped (nearly 300 American troops killed in action overseas dumped in a landfill in state of Virginia.)
Read: Pepper Spray Is Harmful, Torturously Painful, And Can Be Deadly
Read: About Pepper Spray
Read: CS Gas: How to combat the effects ('tear gas')
Read: CS gas From Wikipedia (15 different types of tear gas have been developed worldwide)
Read: List of parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention (From Wikipedia ~ An international agreement outlawing the production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons -- Domestic police use of CS is legal in many countries, however, as the Chemical Weapons Convention prohibits only military use.)
Read: Israel 'stole uranium' from US
Read: Saudis plan to join nuclear arms race
Read: Nuclear experts reject IAEA Iran report
Read: US protesters to 'take back' Congress
Read: Israel Behind Much Of Militarized Brutality Of US Police
Read: Scientists examine plans to cool Earth
Read: Suicide on the rise in rural America

26 Nov 2011
New For This Week

Thomas P. Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil2.mp3 (Part Two)

Read ~ View: UK, US devising arms to wipe off races (Genetic based weaponry)
Read ~ View: The US has been developing genomes viral agents to be used in biological warfare
Read: Perpetual QE Without the Billboard (By: Jim Willie)
Read: Indian farmers dump bags of snakes in tax office
Read: Iran sanctions first step to war(Ron Paul)
Read: US approves indefinite military custody
View: The Anatomy of the NATO-CIA Destabilization of Syria: Tarpley Interviewed by Hanaa Alsaleh of Syria's Addounia Television, Damascus, Nov. 21, 2011 (Important Interview)
Read: The Greatest Sins of Pius XII & The Genocide of Orthodox Christians
(While the Ustasha were busy butchering coreligionists, Pius praised Pavelic for outlawing abortion in Croatia)
Read: Lawsuit Asks Who Owns the Vatican Bank? Vatican refuses to say
Read: Mass-Lawsuits-Against-Pope
Read: It's your fault... (by, Clif High)
Read: How Palestine Became Israel
View: David Icke 2011 - The Zion MainFrame
View: The USS Liberty Cover-Up - Dead In the Water - Full film Historical fim footage)
Read: On a Megalomaniac seeking to detonate the Middle East (by, Roy Tov)
Read: US rejects destroying chemical weapons
Read: Horses could soon be slaughtered for meat in US

19 Nov 2011
New For This Week

Kal Gronvall: Strong Warnings.mp3
Thomas P. Fusco: Behind The Cosmic Veil1 (Part One)

Read: Man-made super-flu could kill half humanity
Read: Merck to pay nearly $1 billion to settle US Vioxx charges
Dog Owners Alert: Chicken jerky treats linked to mystery illnesses, deaths in dogs (Imported From China)
View: Bombing Iran on US-Israel agendas, but nobody has right to allow this - Chief of Staff
View: Chossudovsky: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran (Michel Chossudovsky, who's from an independent Canadian policy research group, believes that what Iran says hardly matters, because the U.S. is planning for war. -- war is barbaric, war is stupid, war is completely insane, war is genocide, war is a criminal activity, war is a terrorist racket -- NO ONE has the "right" to make war against anyone for any reason!)
Read: Calling for an Attack on Iran: US, Israel Politicians are "Detached From Reality"
Read: Robot measures radiation at Fukushima
Read: Khmer Rouge trial opens in Cambodia
Read: Products and Companies That Use Aborted Fetuses
Read: Pepsi shareholders demand company stop using aborted fetal cell lines in flavor research
Read: Are Jews Brothers Of Christians?
Read: So you want a gold backed currency - The 50 year plan is coming to a close

12 Nov 2011
New For This Week

David Lowe: Deconstructing Lucifer3.mp3 (Part Three)
Joseph Farrell: Dirty Secrets10.mp3 (Part Ten ~ Saucers, Swastikas And Psyops)
Tom Mack: Project RPL.mp3

Read: Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack (by Paul Joseph Watson)
Read: Fracking Insiders Admit To Employing Military Psychological Operations On American Citizens
Read: Air pollution in Britain: state-sanctioned mass poisoning
Read: Mystery disease diagnosed at clinic of last resort
Read ~ View: Mosaic News From The Middle East
View: Syria's 'Bloodiest Day' Leaves Scores Dead
View: Speaking of Baghdad Trailer
Read ~ View: Brazil irked over US medical waste cargo
Read: Sandusky case triggers pain well beyond campus
Read: Does Herman Cain Have A $40 Million Problem? (Is Cain Connected To The Franklin Coverup?)
Read: Jordan's king urges Syria's Assad to step down
Read: Arms and the Corrupt Man
Read ~ View: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich Calls For Assassinating Iranian scientists (Murder)
View: Women Protest Worldwide Photos 5
Read: Orbital solar power plants could meet Earth's energy needs
Personal Prayer: Psalms of David set to meter (From listener Chris K.)

5 Nov 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: SpaceShips And Revelations.mp3
Augusto Perez: The End Of Time28.mp3 (Part Twenty Eight)
Robert Kelley: The Secret Plan3.mp3 (Part Three)
Roger Taggert: Knowledge Of Good And Evil.mp3

Read: Puffing on Polonium
Read: The Cry of a Young Pakistani
Read: Russia issues stark warning against attack on Iran
Read: Syrian troops storm Homs district in new bloodshed
Read: Eruptions & Earthquakes in October 2011
Read: 5.6 earthquake hits central Oklahoma after earlier shakers
Read: Oklahoma's nightmare continues- state shaken by strong 4.7 magnitude earthquake

29 October 2011
New For This Week

Darnette Taylor: Indian Genesis.mp3
David Lowe: Deconstructing Lucifer2.mp3 (Part Two)
David Sielaff: Into The Holes And Rocks Of Caves.mp3
Larry Taylor: Chit Chat.mp3
Robert Kelley: The Secret Plan2.mp3 (Part Two)

Prayer Requested that Israel will not murder nor stop "Freedom Waves from reaching Gaza
Prayer Requested for Julian Assange
Prayer Requested for all the protesters all over the planet!
Prayer Requested for those who lost loved ones in the Turkey Earthquake (Hundreds dead)
Prayer Requested for those who are displaced due to flooding
Prayer Requested for all those who are starving and homeless
Prayer Requested for all who are locked up, tortured and forgotten

Read: Israel Considers Pre-Emptive Attack On Iran (Genocide by any other name is still genocide)
View ~ WARNING: The Drone War Coming to a Town Near You
Read: What Veterans Can Do For Constitutional Regime Change
(Time for Veterans to Acknowledge We Are in a Two Front War)
View: Women Protest Worldwide
Read: Overseas Base Closure List
Read: Massive Security Weakness in Android Devices
Read: Federal Reserve Financial Assistance to AIG (PDF ~ 1.7MB)
Read: A Glimpse Into Israeli Nuclear Madness (By, Gilad Atzmon)
View: Ending Taxation - The Only Game in Town - 2011
Read: CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality
Read: The Now -By- Jim Kirwan
Read: US Empire on Haiti: dictatorship and genocide
Read: Tyranny Of The Majority
View: A Message to All Police Officers From Occupy Wall Street
VIEW: MELTDOWN: 4 Parts -- http://english.aljazeera.net/programmes/meltdown/
Read: The Donmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret
Read: Syria Live Blog
Read: Poll shows overwhelming US opposition to Afghan war

22 October 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Politics And OuterSpace.mp3
Byron Reagan: Retirement And Opportunity.mp3
David Sielaff: The Importance Of Egyptian History.mp3
Don Smith: Doctrines2.mp3 (Part Two)
Joseph Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering17 (Part Seventeen ~ The Apocalypse)

Read: Iraq war vet injured during Oakland protests (Scott Olsen, 24, suffered a fractured skull -- he completed two tours of duty in Iraq -- and is now in critical condition due to the savage brutality of Oakland, California police -- Scott Olsen is in the Highland Hospital in Oakland, California)
View: Iraq veteran seriously injured after being shot in face by tear gas canister sparks solidarity protests over 'police brutality' (Video)
View: MAKE THIS GO VIRAL - Oakland Police Throw Grenade Into Crowd That Is Trying To Help Injured Protester (video evidence shows that the actions of the police were deliberate)
View: MUST SEE: [Orignal full version] 1 Marine [Sgt. Shamar Thomas] vs. 30 Cops (By. J. handy) - (Soldier Annihilates NYPD For Occupy Wall Street Brutality: "It Does NOT Make You Tough To Hurt These People, There Is No Honor In This." United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY went toe to toe with the NYPD)
VIEW: Marine Sgt Shamar Thomas to RT: Unbelievable how NYPD treats OWS
Read: The Best Among Us…Either you are a rebel or a slave (Chris Hedges)
Read: Zero Point of Systemic Collapse
"The inability to identify with others was unquestionably the most important psychological condition for the fact that something like Auschwitz could have occurred in the midst of more or less civilized and innocent people."
Read: Herman Cain's 'choice' stance on gays doesn't 'wash'
View: Christian Right's War Against You - 1 of 2 (Part One ~ Chris Hedges)
View: Christian Right's War Against You - 2 of 2 (Part Two ~ Chris Hedges)
Read: List of DEAD BANKERS (as of 3 Oct 2009)
VIDEO: Minister Farrakhan: 'That's a Murderer in the White House'
Read: Why the world will end (again) on Friday
Read: UN calls on Israel to stop harassing kids
Read: Bahrain delays report on crackdown (Physicians for Human Rights says doctors and nurses have been detained, tortured, or disappeared because they have "evidence of atrocities committed by the authorities, security forces and riot police" in the crackdown on anti-government protesters.)
Read: Libya NTC head Jalil pledges to uphold Islamic law
Read: Yemeni women burn their veils to protest crackdown (protesting the government's brutal crackdown)

15 October 2011
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: The End Of Time27.mp3
David Lowe: Deconstructing Lucifer1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: The Land Of Israel in Prophecy.mp3
David Sielaff: How Israel Will Conquer The Middle East.mp3
Joseph Farrell: The Grid Of The Gods4.mp3 (Part Four)
Michael Hoffman: Revisionist History.mp3
Robert Kelley: The Secret Plan.mp3

View: 'Occupy movement' now in 80 countries (Must See)
View: Women Protest Worldwide
Read: Students storm Goldman Sachs bank in Italy
Read: Obama sends 100 military advisers to fight Africa rebels (2011)
(allegations against African Lord's Resistance Army for committing a campaign of murder, rape and the kidnapping of children)
Read: Where child sacrifice is a business
Read: Witch-doctors reveal extent of child sacrifice in Uganda
Read: End-Child-Sacrifice-Report.pdf (From: www.JubileeCampaign.co.uk)
Read: WikiLeaks cables: Consult us before using intelligence to commit war crimes, US tells Uganda (2010)
Read: Syria is heading for full-blown civil war, top UN official warns
Read: Iran's alleged Mexican hitman was US drugs informant

8 October 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Religion Signs And Space.mp3
David Sielaff: Isaiah-2a.mp3 (Part A)
David Sielaff: Isaiah-2b.mp3 (Part B)
Don Smith: Doctrines1.mp3 (Part One)
Olaf Hage: The Global Darkness.mp4

View: Iran Bomb Scare: 'Murder plot bizarre comedy show'
Read ~ View: Feds Foil Own Saudi Assassination Plot: Pin it on Iran (Must see RT Video)
Read: US allegation of Iran plot "implausible"
Read: A $600 Trillion Time Bomb That's Set to Explode
Look: Protests Taking place across the U.S.A. (Protest Map)
Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges - Parts 1
Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges - Part 2
Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges Part 3
Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges Part 4
Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges Part 5
Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges Part 6
Read: New York Times Planted Story on Afghan Mineral Wealth Designed to Prolong US Occupation (17 June 2010)
Read: USGS Finds 'World-Class' Gold, Iron Deposits in Afghanistan (6 October 2011)
Read: Bahraini forces attack mourners in Diraz
Read: Syria troops fire on protesters, killing 8
Read: 30,000 political prisoners in Saudi Arabia
Read: The Faces of the Yemeni Revolution
Read: Why Israel can't be a 'Jewish State'
Read: Editorial calling for death camps for 'Amalekites' raises storm among religious
Read: There Is No Fixed Method for Genocide: Murder Under the Cover of Righteousness
Read: Romney calls for century of US dominance
Read: American troops have to be brought home
Read: US must have immunity in Iraq: Panetta
Read: US has Secret bases in Black Sea area
Read: U.S. to build new massive prison in Bagram
Read: Report: US building secret drone bases in Africa
Read: Is The War On Terror A Hoax? (Nazis were executed precisely for what Washington is doing today)

1 October 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Hiroshima And The Third Reich.mp3
David Sielaff: Near Death Experiences.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Babylon's Banksters4.mp3
Paul Sandhu: Creation1.mp3 (Part One)
Roger Taggert: What Angels Can Do.mp3

View: Hamza Yusuf & Chris Hedges: Does God Love War? Part 1 (of 3)
View: Hamza Yusuf & Chris Hedges: Does God Love War? Part 2 (of 3)
View: Hamza Yusuf & Chris Hedges: Does God Love War? Part 3 (of 3)
View: How to Escape from Zip Ties
Read: NOTE TO PROTESTORS: End the Fed, not Capitalism
Read: Occupy Wall Street Protests Full Of Useful Idiot Communists And Socialists
View: Police Arrest Occupy Wall Street Protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge - October 1, 2011 (NYPD shame on you)
Read: Revolution is happening in the USA (...And we will no longer be silent)
Read: Bahrain medics seek UN verdict probe (The leaders of Bahrain should have their bare butts whipped from one end of the kingdom to the other for this horiffic travesty)
View: America: The Silence of a Nation
Read: Black September in Jordan (From Wikipedia)
Read: Black September, The PLO's attempt to take over Jordan in 1970

24 September 2011
New For This Week

Roger Taggert: Aliens And Flying Cities.mp3
Robert Kelley: Bible Translations3.mp3 (Part Three)
Robert Kelley: Bible Translations4.mp3 (Part Four)

Prayer requested for the people of Syria

Read: Yemenis protest again, tribesmen shoot down plane
(Yemeni protesters say they are fed up with grinding poverty, corruption and lawlessness in a country
where two in three people have to survive on less than $2 per day)
Read: Syrian agents targeting activists, families
(The family said Zainab had been decapitated, her arms cut off, and skin removed, according to Amnesty)
VIEW: Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses (MUST SEE)
PICS: NYC: Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna Notorious Protestor Abuser
VIDEO: Occupy Wall Street - Liberty Square - 25 September 2011 - Day 9
PHOTOS: Occupy Wall Street Photos 25 Sept 2011 Day 9
Read: Antidepressants, heart problems linked
Read: Study concludes Gulf War syndrome involves real brain damage
Read: U.S. to build new massive prison in Bagram
Read: Report: US building secret drone bases in Africa
Read: Shaken U.S. Troops Face New Foe: Early Dementia
Read: Troops Amputations up sharply in Afghan war
Read: Traumatic Brain Injury in U.S. Soldiers Returning from Iraq (May not be so mild)
Read: Time to Revisit & Confront Agent Orange
View: Palestinian Statehood Would Strip Israel of Immunity
(U.N. recognition would allow Israel to be held accountable for war crimes)

17 September 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Elenin Mystery Solved.mp3
Augusto Perez: The End Of Time26.mp3 (Part Twenty Six)
Joseph Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering16 (Part Sixteen)
Robert Kelley: Bible Translations2.mp3 (Part Two)

The Supreme Court: Georgia executes Troy Davis after his last pleas fail
For the state of Georgia to execute a man where there is doubt, is state sponsored murder, plain and simple!

Prayer requested for the people of Syria that they will stand strong in their battle for freedom
Prayer requested for the people of the Ivory Coast -- for calm and for peace.
Prayer requested for the people of Yemen for calm and for peace
Prayer requested for the Bahraini people (pray their government stops killing them)
Prayer requested for the 30 thousand political prisoners in Saudi Arabia (pray that they will be released)
Prayer requested for the American people that they will stand up against government abuse
Prayer requested for the Palestenians of Budrus that the Israelis will stop destroying the olive trees

Read: This Is The Greatest Financial Crime In The History Of The World And No One Goes To Jail
Read: Yemeni forces open fire on protesters, 26 killed
Read: Saudi-backed forces attack Bahrainis
Read: KSA (Saudi) jails holding 30K political prisoners (political thinkers are subject to torture)
Read: Indonesian farmers flee as Tambora, world's deadliest volcano, rumbles
(10 times more powerful than Indonesia's much better-known Krakatoa blast of 1883)
Read: Strong quake hits Himalayan region -- Rescuers race to reach survivors
Read: 6 Strange Anomalies With The Virginia Earthquake
View:Occupy Wall Street Photos
Read: Protesters invade NYC Financial District
Read: Obama's 'Jobs Bill' Makes ACORN Eligible for $15 Billion in Taxpayer Money
Read: Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed
View: The Staged "Alien Invasion" Threat (The NWO's Final Card)
View: Cryptome Nuclear Power Plants and WMD Series
Read: Raw milk may prevent asthma, allergy (Swiss study)
Read:Megadeath Horrors From Dugway Proving Ground (LIST)
Read: 77 US troops wounded in attack on Afghan base (Article dated 11 Sept 2011)
Listen: US moving towards total collapse

10 September 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: The Secret Is Out.mp3 (Israel, Syria, and so much more)
Darnette Taylor: LenniLenape.mp3
David Sielaff: How To Be Happy1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: How To Be Happy2.mp3 (Part Two)
Robert Kelley: Bible Translations1.mp3 (Part One)

Read: Turkey says Syria regime will fall as deaths mount
View: The Spoiler - How A Third Party Could Win
Read: Global child deaths plunge by 12,000 a day
Read: War on terror contributed to US decline
Read: US poverty rate climbs to 15.1% (It's higher than what is stated)
Read: Americans are poorer than ever (More Americans were living in poverty last year than in the entire 52 years that the US Census Bureau has been tracking the figure, new reports say.)
Read: The land of the no longer free
Pics: Thousands of Israeli gather to protest against the cost of living in Israel
View: Important Documentary: http://www.linktv.org/programs/the-warning (THE WARNING)
Read: America's deepening moral crisis
(America today presents the paradox of a rich country falling apart because of the collapse of its core values)
Read: US is collapsing: ex-treasury secretary
("We need not a one-year but a 10-year commitment to rebuilding the country")
Read: Hunger affects millions in the US: Study
Read: Half of Americans face mental disorders
Read: Testosterone takes a dip in new dads, may wire them to nurture
Read: Unable to pay child support, poor parents land behind bars

3 September 2011
New For This Week

Kal Gronvall: Chaos Control.mp3
Larry Taylor: Other Than Earth.mp3
Pastor Terry Jefferson: CopyCat Religion.mp3

Watch: The World According to Monsanto (Monsanto is killing the earth, animals and people)
Read: What Do the Arabs of East Jerusalem Really Want? (by David Pollock)
Watch: Wars root cause of US economic woes (War Is Immoral)
MUST WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY: The War You Don't See (War Is Immoral)
Read: Syria hit by a wave of deaths and arrests
Read: Nearly 40 percent of Europeans suffer mental illness
Read: UN mum on organ trafficking in camps
Read: WikiLeaks: Iraqi Children in U.S. Raid Handcuffed, Shot In Head, U.N. Says (War Is Immoral)
Read: Wikileaks Bombshell: New Israel Fund Official Endorses End of Jewish State

27 August 2011
New For This Week

Joseph Farrell: Dirty Secrets9.mp3 (Part Nine ~ The Valkyrie)
Roger Taggert: Ancient Ireland.mp3

View: Financial Crisis Luxury Architecture (What a contrast!)
View: Chile Protest Photos 3
Read: Wikileaks Release of cable_db_full.7z (SQL) September 3, 2011 (360MB)
Read: Decrypted Wikileaks Archive z.gpg File -- September 1, 2011 (368MB)
View: US secret army kills Washington foes (Interview with Michael Malouf, Former Pentagon Official)
Read: USA - Earthquake threat to nuclear reactors far higher than realized
View: Compulsion in religion and the freedom to disbelieve
Read: http://answering-islam.org/ (Christian - Muslim dialogue)
Read: Details of rendition contractors revealed
Read: Ground Breaking New Chemical Reagent Turns Biological Tissue Transparent
Read: Non Pharmaceutical Infection Control (excellent info by Mark Sircus)
Read: New body liquefaction unit unveiled in Florida funeral home
Read: Guitar Frets - Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear (More insanity)
Read: Pre-War Propaganda?: Syria 'on radar' as WMD source (Sound Familiar?)
Read: Detainees disappear into black hole of Saudi jails
Read: NASA says space station may be evacuated in November
Read: 53 dead in attack on casino in northern Mexico

20 August 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Commentary: SpaceShips And Comets.mp3
David Sielaff: Why Does God Need An Army?.mp3
David Sielaff: The Two Witnesses.mp3
Larry Taylor: Like It Or Not.mp3
Michael Cox: WindSock Report11.mp3 (Part Eleven)
Roger Taggert: More Interesting Stuff3.mp3 (Part Three)

Read: Chagas spreads to more countries killing over 12,000 people a year
(Spreading because large numbers of people who are already infected, are migrating from Latin America)
Read: US has new catastrophic killing machine (Is this moral?)
Read - View:US economy in grips of depression
Read: Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?
Read: Report: 20% of US kids live in poverty
Read: Haiti cholera death toll reaches 5,968 (more than 420,000 people have been infected)
Read: US aid: Is it a poison chalice?
Read: Iran's 3rd aid convoy lands in Somalia
Read: Horn of Africa famine manmade
Read: As drought spreads, Ethiopia on brink of food crisis (Ethiopian government says 250,000 people need food aid)
Read: Jordanians protest, reject reforms
Read: Syrian forces kill more; crowd calls for Assad's execution
(Syrian forces killed dozens of protesters on Friday despite assurances by President Bashar al-Assad that a crackdown was over)
Read: Syria needs time to enact reform: Russia (More time to kill off more people)
Read: Obama tells Syria's Assad to quit; condemns him for 'slaughtering his own people' (After the fact!)
Read: Anti-Pope rallies continue in Spain (People protest the reported 100-million-euro cost of the pontiff's visit.)

13 August 2011
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: The End Of Time25.mp3 (Racing Toward Apocalypse ~ Part Twenty Five)
David Sielaff: You And Free Will1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: You And Free Will2.mp3 (Part Two)
Joseph Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering15.mp3
Patrick Heron: Return Of The Antichrist And The New World Order.mp3
Robert Kelley: KJV After 400 Years.mp3 (Part Two)
Roger Taggert: More Interesting Stuff.mp3
Terry Meiser: Life Is Simple Hard But Simple3.mp3

Read: Conference aims to normalize pedophilia (Critics warn that their success could lead to the decriminalization of pedophilia)
Read: Somalia: Famine For Profit And The East African Food Crisis
(Excellent Article by Nile Bowie ~ This is a massive genocide by man-made starvation)
View: Cryptome Protest Photos Series (For the years 2001 through 2011)
View: Israel Protest Photos (Must see!)
Read: Shell's North Sea oil spill at 200 tons (This is a huge disaster)
Read: Court allows torture lawsuit against Rumsfeld
Read: The rich are different - and not in a good way, studies suggest
Read: Scholars seek to correct mistakes in Bible
Read: UN: Thousands flee Palestinian refugee camp in Syria
Read: Bomb blasts kill at least 60 in cities across Iraq
Read: Iraqi VP: US pullout would improve security (He's right!)

6 August 2011
New For This Week

The Byte Show is down for maintenance. Will be back up soon.

View: Jim Sinclair interviewed by James Turk (Economy)
View: James Turk GATA 2008 presentation (Financial Education)
Read: Judicial Misconduct the "One Catch All"
Read: The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Parts 1 & 2) Posted by Ann Barnhardt - August 6, AD 2011
View: Tottenham, north London: exploded in anger Saturday night (Aug 6? ) after a young black man was shot to death by police -- people took to the streets to demand "justice." Unfortunately thuggery, thievery, looting and outright wanton destruction has taken over. PHOTOS: http://cryptome.org/info/totten-protest/totten-protest.htm
PHOTOS: Tent Cities Are Springing Up All Over Israel
Read: 250,000 Israelis march for economic reform
Read: Science of Compassion for End of Life Genocide (Federal Register)
Read: Syria intensifies crackdown; activists say 59 dead
Read: U.S. is moving toward calling for Syrian leader to step down
(The move is expected to be announced in coming days, sources say)
View ~ Read: Turkey raises pressure on Syria (Assad's Crackdown)
Read: Saudi king pulls ambassador from Syria, denounces violence
Read: Hundreds arrested in Chile protests
Read: 1000s protest police brutality in Spain
Read: Fresh anti-govt. rallies held in Bahrain
Read: Moroccans hold fresh anti-govt. rallies
Read: Yemenis urge army to back revolution
Read: Brazilian official resigns over corruption
Read: Death toll in Argentina protests rises
Read: RAGNAROK: The Age Of Fire And Gravel , By Ignatius Donnelly, 1883

30 July 2011
New For This Week

Joseph Farrell: Grid of The Gods3.mp3 (Part Three)
Pastor Terry Jefferson: Issues With Family.mp3
Roger Taggert: Interesting Stuff.mp3

URGENT Prayer requested for the people of Syria - President Bashar Assad is in a slaughtering blood frenzy

Read: Obama Carries on the Pigford Fraud (A must read)
Read: Comet Elenin Preview of a Coming Attraction (JPL)
Read: Heatstroke Claims 14 Dogs in Georgia Animal Shelter (Animal shelter without electricity)
Read: Roy Tov Declared Political Prisoner in Bolivia (Can anyone help him?)
Read: Inside Syria's Torture chambers
Read: UK sells killing tech to brutal regimes
Read: Damascus is given seven days to create peace (at Moscow's suggestion)
Read: Syria, Libya, Egypt and Middle East unrest -- live updates
Read: Syrians take to streets over Hama massacre as outrage grows
Read: Russia to Syria - Use of force against civilians ... must cease
Read: Dozens die as Syrian army storms restive city
Read: Banking giant HSBC posts $11.5 billion profit, announces plan to slash 25,000 more jobs

23 July 2011
New For This Week

Catherine: Blood Pressure.mp3 (And so much more)
David Sielaff: Power of The United States.mp3
David Sielaff: Solomon's Empire.mp3
Robert Kelley: KJV After 400 Years.mp3 (Part One)

Read: Radiation hormesis an incredible lie
Read: Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use (T. E. Bearden)
Read: Suicide spikes among middle-aged women (aged 40-69)
Read: Poorer Americans should not bankroll the rich - journalist
View: Second Man Seized by Special Forces in Norway
(Helge Luras from Norwegian Institute of International Affairs believes it's the country's polices of multiculturalism that turned the gunman against his own.)
Read: IMF: EU Crisis Is a Global Disaster
Read: Germany Has Its Own Tea Party (The idea is to make people so upset and desperate that they will do anything to end the pain, even agree to global government -- authoritarianism in its extremest form, totalitarianism. But in the interim, the mainstream media is going to try to keep the pushback hush-hush, given that a shared sense of indignation and resultant antagonism is dangerous to elite plans.)

16 July 2011
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Two Worldwide Trends.mp3
David Sielaff: United States In Prophecy.mp3
David Sielaff: The Arab Risings.mp3 (Israel and Hamas)
Joseph Farrell: The Grid Of The Gods2.mp3 (Part Two)
Kal Gronvall: The Big Depressing Fraud.mp3
Robert Kelley: How To Keep From Falling Away5.mp3 (Part Five)
Roger Taggert: Dreams And Visions.mp3

Prayer Requested for the families of Norway who have lost loved ones: At least 80 dead in Norway youth camp attack
Prayer Requested for all who are suffering everywhere on this planet -- made miserable by bankers and their wars

Read: Geopolitical Implications of the World Economic Crisis (Excellent)
Read: India's largest ever foreign direct investment project, valued at $12bn, could displace 22,000 people
View: $770 MILLION US Dollars to save Mosques overseas
Read: Mosque Makeovers With Your Tax Dollars
View: Puerto Rico, Gulf and Atlantic States-Plate Slippage Possible Soon (Dutch Sinse)
View: http://www.600million.org/ (A global endeavor to end more animal suffering and death than any project in history)
Read: What Happened to the $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund?
Read: Murdoch head of a mafia-like information-gathering club
Read: Murdoch has gamed American politics every bit as thoroughly as Britain's
View: White House Obama bin Laden Kill Show Gaps (Images revised show EXIF data on Photoshopping in early hours of 2 May 2011)
Read: Cryptome Postcard
Listen: We talk together about what we believe as Christians (Duber presents results of recent Commission's meeting in Moscow and speaks about future steps on the way to Christian unity)
Read: Smart meters: public health nightmare or public utility boon?
Read: Sperm made from human bone marrow (This was reported in 2007. What do you think they are doing now?)

9 July 2011
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: The End Of Time24.mp3 (Part Twenty Four)
Chris Blodgett: PreTribRapture.mp3 (And Info About The Zambia Mission)
David Sielaff: Free Will and Predestination1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Free Will and Predestination2.mp3 (Part Two)
Paul Sandhu: Signs of The End Times3.mp3 (Part Three)
Robert Kelley: How To Keep From Falling Away4.mp3 (Part Four)
Roger Taggert: Under The Gulf2.mp3 (Part Two)

Prayer Requested for Tom Mack -- he is in rehab after hip surgery -- and he is in pain.
Prayer Requested for David Zdan.
Prayer Requested for all who suffer existance on this planet (including the animals).

Read: Bad bug: Gonorrhea strain resists all antibiotics
Read: Report: North Carolina nuclear facility with superheated uranium leaking
Read: Supreme Court Justice-Elena Kagan-is Pro Sharia Law
See: Nuclear Crimes.org
See: http://www.sky-map.org/
Read: Brazilian police kill 132 human beings in 3 months, face inquiry
Read: The Saturn Death Cult
View: Watching Live Kill from the Situation Room
Read: Request to Shut Earthquake Zone Nuclear Plants (Federal Register)
Read: Satellite evidence indicates mass graves in Sudan
Read: 300 Somali children left for dead in drought

2 July 2011
New For This Week

David Sielaff: What Is Truth1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: What Is Truth2.mp3 (Part Two)
Joseph Farrell: The Magic of Social Engineering14.mp3 (Part Fourteen)
Larry Taylor: Spiritual Grasp.mp3
Pastor Terry Jefferson: UnForgiving.mp3
Roger Taggert: Under The Gulf.mp3

Watch: Iraqi officials rap US money plea
Watch: America turning into a country that kills people to achieve its goals (says a former U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson)
Watch: Obama made deal to cover up torture (with Allen Roland, an online columnist based in California)
Watch: Patriot Act most unconstitutional US law (with radio host Stephen Lendma)
Watch: Strauss-Kahn sex scandal a conspiracy (with Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of US Treasury)
Read: French backers want ex-IMF chief to resume presidential run
Read: Judges Waking Up To Fraud on the Court
Read: Syrian forces arrest residents in Hama
Read: Israeli forces confiscate Palestinian olive orchards near Ramallah
Read: Israel passes draft law requiring Palestinians to pay for their own home demolitions
Read: Canada receives UK royals with jeers (The protesters chanted, "Parasites go home!")
Read: Gold To Hit $10,000 - Silver $500 - China Invades

25 June 2011
New For This Week

Darnette Taylor: The Third Removal.mp3
David Sielaff: Is The Universe Flat.mp3
Debra Pitts: The Trafficking Report.mp3
George Wesley Buchanan: Jesus Without Fabrication.mp3
Roger Taggert: The U Code.mp3 (And... other stuff)
Sarah Anderson: Looking For Closure.mp3

Prayer Requested: Pray for the people of Greece.

Have a look at the Hazmat Situations Map: Hazmat - Global Incident Map
Book: Terrorism And The Illuminati.pdf
Read: How long can nuclear reactors last? US, industry extend spans
Read: Radioactive tritium leaks found at 48 US nuke sites
Watch: 75% of all nuclear reactors in the US are leaking one or more toxic substances
Read: Israel returns nuclear waste to US
Read: Huge US-led spy operation on Arab world uncovered
Read: CAFR1 on State Run Banks (orchestrated theft)
Read: US seeks 4,200 Ethiopia troops for Sudan
Read: US soldiers tested for having depleted uranium in their bodies
Read: TSA makes 95 year old lady remove adult diaper
Read: Eurozone on verge of economic collapse
Read: Trial begins for cops charged in Katrina bridge shootings
Read: Alleged architects of Cambodia's killing fields go on trial
Read: US expands human trafficking blacklist to 23
Read: Priest: Gunmen storm train, kidnap 80 migrants in Mexico
Read: US slammed over 40-yr. solitary terms
(two US prisoners held in solitary confinement for about 40 years in Louisiana)
Read: Syria tank assault kills 11 near Turkey border (Syrian troops shot dead 11 villagers on Wednesday)

Read: A Hidden History of Evil (Why doesn't anyone care about the unread Soviet archives? -- be sure to read the part about Biden)
Watch: The Ukrainian Terror Famine of 1932--1933 (Intentionally created by Russia)
Read: The Purposeful Flooding of America's Heartland
Read: Getting Used to Life Without Food, Part 1
Read: Getting Used to Life Without Food, Part 2
Read: Those Who Know Will Understand (By JR Nyquis)

18 June 2011
New For This Week

Joseph Farrell: The Grid Of The Gods1.mp3 (Part One)
Paul Sandhu: Signs of The End Times2.mp3 (Part Two)
Robert Kelley: How To Keep From Falling Away3.mp3 (Part Three)

Read: US Army suicide rates reach yearly peak
Read: US mayors call on Congress to end wars
Read: Promoting militarism while hiding bloodshed
Read: What Every Jew (and Non-Jew) Should Know
Read: Illuminati Reveal Crazy Apocalyptic Agenda
Read: How Much Money does the Vatican soak from ordinary citizens?
Read: Is Britain’s cover-up of its 1845-1850 holocaust in Ireland the most successful Big Lie in all of history?
Read: IMPACT; US nuke regulators weaken safety rules
Read: Mass suicide fears as French worry end of world is approaching
Read: Obama Regime Courts World Conflagration (By Webster G. Tarpley Ph. D.)
Visit: Concordats Watch (Concordats are international treaties with the Vatican )
Read: Bilderberg 2011: Rockefeller World Order and the High Priests of Globalization (by Andrew Gavin Marshall)
Read: German radioactive waste approved for Tennessee
Read: We invent enemies to buy the bombs (by Simon Jenkins)

Read: Stress Testing Big Banks Too Corrupt to Fail
Read: Failed Safety Culture at Nuclear Waste Site

11 June 2011
New For This Week

Olaf Hage: Gobekli Tepe.mp3
Robert Bowie Johnson: The Cloak Of Naamah.mp3
Roger Taggert: Giant Talk.mp3

You won't get this level of news from American mainstream media -- 24 Hour from Russia
Watch: http://rt.com/on-air/rt-america-air/
Watch: Secrets of big dirty money
Watch: US cloaks lies with bigger lies - campaigner
Read: Noam Chomsky: The U.S. and Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World
Watch - Read: Plunder: The Crime of Our Time
Read: The sabotage of US finance reform
Read: All Mortgages are Fraudulent ( a news forum)
Read: The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre
Watch: A New Vaccine To Cure You of Religious Belief
Watch: FunVax Video is a Hoax or a Fraud?
Read: European E-coli outbreak likely caused by Genetic Engineering run amok (Part Two - blog)
DANGER - Nebraska: Electrical Fire Knocks Out Spent Fuel Cooling at Nebraska Nuclear Plant
DANGER - Nebraska: No Fly Zone Over Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Due to Hazards
DANGER - NEBRASKA: Airspace Over Flooded Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Still Closed (SEE VIDEO)

4 June 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Commentary - The Return.mp3
Augusto Perez: The End Of Time23.mp3 (Part Twenty Three)
David Sielaff: Events To Come.mp3
Joseph Farrell & GeorgeAnn: Dear Little Spanky.mp3
Spanky1ab.jpg(throat wound)
Spanky2a.jpg (shoulder wounds - 2 square cuts - 2 different nights - no teeth marks)
SPANKY_CLOSE_UPab.jpg (throat - there are no teeth marks - no blood)
Spanky4a.jpg (throat - close up - no teeth marks - no blood)
Spanky5.jpg (throat - this was not done by an animal)
Spanky, Diamond Shaped Chest wound.jpg (no teeth marks and no blood)
Spanky, Diamond Shaped Chest Wound Close up.jpg (no teeth marks and no blood!)
Spanky, Diamond Shaped Chest Wound2.jpg (no teeth marks and no blood!)
Joseph Farrell: Genes Giants Monsters And Men5.mp3 (Part Five)

Read: European E-coli outbreak likely caused by Genetic Engineering run amok
Read: Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities
Read: The E.coli outbreak in Europe is BioWar
Read: Patriot Act - US version of democracy
Read: Polish daily in jam over CIA prison report
Read: CIA mind control techniques (They stole children)
Read: Obama solicitor general - If you don't like mandate, earn less money (health care issue)
Read: MRSA Found In Cows Milk
New Book: The Obama Error, by Attorney Stephen Pidgeon (Amazon.com)

28 May 2011
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Book of Romans.mp3 (The Principal Theology of The Book of Romans)
David Sielaff: Book Of Galatians.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Babylon Banksters3.mp3 (Part Three)
Olaf Hage: Sexy Tax Proposal.mp3 (Excellent)
Roger Taggert: Domestic Nephilim.mp3
Robert Kelley: How To Keep From Falling Away2.mp3 (Part Two)

Prayer Requested for the tornado victims of Massachusetts: Tornadoes Tore Through 18 Communities
Prayer Requested for the courageous people of Syria and Bahrain

VIEW: Suicide Cult Driving US Economy To Abyss(Must See)
VIEW: US ID theft soars in tax rebates
Read: Obama Administration Seeks to Test Anthrax Vaccine in Children
Read: Pro-life groups call for Pepsi boycott over aborted fetal cell lines (It is cannibalism)
Read: Biotech company using cell lines from aborted babies in food enhancement testing(Again, it is cannibalism)
View: Alfred Adask "The Big Legal Secret, The Government Thinks We Are Animals"
View: The Government Thinks We Are Animals 2
View: The Government Thinks We Are Animals 3
Read: Nuclear Super Typhoon? Massive storm may approach Fukushima this weekend — Current gusts of 195 mph
Fukushima has at least 20 times more radioactive inventory than Chernobyl — Ongoing, massive release of radioactivity and not over by a long shot. Japan report: “Nuclear fuel has melted in three reactors” — Risk of "massive radioactive release"
Read: Death toll in Joplin twister rises by 6 to 132
Read: Seismologists tried for manslaughter over quake
Read: Welcome to Debtors' Prison, 2011 Edition
Read: FBI targeting political activists as terrorists
Read: Church fined $100 per branch for excessive tree pruning (GREED)
Read: Chantix - Anti-Smoking-pill suicides overlooked in missing reports
(Some 150 suicides - more than doubling those previously known...)

21 May 2011
New For This Week

Darnette Taylor: SNAKES.mp3
Greg Coleson: Elenin And Current Events.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Genes Giants Monsters And Men4.mp3 (Part Four)
Robert Kelley: How To Keep From Falling Away1.mp3 (Part One)
Roger Taggert: Nasty Giants3.mp3 (Part Three)
Olaf Hage: PreTribulation Rapture Hoax.mp3
Thank you for the prayers...

Read: Midwest turned into another weather warzone: 124 dead and toll likely to rise
(75 per cent of Joplin, Missouri is gone says Red Cross)
Read: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) says no aid for Joplin without cuts
Read: National Weather Service: Denning, Ark., Destroyed By Tornado
Prayer Requested for all those who are suffering, please pray.
Click On warnings: College of DuPage Meteorology - Severe Weather and Flash Flood Warnings
HAARP RINGS & WEATHER: http://www.youtube.com/user/dutchsinse
Read: Navy Research Paper: Disrupt Economies’ with Man-Made Floods, Droughts
Read (PDF-Weather War): Naval Air Warfare Weapons Division – China Lake research proposal
Read: New allegations about chemical dumping by US military in S. Korea emerge

Read: World silent on genocide in Arab world
Read: US complicit in Bahrain govt. crimes (VIDEO)
Read: 28 dead, 700 flee as gang battles hit west Mexico
Read: Russian scientists discover radiation-absorbing mineral (30 Aug 2007)

14 May 2011
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: Los Tiempos Del Fin.mp3 (Spanish)
Augusto Perez: The End Of Time22.mp3 (Part Twenty Two)
David Sielaff: Ecclesiastes1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Ecclesiastes2.mp3 (Part Two)
Joseph Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering13.mp3 (Part Thirteen ~ IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn)
Paul Sandhu: The End Of The World7.mp3 (Part Seven)
Roger Taggert: Nasty Giants2.mp3 (Part Two)

Prayer Requested for the people of Syria.

Read: Israeli lobby selects US presidents?
Read: The Strauss Kahn Frame-Up: The Amerikan Police State Strides Forward
Read: Ireland's future depends on breaking free from bailout (Excellent Article)
Read: US sponsors war-based economy
Read: Billionaires For Eugenics
View: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Photos (70 photos Zipped -- 9MB)
Read: Unlawful Killing – the film the British won't get to see (Documentary about Princes Diana inquest)
Read: Texas politicians knew agency hid the amount of radiation in drinking wate
Read: Texas drinking water makes pipes and plumbing radioactive
Read: Secret Weather Weapons can kill millions, warns top Russian politician

7 May 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Quiet Conspiracy.mp3
Byron Reagan: Health Product UpDate.mp3
David Sielaff: Oil Soon To Be Discovered In Israel.mp3
David Sielaff: Symbolism Of Biblical Holy Days.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering12.mp3 (Part Twelve ~ Middle East & Osama)
Roger Taggert: Nasty Giants1.mp3 (Part One)
Tom Mack: Osama Code And More.mp3
Tom Mack's Osama code page: http://biblecoderesearch.org/Osama/index.html

Prayer Requested for all those in the Mississippi flood as thousands will lose their homes... this is tragic.
Read: Radioactive Water Pumped Into Mississippi River
Read: Mississippi River: Radioactive water released into river
Read: Tritium: Health Consequences NIRS fact sheet. July 2006 (PDF)
Read: TRITIUM from Nuclear Power Plants: Its Biological Hazards

Read: IMF chief charged with attempted rape (The charges included "criminal sexual act, unlawful emprisonment, attempted rape" and "assaulting a 32-year-old girl in a hotel room")
VIEW: DutchSinse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haMePBnkJhY (URGENT - NILU - Norsk)
Read: Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzón on Bin Laden’s Killing, Holding Torturers Accountable, Universal Jurisdiction, and His Threatened Ouster From the Bench
Read: Bin Laden dead long before US raid
Read: US raid on Osama, election propaganda
Read: Expert: Osama bin Laden's DNA results are inconsistent
Read: 10 Facts That Prove The Bin Laden Fable Is a Contrived Hoax
Read: Syria forces open fire on women's group, kills 3
(The cowardly Syrian security force have taken to murdering Women)
Read: Germans: Bin Laden killing illegitimate (No Trial No Justice)
Read: Lawyers sue Bahraini regime at Hague
(“What is happening in Bahrain really are crimes against humanity ...what is happening is very dangerous, nobody is talking about these crimes.” Hundreds arrested -- doctors and nurses on trial in ad hoc "military court." Rights activists have died under torture. Many have been murdered at the government's request.)

30 April 2011
New For This Week

NOTE: Today, we have sunshine.
Darnette Taylor: Like The Days Of Noah.mp3
David Sielaff: The Place Of Safety.mp3
Jim Wilson: About Prayer.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Genes Giants Monsters And Men3.mp3 (Part Three)

Remember This? FBI says, it has No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9-11
Read: Bin Laden Firefight - Only one man was armed (Firefight? another farce)
NOTE: Osama's Body? Where is the body? They have destroyed evidence, as usual. It is another fraud. Justice is done? What "justice" -- no trial, no justice.
Read: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood says Bin Laden should have been tried
(anyone accused of a crime should be put on trial)
View: US shows no evidence of bin Laden death
Read: Bin Laden hideout location raises questions ("There's no way he could have been sitting there without the knowledge of some people in the ISI and the Pakistani military,")
Read: Osama Bin Laden Has Been on Ice for Eight Years According to Our Intel
Read: Mexico Preparing to Sue U.S. Companies Deemed Culpable For Drug-War Crimes
Read: 1,400 killed in Mexico drug war in April (Many of them were Innocent)
View: Bahrain cruelty swells hatred for West NOTE: TheByteShow is in support of the protestors. War against anyone for any reason is immoral -- slaughter, brutality, torture and injustice is immoral and so are those leaders and their covert forces who bring it. There are horiffic things happening in Bahrain - it is called GENOCIDE. PLEASE view the video, then you will understand.
Read: Ex-Rad, the U.S. Military's Radiation Wonder Drug
Read: Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks
(the Icelandic people have told Europe to go pound sand...;)

23 April 2011
New For This Week

NOTICE: Another Week of violent weather here -- violent wind, rain, severe thunder, lightening and tornadoes. This "weather" goes on day after day -- absolutely no sunshine what-so-ever!
Aaron Kaplan: Commentary: Inside Conspiracies.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Genes Giants Monsters And Men2.mp3 (Part Two)
Kal Gronvall: Breath Taking.mp3
Tom Mack: Security Issues.mp3

Prayer Requested for all those who are suffering because of tornadoes that left a trail of death and destruction -- many are now homeless. Now we must pray against flooding and the further destruction of life and property.
Prayer Requested for David Zdan and his daughters that they will be able to relocate away from California.

Read: Armenians mourn victims of mass killings by Turks Today, 24 April marks the 96th anniversary of the genocide that killed an estimated 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks. Turkey denies that the deaths constituted genocide.

Read: This will be the Arab world's next battle (Food and Water)
Read: The Arab Awakening, the Future of Israel and the Role of Islam
Read: Troops attack Saudi protesters (Senior "Wahhabi" clerics censured opposition demonstrations as "un-Islamic." ~ detainees were subject to torture physically and mentally)
Read: Snipers target Syrians recovering bodies ("We can't bury the dead in the cemetery because it's occupied by Syrian soldiers,")
Read: Brutal force: Dozens reported shot dead in Syria (75 people have been murdered)
Read: Besieged Monks Tortured By Chinese authorities ("The intensity of torture was so severe that the pain and agony felt by the monks were the same as if they were being skinned alive. Many fainted under the torture and violence," .. This is Chinese re-education)
Read: The Power Elite And The Secret Nazi Plan (By Dennis L. Cuddy ~ 5 segments)
Read: Sex trafficking in the US called 'epidemic'
Read: A hidden epidemic: child trafficking in the US
View: http://human.globalincidentmap.com/ (Human Trafficking Map)
Read: Parts of woman body found in Mexico (They "butcher" human beings)
Read: 5 women brutally murdered in Acapulco (Stay away from Mexico)
Read: Body parts found in upscale Mexico City district (Very Graphic)
Read: Terror in Tepic: Two Men Skinned Alive(WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT ~ Mexico)
(the men were both skinned alive before their hearts were removed)
Read: How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs
Read: Mexico’s Youngest Assassins (More helicopters or financial aid won’t make any difference)

17 April 2011
New For This Week

NOTICE:The weather here is "terrible" -- violent wind, rain, severe thunder, lightening and tornadoes
Read: Up to 300 More Tornadoes over the Next Two Weeks
Aaron Kaplan: Commentary: Electric Mars.mp3
Augusto Perez: The End Of Time21.mp3 (Part Twenty One)
Doug Hamp: Corrupting The Image2.mp3 (Part Two)
Larry Taylor: End Time Squeeze.mp3

Read: When will we stop the genocide in North Korea?
View: Saudis following smart plot in ME
View: Arab media ignore Bahrain revolution
View: US planned Arab world revolutions out
Read: US backs Israel to continue war crimes
Read: NATO uranium poisons civilian population
View: Germany to close all nuclear plants
Read: Afghanistan probes secret US jails
Read: US confirms secret jails in Afghanistan
Read: Asia's coastal nuclear plants - Disaster-in-waiting
View: Japan Nuclear Crisis Dr Michio Kaku - 13 April 2011
Read: 3,200 Abandoned Gulf Wells Lack Cement Plugs

9 April 2011
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Song Of Solomon1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Song Of Solomon2.mp3 (Part Two)
Doug Hamp: Corrupting The Image1.mp3 (Part One)
Joseph Farrell: Genes Giants Monsters And Men1.mp3

Prayer Requested: for the people of Japan.(Another magnitude 7.1 earthquake EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN)
Prayer Requested: for ALL people on this planet who are suffering

Read: Saudi-Wahhabi domination in the Persian Gulf
Read: 713 Mexico oil workers evacuate collapsing platform(Gulf of Mexico)
Read:OMAHA, Nebraska: Pipeline firm threatens to use eminent domain
Read: IRS to increase pre-crime enforcement
Read:What We Can Learn from the Soviet Union
(A repressive bureaucracy, an out-of-touch political class, mounting debt, failing industries and an angry populace caught between government benefits and enforced poverty -- sounds familiar -- We’re losing our competence, the same way that the Russians lost theirs. The same way that people living under every ideological tyranny does.)

Read: Bahrain - Ex-Prisoners Denounce Britain's Torture Apparatus
Read: Syrian Soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters
Read: Egypt Blogger gets 3 years for criticizing army
Soldiers forcefully stormed a protest camp to break up a sit-in, killing at least one demonstrator and wounding dozens. In my opinion the Egyptian military beg to be criticized for its abuse and violent behavior towards protestors and many others. The Army's intentions must be questioned. The minister of defense and head of the army, Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi must go, he is NO leader. All, all bloggers, rights activists and journalists must be free to speak their mind and freely report. The case against Sanad, who was arrested two weeks ago at his home, was based on a blog post titled "The people and the army were never hand in hand,"Maikel Nabil Sanad must be set free immediately..

Read: Saudi Arabia - Second Fukushima if Iranian Bushehr activated in May
[...the Iranians had not managed to stop Stuxnet or its impact on the reactor's control systems and there was no guarantee that more malfunctions capable of causing the plant to blow up...]
Read: Mass kidnappings new cash cow for Mexico drug gangs
Read: 16 more bodies found in Mexican pits, total now 88
View: The Arab Awakening (The Death of Fear)
Read: Saudi Arabia, Jordan behind Syria unrest
Read: Bahrain hospitals militarized, deserted
Read: Bahrain-Mossad ties uncovered
Read: 2 Bahrain opposition supporters die in police custody
Read: Decision To Cancel NASA Seismic-Tracking Radar Satellite Was Made Top-Down

2 April 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Commentary: Electric Mars.mp3
David Sielaff: History Of The Revelation Of TheMystery1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: History Of The Revelation Of TheMystery2.mp3 (Part Two)
Pastor Terry Jefferson: With Guest Winston Pitters.mp3 (The Realities of The Satanic World)
Pastor Terry Jefferson: Dealing With Demons.mp3
Paul Sandhu: Is This The End Of The World6.mp3 (Part Six)
Tom Mack: Heart And Soul.mp3
Tom Mack: PDF -- http://www.thebyteshow.com/PDF/Studies_on_the_Soul.pdf

Prayer Requested: for the people of Japan.
Prayer Requested: for ALL people who are suffering

Read: The Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant damaged by the latest strong 7.4 aftershock to hit Japan
Read: Nazi Death Marches - Details German Citizens' Role in End of War Killings
(More than 250,000 concentration camp prisoners died in WWII death marches shortly before the end of World War II. Many of them were murdered by German civilians. A new book tries to answer the question why.)
Read: Unusual event declared at Wash. nuclear plant
Read: 32 reportedly killed in Syria clashes (Hundreds Injured in Syria - Yemen, 120 Killed since protests began)
Read: BRAZIL: A gunman opened fire Thursday in a public school in Rio de Janeiro, killing at least 11 children
Read: 59 bodies found in pits in Mexican border state
(in the same area bodies of another 72 migrants, most from Central America, were found shot to death Aug. 24)
Read: U.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan's Nuclear Plant
Read: Ukrainians are still eating food contaminated by radiation from Chernobyl
Read: The 8 Stages of Genocide
Read: The 12 Ways to Deny a Genocide
Read: Court - Gadhafi planned to kill civilians (5 Apr 2011)
Read: Libya envoy accuses Gaddafi of 'genocide' (22 Feb, 2011)
Read: Documents show terrible atrocities committed by British soldiers in Kenya
(Hundreds of documents, showing inhuman methods the British government
has used to defeat its colonial rule in the 1950s, have been released in London.
"unspeakable acts of brutality, including castrations and severe sexual assaults")

READ: Libyan evacuees tell of 'massacre' in Misrata ("Corpses are in the street. Hospitals are overflowing.")
READ: US orders Saudi invasion of Bahrain (There are two countries which are deliberately trying to involve the Americans in a war with Iran)
READ: West media silent on Bahrain atrocities (more atrocities on a massive scale)
READ: Ivory Coast eyewitness: 'We need food, but the streets are full of bodies' (atrocities on a massive scale)
READ: Report: BP to restart deepwater drilling in Gulf
READ: Diaper absorbent used to try to plug nuke leak (Japan's nuclear disaster)
VIEW: Special: Orwell Rolls in His Grave (Link Tv)
VIEW: Special: Apology of an Economic Hitman
(John Perkins is an economic hitman, whose job it is to get new foreign leaders
to yield to U.S. interests -- using debt as a weapon)
READ: Fighting rages in Ivory Coast; 800 dead in town
READ: 'Libyan rebels killed in NATO air strike'
READ: Libyan rebels 'receiving covert training'
(Rebel source tells Al Jazeera about training offered by US and Egyptian special forces in eastern Libya)

26 March 2011
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Origin And Goal Of Western Civilization3.mp3 (Part Three)
David Sielaff: Origin And Goal Of Western Civilization4.mp3 (Part Four)
Joseph P. Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering11.mp3 (Part Eleven)
Robert Kelley: Thankfulness.mp3

Prayer Requested: For Renate due to surgery

Consider: Liquid Potassium Iodide (2 fl oz $19.99)
READ: Up to 1,000 bodies left untouched near troubled nuke plant
READ: Cement pumps flown in to nuke plant
READ: Japan Engineers Knew Nuke Plant Vulnerable To Tsunami
READ: Japan on maximum alert over nuke crisis
READ: The EPA is preparing to dramatically increase permissible radioactive releases in drinking water, food and soil after "radiological incidents," according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.
READ: Plutonium detected in soil at Fukushima nuke plant
WATCH: Scientist: Japan earthquake, nuke "accident" are tectonic nuclear warfare
READ: Japan: nuclear scandal widens and deepens (From 4 Oct 2002)
READ: Japan's shaky nuclear record (From 24 March 2006)
READ: Official: Nuke plant radiation likely from melted fuel rods
READ: Japanese nuke plant downplayed tsunami risk (The people running Japan's now-hobbled nuclear power plant dismissed important scientific evidence and all but disregarded 3,000 years of geological history)
READ: Japan Suspects Nuke Reactor Core Has Breached
READ: Japan reactivates Monju nuclear reactor (6 May 2010)
Japan's Atomic Energy Agency says it has restarted a controversial nuclear reactor, more than 14 years after its operations were suspended... the plant's operators were criticised for concealing extensive damage to the reactor.)

19 March 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Commentary: Current Events.mp3
Catherine Allen: Radiation.mp3
David Sielaff: Mystery And The New Covenant.mp3
David Zdan: The Gates Of Hell.mp3
Don Smith: The Way Of Blessings6.mp3 (Part Six ~ About Passover)
George W. Buchanan: Sabbatical Eschatology.mp3
Kal Gronvall: Disgusted.mp3
Robert Kelley: Answer To Prayer2.mp3 (Part Two)
Terry Meiser: Life Is Simple Hard But Simple2.mp3 (Part Two)

Prayer Requested: for the people of the Ivory Coast (pray against the escalating bloodshed).
Prayer Requested: for the people of Egypt (pray against the police and military brutality)
Prayer Requested: for the people of Palestine
Prayer Requested: for the people of Israel
Prayer Requested: for the people of Libya
Prayer Requested: for the people of Jordan - Protesters are being "slaughtered" by their government.
Prayer Requested: for the people of Syria - Protesters are being "slaughtered" by their government.
Prayer Requested: for the people of Yemen - Protesters are being "slaughtered" by their government.
Prayer Requested: for the people of Japan ~ 9.1 Earthquake, thousands dead and missing, and homeless.

READ: Citizens' Nuclear Information Center (Tokyo)
READ: Levels of radioactive materials soaring in sea near nuke plant
NEWS ADVISORY: (Radioactive iodine 1,250.8 times above legal limit in sea near plant)
READ: Nearly 1 million flee Abidjan amid fears of all-out war (Ivory Coast)
READ: Neutron beam observed 13 times at crippled Fukushima nuke plant
WARNING URGENT: Radiation 1,600 times normal level 20 km from Fukushima plant: IAEA
Consider: Swanson Premium Kelp (Iodine Source) 225 mcg 500 Tabs - $4.49 per bottle
READ: No Danger No Concern No Sanity (Mark Sircus ~ Concerning Nuclear Radiation)
READ: U.S. Declines to Give Details on Radiation
READ: Quake in the Midwest Would Have Catastrophic Consequences
(There are 15 nuclear power plants in the New Madrid fault zone -- three reactors in Alabama -- that are of the same or similar design as the site in Japan experiencing problems.)
READ: Nuclear chief WEPT - finally admits radiation leak serious enough to kill people
READ: Elderly patients left to die in hospital six miles from nuclear plant
READ: Tokyo Passengers Trigger U.S. Airport Detectors, N.Y. Post Says
READ:Radiation From Japan Detected At O'Hare Airport

12 March 2011
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: The End Of Time20.mp3 (Part Twenty)
David Sielaff: Treasures Of Wisdom And Knowledge.mp3
David Sielaff: 7 Hills Of Jerusalem.mp3
Don Smith: The Way Of Blessings5.mp3
Robert Kelley: Answer To Prayer1.mp3 (Part One)
Terry Meiser: Life Is Simple Hard But Simple.mp3 (Part One)
Tom Mack: Heavener Mysteries3.mp3

Prayer Requested: for the people of Libya, they are in serious need of help.
Prayer Requested: for the people of Japan ~ 9.1 Earthquake, thousands dead and missing, and homeless.

READ: U.S. Calls Radiation Extremely High and Urges Deeper Caution in Japan
READ: US nuke plants ranked by quake risk
READ: Japan’s Radiation Problem Appears Out-of-Control
READ: URGENT INFO: Iodine Treatments for Radiation Exposure(by Mark Sircus)
(There is absolutely zero chance that this disaster in progress is going to stop now or any time soon)
READ: Treatments for Nuclear Contamination (IMVA: Posted by Mark Sircus)
READ: Japan blast spreads radiation into air (Unit 4 reactor of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is on fire and radioactivity is being released directly into the atmosphere)
READ: Japan's PM says 4th reactor of Fukushima NPP on fire (Japan's premier: "highly concentrated radiation")
READ: Radiation alert: US navy crews contaminated
READ: Radiation alert: U.S. ship contaminated 100 miles offshore
READ: FYI - US pulls ships, aircraft [away] from Japan nuke plant (Due to radiation readings)
READ: Venting air from reactor container suspended (Suspended due to high radiation levels)
READ: Monster aftershock could strike [Japan] within days
READ: Radiation 1,000 times higher than normal detected at nuke plant
READ: Another reactor at Fukushima nuke plant loses cooling functions (SIXTH NUKE REACTOR FAILS)
READ: Report: Second nuclear meltdown likely under way in Japan
READ: Meltdown Caused Nuke Plant Explosion: Safety Body

Prayer Requested: for the people of Japan ~ 9.1 Earthquake, thousands dead and missing, and homeless.

5 March 2011
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: The End Of Time19.mp3 (Part Nineteen)
Augusto Perez: Preparacion Profetica3.mp3 (Part Three ~ Spanish)

Prayer Requested: for the people of Japan ~ 8.9 Earthquake. Over 50 countries are under tsunami warning, including Mexico, and western U.S., according to CNN news, as of 11 March 2011.

READ: Foundations, Depopulation & the Taxpayer
READ: Libya and the Return of Humanitarian Imperialism
READ: Shootings in Yemen; Muslim-Christian clashes in Egypt
READ: 10 killed in Muslim-Christian clashes in Egypt

26 February 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Commentary: Economic Meltdown, True Story.mp3
Darnette Taylor: Things To Take Note Of.mp3
David Sielaff: Origin And Goal Of Western Civilization1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Origin And Goal Of Western Civilization2.mp3 (Part Two)
David Zdan: Letter From Jerusalem.mp3
Joseph P. Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering10.mp3 (Part Ten)
Paul Sandhu: Crisis After Crisis.mp3
Tom Mack: Guerilla Computing3.mp3 (Part Three)

READ: NATO Gunships Kill 9 Afghan Children - 3rd Reported Attack on Afghan Civilians in 2 Weeks
READ: Fired workers burn Indian executive to death

19 February 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Commentary: Mystery Upon Mystery.mp3
David Sielaff: Geography In Scripture1.mp3
David Sielaff: Geography In Scripture2.mp3
David Sielaff & George W. Buchanan: The Temple.mp3
Don Smith: The Way Of Blessings4.mp3

READ: PDF: Organized Crime Methods for Child Exploitation ("Compendium" ~ Important Document)

Prayer Requested: For the people of Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Morocco, Libya, Jordan, Iran, Sudan, Tunis and Algeria. Pray that the "police" and other "security forces" will stop killing and torturing the people.
Prayer Requested: for the people of Christchurch, New Zealand (6.3 Earthquake, many dead)
Prayer Requested: for Joseph P. Farrell
Prayer Requested: for Augusto Perez
Prayer Requested: for David Zdan & his daughters

Obama, do you feel no shame as you witness the insane vulgarity of Gadhafi, his crimes against the Libyan people. The Libyan people need help, they are being slaughtered! Do something about Gadhafi, denounce him, he is mentally unbalanced. We demand the removal of Muammar Gaddafi.
READ: Battle of Benghazi - How protesters seized city (100+ died)
READ: Libyan opposition literally running protests from Washington
READ: 130 Libyan soldiers executed for mutiny (The number is much higher now)
READ: Bloody protests rock Iraqi Kurdistan
READ: 332 Reportedly Killed in Libyan Crackdown on Protests
READ: 12 taxi drivers, fares killed in Mexican resort
READ: Palestinians plan Day of Rage against U.S.
READ: US economics: One big Ponzi scheme
READ: Gunmen attack Iraqi TV station that showed protest
READ: Army massacring Bahraini protesters (People are having their brains blown out, Dr. Ghasam said)
READ: Gadhafi to fight to the last bullet
READ: Governor: NATO, Afghan forces kill 64 civilians (29 are children)
READ: The Middle East & then the World
READ: Bahrain royal family orders army to turn on the people
READ: Amnesty says 46 killed by Libyan security forces
READ: Ivory Coast government takes control of foreign banks

12 February 2011
New For This Week

al-Rassooli: What Is Islam.mp3 (Must Listen)
Augusto Perez: The End Of Time18.mp3 (Part Eighteen)
David Sielaff: Real Meaning Of Biblical Words1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Real Meaning Of Biblical Words2.mp3 (Part Two)
David Zdan: Nuremberg Collection.mp3 (Not For The Faint Of Heart)
Kal Gronvall: Time Is Short.mp3
Joseph P. Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering9.mp3 (Part Nine)
Yusef Battle: Temple Mount.mp3
Yusef Battle: Education.mp3

READ: Where's the American Outrage against U.S. Support of Dictatorships?
SEE: Brazil: A Report On Torture (Very Graphic Documentary)
READ: Army admits Gulf War medical records destroyed
READ: Rising Food Prices Push Millions Into Poverty, Study Says

Jaffa - The Orange's Clockwork
Jaffa - The Orange’s Clockwork narrates the visual history of the famous citrus fruit originated from Palestine and known worldwide for centuries as "Jaffa oranges".

VIDEO: America’s Legacy of Mutagenic War

WATCH: http://english.aljazeera.net/watch_now/
WATCH: http://www.DemocracyNow.org
WATCH: http://www.linktv.org

5 February 2011
New For This Week

Catherine: Health Hub27 ~Benefits of Charcoal.mp3
Joseph P. Farrell: LBJ And The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Egypt Changing.mp3
David Sielaff: An Unfortunate Quote.mp3
David Sielaff: A Billion People Watched.mp3
David Sielaff: Spontaneous Generation.mp3
Tom Mack: Guerrulla Computing2.mp3 (Part Two)

READ: The Reign of the Psychopaths

ALERT: UN radio ordered off the air in Ivory Coast

Prayer Requested: Pray for indiginous peoples everywhere
Prayer Requested: For the people of Sri Lanka (flooding 1 million people affected)
Prayer Requested: Pray for those in Brazil who are trapped in the Favala's (slums).
Prayer Requested: Pray for the violence in Mexico to stop.
Shocking: Boy murdered by police in Alexandria even as he surrendered: Uprising 2011

29 January 2011
New For This Week

David Sielaff: The Coming Splendor of Egypt1.mp3 (part 1)
David Sielaff: The Coming Splendor of Egypt2.mp3 (Part 2)
David Sielaff: The Secret Of Ancient Religion1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: The Secret Of Ancient Religion2.mp3 (Part Two)
David Sielaff: The Secret Of Ancient Religion3.mp3 (Part Three)
Joseph P. Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering7.mp3 (Part Seven)
Michael Cox: Wind Sock Report10.mp3 (Part Ten)

SEE: http://cryptome.org/info/egypt-fights/egypt-fights.htm
SEE: http://cryptome.org/info/egypt-fights/egypt-fights2.htm
READ: Torture and Despair: The Psychic Roots of the Revolution in Tunisia, Egypt and Across the Middle East
READ: Poverty and joblessness fueling Mideast unrest
READ: Hillary Clinton Forgets to Mention Tear Gas, Tanks, Concussion Grenades Used Against Egyptian Protesters Are Made in the U.S.
READ: Mega protest' planned in Egypt
READ: Egypt protests: secret US document discloses support for protesters
READ: Mubarak gives army shoot-to-kill order
READ: Connecticut National Guard is heading to Egypt
READ: Mubarak's Steals 40 Billion
READ: Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet (From Wired How-To Wiki)
READ: As Egypt goes offline US gets internet 'kill switch' bill ready
Egypt hams are on 7.050-7.200 MHz LSB

READ: Russian police arrest dozens at anti-government rallies (They Want Freedom)
READ:Mexico offers $658,000 reward in massacre case

22 January 2011
New For This Week

David Zdan: Secret Instruction2.mp3 (Part Two ~ The Widow)
John Moore: More Than You Want To Know.mp3 (Earth Changes & Survival)
Joseph P. Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering5.mp3 (Part Five)
Joseph P. Farrell: Magic Of Social Engineering6.mp3 (Part Six)
Kal Gronvall: Buyer Beware.mp3
Michael Cox: Wind Sock Report9.mp3 (Part Nine)

15 January 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Commentary: USS Liberty And The Gaza Flotilla.mp3
David Zdan: Secret Instruction.mp3
Olaf Hage: Solutions Now.mp3
Paul Sandhu: 2011 Predictions3.mp3 (Part Three ~ World Wide Agriculture & The Global Economy)

Prayer Requested: Please pray for the farmers of India and America
Prayer Requested:US Missionary: N. Korean Captors Sexually Abused Me
Robert Park, an American Missionary of Korean descent from Tucson, Arizona.
READ: http://www.fas.org/irp/agency/dod/jason/hundred.pdf (JASON defense science advisory panel)
READ: JASONs Advise Pentagon to Collect DNA and Complete Human Genome Sequences for All Military Personnel
READ: Government Experiments on U.S. Soldiers: Shocking Claims Come to Light in New Court Case
READ: Spike in suicides for Army Guard and Reserve
READ: 50 Years After Ike's Speech: From Military-Industrial Complex to Permanent War State
READ: Brazil mudslides death toll nears 500
READ: Tunisians drive leader from power in mass uprising
READ: Cruise lines flee California ports (Due to violence in Mexico)
READ: One Year After Haiti Earthquake, Corporations Profit While People Suffer
READ:The Logic of Imperial Insanity and the Road to World War III
READ: Freedom in decline worldwide: US report

8 January 2011
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Commentary: The Birds.mp3
Augusto Perez: PreparacionProfetica2.mp3 (Part Two ~ Spanish)
Augusto Perez: PreparacionProfetica1.mp3 (Part One ~ Spanish)
Augusto Perez: The End Of Time17.mp3 (Part Seventeen)
Olaf Hage: Let's Build New Cities1.mp3
Olaf Hage: How To Fund New Cities2.mp3
Paul Sandhu: 2011 Predictions2.mp3 (Part Two)
Peter Levenda: Unholy Alliance2.mp3 (Part Two)
Yusef Battle: Victory.mp3

Intercessory Prayer Requested: Pray for the people of Australia who have lost their homes due to flooding http://globalrumblings.blogspot.com/2011/01/brisbane-horrifying-flooding-set-to.html

Prayer Requested for the people of Haiti

Prayer Requested for the families of the victims of the Tucson, Arizona shooting and for the recovery of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who was shot in the head. At least 18 people wounded and six people dead

Prayer Requested: For David Zdan that God will provide a way for him to move out of California with his daughters.

Prayer Requested: For Tom Horn and his wife

1 January 2011
New For This Week

David Sielaff: The Story Of Creation1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: The Story Of Creation2.mp3 (Part Two)
David Zdan: The Cross And The Swastika5.mp3 (Part Five ~ Final)
Paul Sandhu: 2011 Predictions1.mp3 (Part One)
Paul Sandhu: Towards the end there were phone problems. Part two will be out soon. Sorry for the problems.

Intercessory Prayer Requested: Lao Officials of Katin village in Ta Oih district, (Saravan Province) destroyed rice paddies and expelled more Christians. Katin villagers lose homes, livestock and land rights because of their faith.
Intercessory Prayer Requested: Pray for the people of Afghanistan
Intercessory Prayer Requested: Pray for the people of Iran
Intercessory Prayer Requested: Pray for the people of Nigeria.
Intercessory Prayer Requested: Pray for the people of Haiti.
Intercessory Prayer Requested: Pray for the people of North Korea.
Intercessory Prayer Requested: Pray for the people of Australia who have lost their homes due to flooding

25 December 2010
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: The End Of Time16.mp3 (Part Sixteen)
Byron Reagan: Health And Weather Update.mp3
Catherine Allen: Health Hub 26.mp3 (Energy)
Joseph P. Farrell: Roswell And The Reich3.mp3 (Part Three)
Peter Levenda: Unholy Alliance1.mp3
Tom Mack: Guerrulla Computing.mp3

Prayer Requested for Bradley Manning and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Allan Nairn: As U.S. Loses Its Global Economic Edge, Its "One Clear Comparative Advantage is in Killing, and It’s Using It" (VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE)

READ:Coup d'etat: The Historical Framework of Globalization
READ: Stansberry's Investment Advisory
READ: 14 Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Americans Are Being Arrested For

18 December 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Hell On Earth.mp3
David Zdan: The Cross And The Swastika3.mp3 ( Part Three ~ A Warning To The West)
David Zdan: The Cross And The Swastika4.mp3 ( Part Four ~ A Warning To The West)
Kal Gronvall: Lethal Lies.mp3
Tom Mack: The Computer Underground.mp3
Yusef Battle: Sanctification1.mp3 (African info second half of audio)

Have a happy and safe holiday season and please remember those who will not have a happy holiday season.

Viewer Supported TV: Http://LinkTv.org

READ: Confirmed: BofA is WikiLeaks' next target
READ: How an Obscure Outfit Called MERS Is Subverting Our Entire System of Property Rights
READ: Waiting To Exhale: Climate Criminals Want To Tax Every Breath You Take
[....and sadly there are so many who are cheerleaders for their own demise]

11 December 2010
New For This Week

Greg Coleson: The Beginning Of The End1.mp3 (Part One)
Greg Coleson: The Beginning Of The End2.mp3 (Part Two)
Greg Coleson: The Beginning Of The End3.mp3 (Part Three)
Pastor Terry Jefferson: The Spirit Of Shame.mp3

READ: Wiki: List of American politicians convicted of crimes

4 December 2010
New For This Week

David Zdan: The Cross And The Swastika1.mp3 ( A Warning To The West)
David Zdan: The Cross And The Swastika2.mp3
Debra Pitts: The Trafficking Report.mp3
Robert Kelley: The Christmas Quiz.mp3

READ: Myths and Facts: Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine

First they came for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up,
because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up,
because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up,
because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.
by Rev. Martin Niemoller, 1945

Reverend Martin Niemoller spoke out against the Nazis. He was arrested and imprisoned at Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps. Near the end of the war, he narrowly escaped execution. Martin Niemoller died in Wiesbaden, West Germany on Mar 6, 1984, at the age of 92

He was instrumental in producing the "Stuttgart Confession of Guilt", in which the German Protestant churches formally accepted guilt for their complicity in allowing the horrendous suffering and slaughter which Hitler's reign (the NAZIS) perpetrated and carried out against millions of innocent and defenseless people, including 14 million Christians. So, could it be that the churches in America are complicit in the abomination she has become? Could it be intentional? The Unholy Alliance - Evangelists & Politicians

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