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Aloe Immune Capsules 500 mg
Scott Siegel: For Our Health Introduction.mp3 (Part One ~ Must hear this info)
Scott Siegel: For Our Health2.mp3 (More important info)
Scott Siegel: For Our Health4.mp3
Scott Siegel: Gut Immunity.mp3
(Call Scott at 1-800-807-4779)

21 August 2010
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Linda Siegel: Something About Aloe.mp3
Olaf Hage: Armageddon1.mp3
Olaf Hage: Armageddon2.mp3
Olaf Hage: Armageddon3.mp3
Pastor Terry Jefferson: Rejection.mp3

Prayer Requested for the Albinos in Tanzania. They are hunted down for their body parts (for witchcraft) and many have already been slaughtered.

14 August 2010
New For This Week

Joseph P. Farrell: Babylon Banksters2.mp3 (Part Two)
NOTICE: Purchase Dr. Farrell's book from FeralHouse ~ Phone: 1-800-967-7785
Babylon’s Banksters; The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion
Catherine: Health Hub 25.mp3 (Purslane Herb)
Frosty Wooldridge: America On The Brink.mp3
Paul Sandhu: Signs Of The End Times.mp3
Yusef Battle: The Last Adam1.mp3 (Part One)
Yusef Battle: The Last Adam2.mp3 (Part Two)

7 August 2010
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Darnette Taylor: The Blood.mp3
Kal Gronvall: The Carp Chaos.mp3
Linda Siegel: Essential OILS.mp3

31 July 2010
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AC Griffith: ChemTrails And The Gulf.mp3
Augusto Perez: The End Of Time11.mp3 (Part Eleven)
David Sielaff: Universal Salvation1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Universal Salvation2.mp3 (Part Two)

Prayer requested for the victims of the flooding in Pakistan

24 July 2010
New For This Week

Joseph P. Farrell: Babylon Banksters1.mp3
NOTICE: Purchase Dr. Farrell's book from FeralHouse ~ Phone: 1-800-967-7785
Babylon’s Banksters; The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion
Yusef Battle: Sono Fusion3a.mp3
Yusef Battle: Sono Fusion3b.mp3

Prayer Request for Tom Mack.

17 July 2010
New For This Week

Barry Chamish: Let My Mosque Be Built.mp3 (9-11)
Debra Pitts: This Dark Truth3.mp3 (Part Three)
Kal Gronvall: Organized Extinction.mp3
Robert Kelley: New Covenant, Who Is Called?.mp3 (Part Four)

COMMENT: 20th July: First, thank you to all who have been concerned as to why the site has not been updated. As of 3 July I started having serious internet connectivity issues and it was determined the problem was a faulty Hughes.net modem. The internet connection completely collapsed. Today, the 20th of July a Hughes.net contractor was dispatched to rectify the issue. All this after paying extra every month for two day service. So, I'm back up and the files will resume.

3 July 2010
New For This Week

Chris Blodgett: Sigh And Cry.mp3 (Read Ezekiel 9)
Darnette Taylor: Medicine Wheel.mp3
David Sielaff: Christian In Name Only1.mp3
David Sielaff: Christian In Name Only2.mp3
Kal Gronvall: Extinction Event.mp3 (Must Listen)
Michael Cox: Back Yard Food Production.mp3 Special Guest: Marjorie
Paul Sandhu: The PreAdamic Ages7.mp3 (Part Seven)
Yusef Battle: Sono Fusion1.mp3 (Part One)
Yusef Battle: Sono Fusion2.mp3 (Part Two)
Prayer Requested for Eritrean refugees (CSW News) - They are in great danger. Some 20,000 citizens of a population of around six and a half million are imprisoned in Eritrea without charge or trial, 3,000 of whom are held simply for their Christian faith. PLEASE PRAY.

BOMB:‘Bomb’ Found On Alabama Beach (Orange Beach Perdido Pass)
Read: Arsenic levels rise in seawater around the Gulf of Mexico
Read: BP now using EIGHT types of chemical dispersants in Gulf
Read: Pulmonary Specialist: “Never seen such enormous amounts of exposure”; Swimming in Gulf waters can cause “respiratory failure”
Read: At least 5 people dead after swimming at oil-tainted Gulf beaches
Read: Could The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Cause A Massive Earthquake Along The New Madrid Fault Line?
Read: Gulf's Evolution Makes the Shakes (New Orleans independent geologist Jack M. Reed)
Read: Obama shuts down 33% of the country’s oil refining capacity
(Either give him Cap and Trade or we will shut everything down through the EPA) Sounds like extortion?
Read: Wall Street Apocalypse: The World of the Doomsday Investors
(Best Investment Could Be.... Lead)

U.S. President has constitutional power not only to retaliate against any person, organization, or State suspected of involvement in terrorist attacks on the United States, but also against foreign States suspected of harboring or supporting such organizations. -- Congress has acknowledged this inherent executive power in both the War Powers Resolution and the Joint Resolution passed by Congress on September 14, 2001 -- Read: http://www.justice.gov/olc/warpowers925.htm

26 June 2010
New For This Week

NOTICE: TheByteShow is having major internet connectivity issues with Hughes Net!
Augusto Perez: The End Of Time10.mp3 (Part Ten ~ 2 Hours ~ Must Hear This!)
Kal Gronvall: Swallowed Alive.mp3
Michael Cox: Wind Sock Report7.mp3
Robert Kelley: New Covenant; Who Is Called3.mp3 (Part Three)
Rory O. Moore: It Is The Appointed Time.mp3
Prayer Request for Stuart R for a peaceful heart and that his surgery will go well.

READ: Goldman Sachs - The Pirates of Poison in the Gulf
READ: The link between BP, geoengineering and GM
READ: Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal
SEE - ZIP FILE: AU 60 Minutes Oil Spill Video Axed by BP Full (9.8MB)
READ - PDF: Kenneth Abbott Whistleblows BP Safety Negligence (Includes BP Atlantis Deficiencies)
READ: The Powers-That-Be Are Terrified of the Mass Awakening Taking Place Worldwide
READ:How many Americans are targeted for assassination?
READ: U.S. government panel now pushing "vaccinations for all!" No exceptions
READ: ASPHALT VOLCANO & BP, ILLUSION OF A FALSE SPILL (The Story Behind the Story with A. True Ott, PhD)
SEE VIDEO HERE ---> http://www.blacklistednews.com/news-9431-0-6-6--.html
READ - PDF: A Review Of The Gulf Oil Eruption, And What The Future Holds That You Are Not Being Told.
READ - PDF: E-Government Challenge in Disaster Evacuation Response: The Role of RFID Technology in Building Safe, and Secure Local Communities."
READ: Egypt - Red Sea Oil Spill Cover-Up Worse than Reported
READ: Libya going ahead with BP drilling deal
(BP to begin drilling in Libya's offshore deepwater region of the Mediterranean Sea)
READ: Morgellons Victims Across the US and Europe (Part 1)

19 June 2010
New For This Week

Darnett Taylor: The Choctaw People9.mp3 (Part Nine)
Michael Cox: Wind Sock Report6.mp3 (Part Six)
Paul Sandhu: The PreAdamic Ages6.mp3 (Part Six ~ The Birth Of Evil)
Robert Kelley: New Covenant; Who Is Called2.mp3 (Part Two)
Prayer Requested for the people of Kyrgyzstan (please pray the slaughter will stop)
Prayer Requested for Jan Brewer and the State of Arizona
Prayer Requested for Julie N -- she is in need of healing for primary pulmonary hypertension

Read: Five Federal Lands in Arizona Have Travel Warnings in Place
(Closed for safe passage of "illegals and other criminal gangs" trafficking highly profitable "human slaves and drug cargo" into the U.S.?)
READ: Glo-baal-ist Hillary Clinton Says White House Will Sue Over Arizona Immigration Law
SEE: U.S. Southern Border: http://republicbroadcasting.org/?p=8419 (VERY GRAPHIC)
Now, do you understand why the State of Arizona must enforce her immigration laws in order to protect the "legal" residents of the State of Arizona?

12 June 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Special Edition7.mp3
Byron Reagan: Weather Report And The Gulf.mp3
David Sielaff: Falsification of Prophecy.mp3
Kal Gronvall: Mass Destruction.mp3 (Warning)
Paul Sandhu: The PreAdamic Ages5.mp3 (Part Five)
Prayer Requested for Lucille. She is in great physical pain.
Prayer Requested for the people of Kyrgyzstan (please pray the slaughter will stop)

Comment: So called "clean energy or green energy" = buzz words for CAP AND TRADE this is another fleecing scheme. Don't be fooled. Cap and Trade will do nothing but make the rich richer, taxes skyrocket and more Draconian laws for all of us. Don't fall for it. As for the deadly oil gusher in the Gulf -- please watch this video
Gulf of Mexico Deja Vu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVx6PWlgDZU

Read: Gibbs: Administration may seize claims processing (The fox guards the hen house!)
Read: Israel’s Leader Capital Markets CEO “Commits Suicide”
Read: Peter Sutherland He is involved with BP, Goldman Sachs, and a financial adviser to the Vatican
Read: Turkish Catholic Leader Beheaded (Indeed another political - religious murder)
Read: Kyrgyzstan carnage: 700 feared dead as looting, riots surge (See Video)
Read: EPA Takes a Giant Leap Into Tyranny
Cancer alley, BP style -- An underreported story from southern Louisiana
Read: Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It
Read: Food prices to rise by up to 40% over next decade, UN report warns
Read: UK Eugenicists Demand We need a global initiative for population reduction

5 June 2010
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: The End Of Time9.mp3 (Part Nine)
(Note: Augusto talks about the Gulf and what we are facing, what is coming and much, much more)
David Sielaff: Assumptions About Satan1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Assumptions About Satan2.mp3 (Part Two)
Michael Cox: Wind Sock Report4.mp3 (Part Four)
Michael Cox: Wind Sock Report5.mp3 (Part Five - Need To Hear This! )
Pastor Terry Jefferson: Internal Battles.mp3
Paul Sandhu: The PreAdamic Ages3 (Part Three)
Paul Sandhu: The PreAdamic Ages4 (Part Four)
Robert Kelley: New Covenant; Who Is Called.mp3
Notice: David J. Meyer of Last Trumpet Ministries has passed away. Please pray for his family.

Read: Something the Media has failed to reveal
(Gulf oil spill is on top of a major tectonic plate that is prone to Earthquakes.)
Read: Senator: Deepwater Well Integrity May Be Shot, Meaning Oil Could Be Leaking Straight Up From The Seabed
Read: BP Well Bore And Casing Integrity May Be Blown, Says Florida’s Sen. Nelson
Read: What if BP Never Stopped the Oil in the Gulf of Mexico? Read: Engineers Say Deepwater Horizon Well Could Leak for Years if Not Stopped
Brasscheck TV: What it means to lose the Gulf
UpDate: Hollie Demands Justice

29 May 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Special Edition6 (Part Six)
Barry Chamish: The Flotilla.mp3
David Sielaff: Does God Have Feelings1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: Does God Have Feelings2.mp3 (Part Two)
Kal Gronvall: Up The Plank.mp3
Keith Baker: Hamvention.mp3 (About Ham Radio)
Prayer requested for all people in distress

Read: Dollar Primed for Collapse by End June
Read: Energy expert: Nuking oil leak ‘only thing we can do’
Read: No Surprise: U.S. Rejects Nuclear Option for Gulf Oil Gusher

22 May 2010
New For This Week

Barry Chamish: Gulf Rumors And Israel.mp3
Kal Gronvall: Why Pay Less.mp3 (Why Pay Less When You can Pay More?)
Michael Cox: The Gulf Disaster2.mp3 (Part Two)
Michael Fleming: God Heals.mp3
Prayer of healing requested for Michael Fleming

NOTICE: Purchase Dr. Farrell's book from FeralHouse ~ Phone: 1-800-967-7785
Babylon’s Banksters; The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion

15 May 2010
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: End Of Time 8.mp3 (Part Eight)
David Sielaff: The Law of Moses, The Passover and the Lord's Supper.mp3
Michael Schratt: Roswell And The Reich, A Special Review.mp3
(Excellent review of Joseph Farrell's famous book "Roswell And The Reich; The Nazi Connection")
Paul Sandhu: The Pre-Adamic Ages2.mp3 (Part Two)

8 May 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Special Edition5 - Boots And Coots.mp3
Byron Reagan: Weather Report - The Gulf.mp3
Darnette Taylor: The Choctaw People8.mp3 (Shape Shifters)
David Sielaff: How To Identify False Prophets.mp3
Kal Gronvall: Monetary Morphine.mp3
Michael Cox: The Gulf Disaster.mp3
Michael Fleming: God's Grace.mp3
Olaf Hage: The Cyprus Gospel.mp3
Paul Sandhu: The Pre-Adamic Ages.mp3 (Part One)
Prayer Requested for all peoples everywhere on this planet who are in distress
Prayer requested for Stewart Best.He is in serious need of intercessory prayer for his health.
Prayer Requested for John P. Tarapata. John has suffered two heart attacks and a stroke. John is in need of intercessory prayer. He gives thanks to all who will pray for his recovery.
Prayer Requested for Sue Bradley that her health will be fully restored. Please keep praying for Sue.
Prayer Requested for Tom Mack please pray for his health.


"It's not a leak, it's a volcano spewing oil"
Read: Oil Spill = Illuminati's Covert War on America(Henry Makow)
Read: Explosions Collapse Seafloor At Deepwater Horizon Well Head?
Read: Media ignores GOLDMAN SACHS' ties to Corexit dispersant
Read: Gas Leak 3000 Times Worse Than Oil
Read: Less Toxic Dispersants Lose Out in BP Oil Spill Cleanup (MUST READ)
(Toxic Corexit is manufactured by Nalco Co., whose executives are from BP and Exxon.)
Read: Giant Plumes of Oil Forming Under the Gulf
The plumes are depleting the oxygen [30% to date] dissolved in the gulf, worrying scientists, who fear that the oxygen level could eventually fall so low as to kill off much of the sea life near the plumes.
Video Must See: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=524_1273510578
See: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/05/disaster_unfolds_slowly_in_the.html
See U.S. Weather - Radar Loop -- http://weather.unisys.com/radar/rad_us_loop.html
Read: BP shuns the best ideas to clean up the oil
Read: Gulf oil gusher ‘ten times worse’ than previously estimated, experts say
Read: http://www.valdezlink.com/corexit.htm (Highly Carcinogenic ~ Mutates Micro-organisms! Corexit = Adverse Effects on Biological Processes -- This is allegedly being used in the gulf)
Read: 2010 Atlantic hurricane season could rank in the top ten

ALERT: White House aims to use Deepwater [Gulf] disaster to win votes for US climate bill http://www.blacklistednews.com/news-8665-0-6-6--.html Senators are set to take a last run at producing a climate and energy law tomorrow, betting on the spectre of environmental disaster raised by the BP oil spill to build support for a comprehensive overhaul of America's energy strategy.[GET ON THE PHONE!]

ALERT: Kagan Asked Court to 'Embrace Theory of First Amendment That Would Allow Censorship Not Only of Radio and Television Broadcasts, But Pamphlets and Posters'.... Justice Kennedy described the law Kagan had defended as an illegitimate attempt to use “censorship to control thought.” http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/65600
ALERT: Obama’s Supreme Pick Kagan Is A Bankster Operative
Is Kagan independent? Hardly. She is a bankster operative. Kagan sat on a Goldman Sachs advisory council between 2005 and 2008. It was her job to offer “analysis and advice to Goldman Sachs and its clients.” http://www.blacklistednews.com/news-8638-0-23-23--.html

What New World Order Democracy Does For Christians:
SEE: http://downloads.cbn.com/cbnnewsplayer/cbnplayer.swf?aid=9425

Read: Elite Going Down in Defeat (Dr. Mark Sircus' Blog)
SEE: Dr. James David Manning: http://la-gun.com/manning/
Read: The False Teachings of Church Christianity (Henry Makow)
Read: Is the New World Order "Jewish"? (Henry Makow)
Read: "Progress" = Satanic Possession of Mankind
Read: The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’ (But no one dared to tell you)
Read: Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews
Read: Rabbi Antelman Is Back (By Barry Chamish)
Read: Israel Gags News on Extra-Judicial Killings
Read: Lieberman - No US citizenship rights for terrorists
(What laws might a "terrorist" government pass against its people?)
NOTE: Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food
Read: Creatively Marketing Global Communism
Read: Shell reports record oil spillages in Nigeria
(14,000 tons of crude oil into the creeks of the Niger Delta)
Read: No joke: Goldman Sachs shorted Gulf of Mexico
It turns out that Goldman Sachs really did place shorts on TransOcean stock days before the explosions rocked the rig in the Gulf of Mexico sending stocks plunging while GS profits soared -- benefiting once again from a huge disaster, having done the same with airline stocks prior to 911 then again with the housing bubble.

READ: IRS provision in health care bill
READ: Dangerous Expansion" of IRS Powers

1 May 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Special Edition4.mp3 (Part Four ~ Lucifer And Chemtrails)
Catherine: Weeds N Things2.mp3 (Mullein Herb)
David Sielaff: Mosaic Prophecies For The End Time.mp3
Kal Gronvall: DTCC Scams And Riots.mp3
Lee Ross: Ancient Archaeology.mp3
Michael Fleming: Keep Dreaming.mp3
Yusef Battle: Step By Step 23a.mp3 (Part A)
Yusef Battle: Step By Step 23b.mp3 (Part B)

READ Goldman Sachs Reveals it Shorted Gulf of Mexico (This may be satire but where there is smoke there is fire)
NASA EARTH OBSERVATORY: Leak at Gulf of Mexico Oil Well
READ: Bailout Bill Would Require Banks to Track and Report Personal Checking to Feds
READ: Costly IRS Mandate Slipped into Health Bill
READ: Scandal: Obama, Gore, Goldman, Joyce Foundation CCX partners to fleece USA
(The Goldman suit is a put up job!)

24 April 2010
New For This Week

David Sielaff: Essentials Of Prophetic Understanding1.mp3
David Sielaff: Essentials Of Prophetic Understanding2.mp3
Kal Gronvall: All Over The Board.mp3
Keith Baker: Ham Radio Introduction2.mp3 (Part 2)
Need to contact: If anyone knows the whereabouts of John P. Tarapata (he is MISSING) please contact GeorgeAnn
PRAYER NEED for Stewart Best as he is very ill

URGENT: House and Senate Ramming Through Secret Bill Add-Ons to Block Supplements

READ:Police And Prosecutors Offices Stealing Assets Across America To Pay State Debt
READ - PDF: Policing for Profit: The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture (Details)

SEE: America ~ Police State 4 (Video lengh: 2hrs. 20min)

SEE: What Happens In A Police State?
The Auschwitz Album

17 April 2010
New For This Week

Barry Chamish: Not BARCELONA.mp3
David Sielaff: Blessed Is He That Comes.mp3
Debra Pitts: The Dark Truth2.mp3 (Part 2)
Kal Gronvall: The Litter Box.mp3
Keith Baker: Ham Radio Introduction.mp3 (Part 1)
Michael Fleming: Your Mouth Has Power.mp3
Pastor Terry Jefferson: Things Are Out Of Order.mp3

PRAYER REQUEST FROM SOUTH AFRICA: Many reports of women and children being taken by force into sex slavery to service the tourists that will be attending the soccer world cup held in South Africa between 11 June to 11 July 2010. PLEASE pray the truth of this horrific crime (SEX SLAVERY) is full exposed and the women and children will be released.

Establishment Paedophile Network Exposed
LISTEN: http://www.truthforum.co.uk/media/ManchesterRadioOnline-TonyLegend.mp3
READ: http://www.holliedemandsjustice.org/robert-green-arrested-appeal-for-support

READ: FDA Ignored Urgent Warnings - Medical Radiation
(One CT chest scan delivers as much radiation as nearly 400 chest X-rays)
READ: Acetaminophen: the Killer Painkiller ( Tylenol!)
READ: TIME Magazine Lists Flouride as “Environmental Toxin” (BlackListed News)
READ: Bayer admits GMO contamination out of control

10 April 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Special Edition 3.mp3 (Part 3)
Augusto Perez: End Of Time7.mp3 (Part 7)
Catherine: Weeds N Things.mp3
Chris Blodgett: Separating The Holy From The Profane.mp3
David Sielaff: The Megillot In Prophecy.mp3
Kal Gronvall: The Demon Bankers.mp3
Yusef Battle: Step By Step22.mp3 (Part 22)

Read: Soros: It’s Not Easy Being God
Read: FDIC wants your retirement cash to save banks
Read: The climate-change nightmares of military strategists
Read: Regime warns Iranians a massive earthquake is imminent
Read: Polish president Lech Kaczynski killed in plane crash (ACCIDENT???)
Read: Kyrgyzstan capital bloodied, looted and chaotic after overthrow of Bakiyev
(Another country ruined, looted by its government ~ "There is no work and no factories. Bakiyev stole everything." ~ Sound familiar America?)
Cryptome: Kyrgyz Police Protest Photos (Not for children)

Wikileaks leaked video of Civilians killed in Baghdad - Full video
Read: http://cryptome.org/info/reuters-kill-2/reuters-kill-2.htm
LOOK: Comparison of US Army and Wikileaks Video Stills of Reuters Staff Killing, Baghdad, Iraq, 12 July 2007 -- US Army Video Clip
ZIP FILE: http://cryptome.org/reuters-kill.zip
Read: Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People ...."

Remember History: Armenian Genocide 1915
April marks the 95th anniversary of the start of the Armenian genocide

3 April 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Special Edition2.mp3
Kal Gronvall: IRS Money Grab.mp3
Michael Cox: Wind Sock Report3.mp3
Michael Fleming: Fasting Worship And Praise.mp3

27 March 2010
New For This Week

Michael Fleming: Abiding In Jesus Christ.mp3

20 March 2010
New For This Week

Adrian Krieg The American Dream ~ Nightmare.mp3
Byron Reagan: Wellness Issues.mp3
David Sielaff: When Prophecies Fail1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: When Prophecies Fail2.mp3 (Part Two)
John Moore: The Inevitable UpDate2.mp3
John Moore: The Inevitable UpDate1.mp3
Kal Gronvall: The Greatest Heist In US History.mp3
Michael Cox: WindSock Report2.mp3
Pastor Terry Jefferson: Serious End Time Talk.mp3
Yusef Battle: Step By Step 21a.mp3
Yusef Battle: Step By Step 21b.mp3
Prayer Requested for Tom Mack's health issues
Comment: Snow, snow, snow over a foot deep on GeorgeAnn's porch.

ALERT: Joseph Lieberman and John McCain have come up with a new way to "protect" us.
The new bill is being considered right now: http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/827.html

ALERT: Cap and Trade: A License Required for your Home

13 March 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion16.mp3 (Part 16)
David Sielaff: The Biblical Teaching of Hell.mp3
Deanna Spingola: Barack Obama Former CIA Agent.mp3
John Wood: The Homeless Report.mp3 (Email)
Kal Gronvall: DTCC Simplified.mp3
Michael Fleming: Faith At Work.mp3
NOTICE: Joseph P. Farrell's "Roswell and The Reich; The Nazi Connection"
Can be purchased from: Amazon.com: "Roswell and The Reich"

Prayer Needed for the people of Chile and Haiti as many have lost loved ones and many are now homeless. Heavy rains are coming to Haiti and the people need strong shelter -- PLEASE PRAY for all people who are in distress.
Prayer Requested for Sue concerning serious health issues.
Prayer Requested for Wade's mom concerning her health.
UpDate: Wade reports that his mom's health improved and he thanks all who prayed.

READ: It's Rotten in Denmark (THIS IS A MUST READ)

6 March 2010
New For This Week

Augusto Perez: The End Of Time6.mp3 (Part Six)
Byron Reagan: Mitogenx.mp3
Darnette Taylor: The Choctaw People7.mp3 (Part Seven)
David Sielaff: Tomb Of Rachel.mp3
Deanna Spingola: Depopulation By Government Edict.mp3
Debra Pitts: This Dark Truth.mp3
Joseph Farrell: Cosmic War14.mp3 (Part Fourteen)
Kal Gronvall: DTCC Plan For You.mp3
URGENT ~ Prayer Requested - From a brother in Jos, Nigeria, requesting urgent prayer in wake of recent massacre (very graphic images). This morning (2.00am Nigerian time), we were a woken by sounds of gunshots. Muslim insurgents and terrorists from the neighbouring State of Bauchi invaded some villages in Barakin Ladi Local Government Area. One of the villages is called Dogo'nahawa, which is about 7km from where we are living. After their visitation more than 100 people were killed, most of who were women and children, and several thousands injured. This is a clear case of genocide against the Christians in Jos. Jotham M. Kangdim

And they began to sin against birds, beasts, reptiles, and fish, to eat their flesh one after another, and to drink their blood. And the people cried and their voice reached unto heaven.
1 Enoch 7,8 -- The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Vol I; Edited by James H. Charlesworth.

READ: Canada On The Verge Of Approving Enviropigs Millions Of Canadians Will Soon Be Eating Mouse/Pig Hybrids (with video)

READ: Chimera - Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy
National Geographic News -- January 25, 2005

READ: Banned in 160 Nations… Yet U.S. FDA Regards it as Safe?
A livestock drug banned in 160 nations and responsible for hyperactivity, muscle breakdown and 10 percent mortality in pigs has been approved by the FDA.
[This article by Dr. Mercola]

READ: Fury as EU approves GM potato
German chemical giant BASF this week won approval from the European Commission for commercial growing of a starchy potato with a gene that could resist antibiotics. Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic may plant the potato

26 Feb 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion 15a.mp3 (Part Fifteen ~ A)
Aaron Kaplan: Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion 15b.mp3 (Part Fifteen ~ B)
David Sielaff: Conscience And Responsibility.mp3
Deanna Spingola: The Balfour Deportation Declaration.mp3
Kal Gronvall: The DTCC Set Up.mp3
Larry Taylor: Into Darkness.mp3
Yusef Battle: Step By Step20.mp3 (The Tecnocracy)
Prayer Requested for the people of Chile and surrounding areas that are affected. The 8.8 earthquake (27 Feb) has destroyed many homes and life has been lost. Please also continue to pray for the people of Haiti.
Prayer Requested for Julia as she is undergoing eye surgery today.
Prayer Requested for Pastor Terry Jefferson, he has been hospitalized
Prayer Requested for Stewart Best, he is very ill.

NOTICE: All Audio Files For The Year 2009 Are Here --> GuestPage9

Defense.gov News Transcript: DoD News Briefing: Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen
says military can cause earthquakes!
Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen -- April 28, 1997

The story of a North Korean defector comes to life

Amazing testimony of brother Yun's miraculous escape
from China's maximum security prison.

Robert Park
North Korea Prayer

Robert Park, an ethnic Korean, has gone into North Korea totally alone, which sadly leaves him to be slandered as a rash derelict. Hear his own words and heart to reach the people of North Korea with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
From Doug -- "The church in the U.S. and the West needs to get off its narcissistic-self-centered-pre-occupation with saving America and open our eyes to the cries of the most persecuted-brutalized people" on earth! READ: Heb. 13:3 w/ 1Cor. 12:26-27 w/ Isa 63:9a

20 Feb 2010
New For This Week

Byron Reagan: Healthy Men2.mp3 (Part 2)
Darnette Taylor: The Choctaw People6.mp3 (Part Six)
Jon Wood: The Homeless.mp3
Jon Wood's WebSite: Saint Eugene deMazenod Shelters.com
Kal Gronvall: The New Poor.mp3
Roger Taggert: America's Future With God.mp3
Prayer Requested for the Cryptome website and John Young -- this is a matter of freedom.

Cryptome Operating as Subdomain on siteprotect
This is temporary Cryptome address until the Cryptome.org domain is transferred. Network Solutions shut Cryptome.org and has placed a "legal lock" on the domain name, preventing its transfer, until the "dispute" is settled. Some recent files are available now and the full collection is being transferred.

Microsoft Global Criminal Spy Guide -- ZIP FILE -- (1.6MB)

Read: CDC Panel Calls for Flu Vaccine for All
Read: The New York Times: Millions of unemployed face years without jobs
Discern: Germany Answers Obama Call For NATO Troops In US Homeland
Read: Bank of America Forecloses on Houses without Mortgages
Read: World Health Organization's ranking of the world's health systems
Read: Physician: Two-thirds of ObamaCare passed in stimulus package
Read: Obama to spell out new healthcare plan (BIG Looting Scheme)
Government run health care is another fascist enrichment scheme and they will TAX you to death for it! Mandatory Vaccinations coming? Just wait and see.
Real "health care" is and should include clean water, clean air, non-GMO foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, oils, massage, acupuncture, homeopathic, naturopathy, holistic therapies.... and NO we do not want government involved in the choices we make. We must take responsibility. ALL the Godless ism's of man fail and obamaism is just another ism.

Read: Apocalypse And The Maya calendar by Anthony Aveni

13 Feb 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion14.mp3 (Part Fourteen)
Daniel Jones: The Great Schism1.mp3 (Part One ~ 2 Hours)
Darnette Taylor: The Choctaw People5.mp3 (Part Five)
Deanna Spingola: The Bankers Of World War One.mp3
Rory Moore: Debt And The Curse.mp3
Prayer Request ~ please keep praying for Jim D. He is home and doing better. Thank you for your prayers.
Prayer Request For Intercessors: The people of North Korea are in desperate need of prayer. So many are starving and children left dead in the streets. The situation in N. Korea is beyond horror.

We're all on Obama's enemies list
February 18, 2010
READ: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=125378
Every single free American has a stake in opposing Obama's agenda.

Question: Concerning the burning office building in Austin, Texas yesterday 18 Feb 2010 -- Where was the fire department? Did anyone see fire trucks?

6 Feb 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion13.mp3 (Part Thirteen)
Augusto Perez: End Time Disclosure5.mp3 (Part Five)
Byron Reagan: Toxins In Your Body.mp3
David Sielaff: The Lake of Fire: Where Is it Located1?.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: The Lake of Fire: Where Is it Located2?.mp3 (Part Two)
Deanna Spingola: Scheming For World War 1914 To 1918.mp3
Joseph P. Farrell: Roswell And The Reich1.mp3 (Part One ~ New Series)
Notice: Joseph P. Farrell's new book "Roswell And The Reich" is now available at Adventures Unlimited Press (Toll Free Line 1-800-718-4514)
Kal Gronvall: The DTCC Deception.mp3
Keith Arndt: Code 44.mp3
Yusef Battle: Step By Step 19.mp3 (Part 19 ~ "Pro + Vision")
Tom Mack thanks all who prayed for him. He will be ok.

Senator McCain Files New Bill That Attacks Your Access to Supplements
and Repeals Key Sections of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act
TAKE ACTION NOW AND TELL YOUR SENATOR NOT TO CO-SPONSOR THIS BILL -- Source: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4608 The Natural Products Association is reviewing McCain’s bill, which is cosponsored by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), and offers this initial analysis regarding the impact of the legislation on the industry.
Read the complete bill here: http://www.npainfo.org/clientuploads/regulatoryLegislative/2010%20Dietary%20Supplement%20Safety%20Bill.pdf

(4 Feb 2010) Scientist's disappearance a mystery to colleagues

30 Jan 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion12.mp3 (Part Twelve)
Darnette Taylor: The Choctaw People4.mp3 (Part Four)
Deanna Spingola: The Lusitania Incident, America Enters the War.mp3
Pastor Terry Jefferson: Demon Warfare In The Home.mp3

23 Jan 2010
New For This Week

Barry Chamish: I Am Not AntiSemitic.mp3
Barry Chamish: The Overview.mp3 (More on the Children - this audio was recorded several years ago)
Byron Reagan: Healthy Men.mp3
C.T. Wilcox: The Transformation Of The Republic.mp3 (Part One)
Daniel Jones: A Historical Sketch Of Orthodox Distinctives.mp3
David Zdan: READ: Who_Owns_You.pdf (PDF)
Deanna Spingola: Woodrow Wilson: A Puppet Of The Money Trust.mp3

Weather Warfare: Beware the US military’s experiments with climatic warfare
‘Climatic warfare’ has been excluded from the agenda on climate change.
By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky ~ Global Research, December 7, 2007
READ: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7561
READ: http://globalresearch.ca/articles/haarpecologist.pdf (Haarp Ecologist - Weather Warfare - PDF)
READ: http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/022501.htm

16 Jan 2010
New For This Week

Deanna Spingola: The Ally's Ethnic Cleansing In Europe.mp3
Kal Gronvall: Super Bowl Suicide.mp3
Keith Arndt: Discerning Good And Evil.mp3
Larry Taylor: The Secret Letter.mp3
Silence Knew: Children In Distress.mp3
Prayer Request: Please keep Augusto Perez in prayer as he is traveling to Cuba.

1. Obama's Health Care? Obama Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent
2. Doctors Without Borders Blocked From Landing in Port-au-Prince
3. 344 Cuban Medics Treat Earthquake Victims
4. Latin American Countries Rush Aid to Haiti
5 Ten Commandments monument in place at Oklahoma bank
6. Haiti’s Overshoot of Habitat Capacity
7. 200,000 Haitian migrants could file for Temporary Protected Status
8. Democrats propose $1.9 trillion increase in debt limit
9. The World Bids Farewell to Obama

9 Jan 2010
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion11.mp3 (Part Eleven)
Byron Reagan: Big UpDate For 2010.mp3
(To purchase Cherokee Tea Tonic call Aaron Reagan: 1-731-612-0123 )
David Sielaff: The Dislocation of Time in Prophecies1.mp3 (Part One)
David Sielaff: The Dislocation of Time in Prophecies2.mp3 (Part Two)
Deanna Spingola: The Military Industrial Complex, an Illuminati Operation.mp3
Glen Jacobs: After The Fall Of Socialism.mp3 (Short & To The Point)
Michael Cox: ATTENTION.mp3
Renate Vinje: The Key To The Rapture Riddle.mp3
Prayer requested for the people of Haiti
Prayer requested for the people of North Korea
Prayer requested for all people everywhere on this planet who are in despair.
A special "thank you" to all who conveyed kindness, sympathy and prayers concerning the death of my mother.

Human Drug Testing by the CIA 1977 (PDF)

Reports produced for Congress by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which were not posted on the EPA public internet website, 2006 - 2007 (PDF)

Gene Shaparenko's NEW CONSERVATIVE BLOG: http://conservativecritic.wordpress.com/

2 Jan 2010 -- Happy New Year?
New For This Week

Aaron Kaplan: Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion10.mp3 (Part Ten)
Darnette Taylor ~ Email: The Choctaw People3.mp3 (Part Three)
David Sielaff: Did Abraham Observe The Sabath?.mp3
David Sielaff: The Priorities of God.mp3
David Zdan: Who Owns You?.mp3
Glen Jacobs: 2010 Predictions.mp3 (Short & To The Point)
Kal Gronvall: Financial Genocide.mp3
Keith Arndt: Thunder And Lightning.mp3
Yusef Battle: Step By Step 18.mp3 (Part 18 ~ "Vision" Part Two)
(GeorgeAnn's mother passed away on 26 Dec 09)

A Message From Japan To The Western Elite
YouTube: Japan Releases Proof Of Structures On The Moon

In case you did not know....
The Republic of the united States became THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (a corporation) on February 21, 1871. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVsMUpPgdT0
The Corporation: http://www.hulu.com/watch/118169/the-corporation

First they came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.
by Rev. Martin Niemoller, 1945

Reverend Martin Niemöller spoke out against the Nazis. He was arrested and imprisoned at Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps. Near the end of the war, he narrowly escaped execution. Martin Niemoller died in Wiesbaden, West Germany on Mar 6, 1984, at the age of 92

He was instrumental in producing the “Stuttgart Confession of Guilt”, in which the German Protestant churches formally accepted guilt for their complicity in allowing the horrendous suffering and slaughter which Hitler’s reign (the NAZIS) perpetrated and carried out against millions of innocent and defenseless people, including 14 million Christians. So, could it be that the churches in America are complicit in the abomination she has become? Could it be intentional? The Unholy Alliance - Evangelists & Politicians

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