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28 December 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Tom Mack Discusses Computers, And...

26 December 2003 - No Broadcast

19 December 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Zeph Daniel - part 3 in the series. Delving deeper... expanding on part two.

Friday 12 December 2003 - No Boadcast

Friday 5 December 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Zeph Daniel - part 2 in the series. What is it all about? Listen and find out...

Friday 28 November 2003: Audio professional, Curtis Crowe - Live Forensics - and its uses in really tough forensic audio situations, such as those law enforcement may deal with. See Curtis Crowe's new website at check out the DSS demonstration. Audio forensics is a highly specialized field and a subject not covered in mainline press. What are the differences between DC-Five and Live-Forensics? We are going to talk about it tonight and demonstrate. If you have questions Email Curtis Crowe You can follow along - download a free trial copy of DC-Five it is a great place to begin.

21 November 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Guest: Zeph Daniel (Email). Discussion for this evening - - how is demonic possession passed from one person to another and what is the meaning of spiritual slavery? Is there a secret agenda at work on a global scale?

7 November 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Al Cuppett: America Sold Out, a former Department of Defense (DOD) employee who spent 21 years in the Army, won the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, and served 10 years with the DOD, which included 6 years with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also received the Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal upon retirement in 1990 and also converses in five languages. Has knowledge that will give you the necessary tools, spiritually and physically to survive the coming wipeout - - it is closer than you may think. We will be doing a series of broadcasts with Mr. Cuppett. Book: "America Sold Out - The Coming Persecution and Complacency of the Church." A soon to be released 190+ page book, co-authored by Alexander "Al" Cuppett (JCS Retired). Al says he is accepting advance orders: PFI, P.O. Box 181, Kutztown, PA. 19530. $15.00 U.S. - add $5.00 for overseas orders (checks and money orders only). Order your copy now - NEVER BEFORE RELEASED INFORMATION! NOTE: all funds are held until books are in hand and ready for mailing. Contact: Email

SUNDAY November 2nd 2003 @ 11:P.M. EST
Health for you and your pets

Judy Doerr (WebSite) will be hosting TheByteShow this evening with her special guest Dr. Howard Peiper, author of "Kiss Your Life Hello" (website). Topic: PSP, a truly remarkable whole food complex. It's working wonders for many people and pets too! Don't miss this highly informative show. If you have a not-so-well pet in need of help you may find the answers tonight.

30 October 2003 - GeorgeAnn Hughes was a guest on The Proactive News
(American Freedom Network) with Bill Brumbaugh.

24 October 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Eric Salmassy of has much to say about software and also a special offer - - Courier Email (regularly $29.95) for $22.95, AND we also throw in a free license for System Workshop 2.3 (a $29.95 value). Eric has set up a special discount link for "TheByteShow" listeners --> go here. If you have questions about this special offer, Email Eric Salmassy or you can download Courier Email - a free 30 day trial right now.

Software - SUNDAY October 26 @ 11:P.M. EST
26 October 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365). Guest: Amedeo Rosa - What's going on over there at We will be talking about Eye Candy 4000, Splat, Image Doctor (so cool!), and Xenofex 2. All AlienSkin software comes in two flavors, one for PC users and the other for MAC users. Amedeo has special offers for our listeners --> go here. So, tune in and find out what's happening!

17 October 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Olaf Hage - what about all those blackouts? Olaf's fascinating website:

10 October 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Clifford Carnicom reveals information about red blood cells and nano sized metal particles in chemtrails, or should we call them bio-trails? Hold your breath!

3 October 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Jody Kincaid, D.V.M., N.D., Naturopath Veterinarian: All about natural healing for your pet. Excellent information for those of us who care about the health and nutrition of our pets. Telephone consultations with Jody Kincaid: 1-915-886-4558

26 September 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Bev Harris on the subject of voting machines Bev began researching voting machine companies when she discovered that unauditable private, proprietary codes are used for vote-counting, and that ownership of these companies is also not disclosed — a serious situation that invites conflict of interest and abuse.Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting: Ballot-Tampering in the 21st Century, ISBN 1-929462-45-X |$15.95. Pre-Order Now Bev will reveal information during tonight's show that may shock you. Call your friends... don't miss it!

28 September 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Olaf Hage on Reincarnation, at 11:00 P.M. Eastern Time. What does the Bible say or not say about reincarnation. Seriously, do you really want to go through all this misery a second time? Visit Olaf's website:

12 September 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Dean Tong, author and internationally noted forensic consultant will discuss the differences between real and unreal child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence allegations. Sixty percent of all alleged child abuse reports turn out to be unfounded, as source mis-attribution errors. Tong also points out that many well-meaning system professionals - lawyers, judges, lawmakers, psychologists, social workers, therapists and medical doctors - do not know that they do not know. Read, "Elusive Innocence, A Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused." ISBN: 1-56384-190-8. Published by Huntington House. Tong's Website: Contact:

5 September 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Mark Metcalf (Part II), Mark is the author of the only medical-doctor-endorsed book on colloidal silver; "Making The Safest and Most Powerful Medicine on Earth - for the Price of Water." This important 156 page book ($18.95) is packed with crucial information - a "must read." Check it out at Learn more medical information; Hardware, get your generator from Mark at; Mark will also continue with more on the strange military troops lurking in British Columbia. Mark Metcalf - Part I broadcast on 22 August 2003

22 August 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Curtis Crowe on DC5 along with Dana Pretzer and GeorgeAnn. This is a 2 hour special on the best audio software out there. Download DC5 Demo copy and follow along with us as we go step by step. We did a DC5 follow along on the 18th of July... but 1 hour was not enough time to cover all the great features DC5 has to offer. Email Curtis Crowe DC5, is used by many audiophiles to clean up their old vinyl or tape recordings and also has a large following in the Forensic audio world with customers such as the CIA, DEA and more. Curtis is an expert on issues relating to PC audio in general and audio restoration in particular. Tracer Technologies specializes in Noise Reduction, Audio Enhancement, Studio Supplies, Multi-track hardware and CD Recording hardware and software for PC and MAC Computers.

22 August 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live 365) Mark Metcalf is the author of the only medical-doctor-endorsed book on colloidal silver - a "must read." Check it out at You have probably heard of people who use colloidal silver having gray colored skin (Argyria) and that the condition is permanent, but no one has discovered the real reason for this until now. Mark has discovered WHY this happens and HOW TO reverse it. Mark will also tell you about a person that was infected with a deadly sexually transmitted disease and has been cured using colloidal silver - - this is truly a remarkable success story. Mark Metcalf is the manufacturer of the finest colloidal silver generators (and supplies) at affordable prices. Order Toll Free: (866) 471-2665. Since "we the people" are constantly being warned about a coming attack, possibly a biological attack, it makes sense to know how to make and effectively use colloidal silver. Mark also mentions the strange military troops wearing un-marked uniforms in British Columbia.

15 August 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live365) Dana Pretzer and GeorgeAnn Hughes. Here are the url's for the software Dana and I talked about on the show. SAM2 - Professional Internet broadcast DJ software, ; ; Good place to look for FREE software, ; The T-Systems SfR "Fresh" Software Archive, Aside from software, being supportive of the troops may not mean much if you do not have a family member in the military. Our troops in Iraq, and else where, are existing under horrendous conditions. They deserve better pay, better benefits, more frequent rotation and recognition at home. Please put pressure on your political representatives to either withdraw our troops or drastically improve their conditions. It is a national disgrace that so many U.S. military families at home are forced to live on food stamps. Are the politicians living on food stamps? Think about it!

8 August 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live365) Jeremy Floyd (Part II). Topics: The September 11th attack on America and the horrendous deception surrounding it - - the aftermath, the on-going barrage of psychological warfare, the press, the next targets for terrorist attacks on America. What type of weapons would be used against America. Testbed activities aimed at mass extermination... and much more. Jeremy Floyd's website:

1 August 2003 (C-Band Talk Network - Live365) Guest, Jeremy Floyd (Part I). The cause and effect of violating the laws of nature! Incrementalization of corruption. America's collapse and the severity of the health crisis in America - - it's worse than you think it is. Disease, supergerms, viruses, and mycoplasma - altering human DNA. Genetic modification of humans, animals and crops. The time is short... what are the solutions? Fascinating, disturbing information. Jeremy Floyd's website:

25 July 2003 (RRN - C-Band Broadcast Delayed) Richard C. Green (PatriotLad) of Email PatriotLad. Topics: The case of Lacy Peterson and other modern perplexities. So many women and girls are missing and where is the FBI....

18 July 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Curtis Crowe, TracerTek - Download DC5 Demo - follow along with us and learn about DC5. DC5, is used by many audiophiles to clean up their old vinyl or tape recordings and also has a large following in the Forensic audio world with customers such as the CIA, DEA and more. Curtis is an expert on issues relating to PC audio in general and audio restoration in particular. Tracer Technologies specializes in Noise Reduction, Audio Enhancement, Studio Supplies, Multi-track hardware and CD Recording hardware and software for PC and MAC Computers. Email Curtis Crowe

11 July 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Olaf Hage, "Demonic Emotions In Group Frenzies" Exposes one of the great spiritual deceptions and dangers of our time, a matter of great importance, especially if you have children. Includes rock concerts, movies, NASCAR, baseball games, political rallies, and any other public gathering where emotions run high. This show will give you a chilling new insight into our culture. Visit Olaf Hage's WebSite:, Email - Olaf Hage

4 July 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Kathy Greene - "Underground Gossip." Earth changes, secret international machinations, the return of the ancient Sumerian gods... explore the latest underground rumors! What is really happening in the sky around planet Earth? What human and alien forces are contending? There are no more secrets... the truth is out there! For more information and links,

27 June 2003 (RRN-C-Band) Ralph Fucetola - International Nutrient Regulation Blitz. All around the world international pharmaceutical interests and government regulators are spearheading a drive to bring the natural products market under their control. Mass recalls in Australia, new regulations in Canada, a new restrictive Food Supplements Directive in Europe, new Good Manufacturing Practices in the US, and hovering over us all, the spectre of WTO "harmonization" through the international food code, Codex Alimentarius. We need to demand that the rest of the world harmonize to the Health Freedoms in the US's DSHEA Act. We must not surrender our freedoms to international restrictions. For more information, "International Advocates for Health Freedom", and "The Vitamin Lawyer News" For more information, Email Ralph Fucetola. Assistance needed:

20 June 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Victor Thorn, Internet broadcaster, founder of Sisyphus Press, editor of Babel Magazine and author of The New World Order Exposed. Highly recommended reading! The most complete and well researched book on the New World Order available today - explosive information! Topic for tonight: The New World Order, what they've done and what lies ahead. Also, check out The Victor Thorn Show" on Monday evenings. Email Victor Thorn

13 June 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Richard C. Green (PatriotLad) Reading the road map to liberty, and sovereignty: the epic HERO in "Die Hard." Signs and symbols in current events. Die Hard is not just an empty headed action picture for the beer and bullets crowd; it is the celebration of the knight-errant, otherwise known as the singing cowboy, the hero detective, the true American man. Email PatriotLad

6 June 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Ben Brady, computer security professional and Clarion developer. Ben has launched a great new personalized service... "Paid Technical Support." WebSite. If you are having difficulties with your computer and are in need of help - - E-mail Ben or call; 1-559-591-8229 (Pacific Time). The cost is reasonable! Ben is also working on a, soon to be released, easy to use email encryption utility. Topics for this show - computer security issues, microsoft, Lindows, and much more...

30 May 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Richard C. Green, "The Illuminati Part III." Among other Illuminati topics (imagery in the media) we will continue on the subject of the satanic cult murder of Laci Peterson and her baby. The previous broadcasts in this series: Part I April 25, Part II May 23. Tonight's show will be broadcast live as usual over the Internet. Our Satellite up-link is temporarily down this evening. View his writings on RumorMillNews Patriotlad

23 May 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Richard C. Green, "The Illuminati Part II." This show is part II of III. For the few out there that may not be acquainted with Richard C. Green, the well known political columnist, best known as " Patriotlad " on Rumor Mill News tune in! Tonight's Topics - The Illuminati, Laci Peterson, Cult Murder and Satanism. This show ran in excess of 60 minutes most of which is not on tape. If you were not listening to the "live" broadcast tonight, you missed the un-recorded portion! Part I in the Illuminati Series was broadcast on the 25th of April. If you missed it check out TheByteShow Archive

16 May 2003 (RRN C-Band) Guest Host, Ralph Fucetola (Email Ralph - WebSite) with guest Donald Supkow, Ph.D. Dr.Supkow is an independent research scientist with a degree in Hydrology from the University of Arizona. He is the director of the Starduster Society. You can find out more about Dr.Supkow at ; Dr. Supkow's main WebSite is

9 May 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Guest Host, Ralph Fucetola (Email Ralph Fucetola | WebSite: VitaminLawyer), with guest Eva L. Snead, MD. Dr. Snead is an independent research scientist who has studied and written extensively on Vaccinations, Cancer and AIDS, among other medical subjects. Some recent publications include, Osteoporosis: The Alternatives, Some Call it AIDS: I Call it Murder… and Vaccinations, The Untold Truth.

2 May 2003 (RRN) Pet Communicator, Louise Ungro (WebSite), To ask a question or to make an appointment Email Louise, or telephone: 1-480-515-4481. Snail Mail: Cosmic Vision Books, P.O.B. 25568, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85255. If you have questions about your pets you are encouraged to email your questions to her and she will answer you either on air or by email.

25 April 2003 (RRN C-Band) Richard C. Green (Patriot Lad); always political and deliciously incorrect. Topic: A hundred battle-fields, but just one enemy; the Illuminati. From Sarajevo to a town near you - NOW. This will be the first in a three part series on the subject of the Illuminati with Richard C. Green, the well known political columnist. Email PatriotLad

18 April 2003 (RRN C-Band) Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, a U.S. citizen for more than 25 years was born and raised in Iraq. He will reveal what life was really like in Iraq and much more. This is un-censored first hand information. Visit Dr. Al-Bayati's WebSite, or scroll on down to the December 13th show.

11 April 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Nostradamus and the Iraq war (Part II). Guest, Richard Green (Biography). Richard C. Green (Patriot Lad), the well known political columnist is an authority on the subject of Nostradamus. View his writings on RumorMillNews Patriotlad - - Email PatriotLad

4 April 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Guest: Pet Communicator, Louise Ungro (WebSite). The phone line is open for call-in. Ask Louise about your pets! Call 1-260-356-2611. Louise, a gifted psychic strives for complete and absolute accuracy. Pets and the animal kingdom are close to her heart, and because of this; she talks with all animals, including dolphins and whales, whom also participate in all her meditation circles. Telephone: 1-480-515-4481 or Email . Snail Mail: Cosmic Vision Books, P.O.B. 25568, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

28 March 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Nostradamus and the Iraq war (Part I), with Richard C. Green (Patriot Lad), the well known political columnist. He is an authority on the subject of Nostradamus. View his writings on RumorMillNews Patriotlad. Also view Richard C. Green's Biography. - - Email PatriotLad

21 March 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, Part II with Richard C. Green, (PatriotLad) will air at the regular time - - stay tuned! We will also be discussing the Illuminati...

14 March 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (Part I). GeorgeAnn with guest Richard C. Green, Scholar of the Constitution - writer, editor and researcher. He is the political columnist best known as "Patriotlad," on Rumor Mill News. Along with Alan and Suzanne Nevling, Brian March, and Robert "Barefoot" Hardison, Richard C. Green is a founding member of the TONA Research Committee. This ad hoc group was formed to collect, collate and confirm the research begun by Tom Dunn and David Dodge, who re-discovered the "missing" or original Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Mr. Green has been interviewed numerous times on the subject of the TONA or Titles of Nobility Amendment. WebSite - - Email PatriotLad
or TONA Committee Email
- - Special Note From Dana Pretzer - Tonight's broadcast (14th March) will be re-broadcast on C-Band Satellite after Dana's Sunday Night Show

7 March 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Tonight's show is guest hosted by Daniel Johns with Mr. John Knight. Discussion on “Jeremiah In Ireland.” Amazing - thought provoking, controversial topic, but may be factual... the lost people of the bible in the misty isles. Email John Knight - Email John Daniels

28 February 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Guest host, Daniel Johns, with Charles Lewis, C.N.H.P.(Oklahoma). Topic of discussion - the plagues among us. While talking with Daniel earlier today he mentioned that many people he has spoken with recently are having "ringing" in their ears and a strange sensation of pressure on their head... this is aside from the respiratory difficulties people are experiencing. Is HAARP the culprit? What's going on? Why are so many people having health issues? And, much more...Email Daniel Johns.

21 February 2003 (RRN - C-Band) RayeLan Allan, The First Lady and Publisher of RumorMillNews, is my guest this evening. Rumor Mill News presents the truth behind the headlines. RMNews was started in June of 1996 as a vehicle to tell the American people the truth about what is going on in governments, worldwide. This show covers current events.

14 February 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Guest, Olaf Hage Topics covered - - gangs in the ancient world. Also, today's infestation of Mexican gangs, illegals and border issues. The criminal act of shooting cattle for sport - it's not new along the U.S. Southern border. Catholic Diocese (Las Cruces, New Mexico) took the U.S. Border Patrol and the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office to court to stop them from performing their law enforcement duty concerning Mexican illegals - - the Catholic Diocese won and U.S. law enforcement lost! therefore, U.S. law enforcement are prevented from carrying out "sweeps" in areas where illegals, drug dealers and other criminals are known to hide. Also mentioned was the genocide carried out against Dresden in 1945. Recommended reading: "Other Losses," by James Bacque, 1991. ISBN 1-55958-099-2. This book has not been easily obtained in the U.S., however you may find a copy in a used book store such as COAS Books

7 February 2003 (RRN - C-Band) Our guest this evening - Joseph Burke, CEO and President of RoseCitySoftware, located in Lake Oswego, Oregon U.S.A. with customers in more than 160 countries worldwide. Joseph Burke has maintained a business presence on the Internet since 1996. A man of many talents, he has a 20 year background in the advertising industry, primarily in the area of radio and television with a large number of professional credits to his name. RoseCitySoftware (InfiniSource) offers an array of reasonably priced quality software and free trials. Download your choice and follow along as we discuss - TweakMASTER, DU Meter, GhostSurf, LinkStash, Courier email (currently in beta), Memory Boost Pro, Registry First Aid, ClipCache Plus, Magic Notes, TradeTrakker, Synchromagic, Academic FlashCards, ATTS (Advanced Text to Speech plays plain text files and you can write them to MP3 or WAV files), The Sleuthhound, and more. Email Joseph Burke

31 January 2003 (RRN - C-Band) VitaminLawyer Ralph Fucetola (Email), will host "TheByteShow" again this evening with guest, Hulda Clark, N.D. and Ph.D. Dr. Clark is a famous independent research scientist and healer. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, and the Master of Arts with High Honors from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Then she studied for two years at McGill University before attending the University of Minnesota and obtaining her doctorate degree in physiology in 1958. After doing government sponsored research for almost ten years at Indiana University, she began private consulting in nutrition in 1979. She continued her studies to earn a Naturopathy degree and an amateur radio license. The freedom to follow her most promising observations led to the breakthrough discoveries described in her books, The Cure for All Cancers, The Cure for All Diseases, The Cure for HIV and AIDS; The Cure for All Advanced Cancers, and Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual. Web sites where you can find out more: and

24 January 2003 (RRN - C-Band) VitaminLawyer Ralph Fucetola (Email), will host "TheByteShow" this evening with guest, Sharry Edwards (Email Sharry Edwards) WebSite . Topic: BioAcoustics, Bioterrorism and Vaccination. Ms Edwards will discuss new BioAcoustic approaches to evaluating adverse reaction risks from vaccination and the lessons learned from vocal analysis of people who survived 9/11. Sharry Edwards, founder of BioAcoustics, was named New Scientist of the Year in 2001 and received, along with Dr. John Nash and others, the 2002 O. Spurgeon English Humanitarian Award. Reports on these awards are at the Sound Health Research web site

17 January 2003 (RRN - C-Band) VitaminLawyer Ralph Fucetola (Email), will host "TheByteShow" this evening. The remarkable "Starr Fuentes" is the featured guest. The topic is, "The Rollercoaster into the Future." Email Starr. Starr has studied healing with shamens, curanderos, medicine men in more than 13 countries. Starr brings the healing and wisdom schools together in a way that allows her to present ancient techniques to contemporary audiences. Starr has 42 certifications and can teach over 400 subjects and she leads 200 workshops a year. Starr recently recorded a CD with Steven Halpern. Dannion Brinkley says "Steven Halpern's music is the most spiritually uplifting music I know of and belongs in everyone's home..." Call 1-800-909-0707 to order this special CD.

10 January 2003 (RRN - C-Band) VitaminLawyer Ralph Fucetola (Email), will host "TheByteShow" this evening with special guest, Lita Lee, Ph.D. Dr. Lee spent the early years of her career as a research chemist at SRI International in Menlo Park, California. Dr. Lee has held a doctorate in chemistry since 1967 from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and has over 30 years of experience in chemical and medical research, and has been in private practice since 1984. Email Lita Lee She is the chemist, enzyme therapist, nutritionist, author and lecturer extrodinarie. Visit Dr. Lee's WebSite

5 January 2003 (C-Band Special Re-Broadcast) Please see the December 13th show with Ralph Fucetola and Dr. Al-Bayati concerning the Alan Yurko Case.

3 January 2003 (RRN- C-Band) Tom Campbell of fame is back to tell us about the most advanced email service on the Internet - KoBo is ultra advanced and dependable email service - CHECK IT OUT! Tom will give you all the details on KoBo, as well as, discuss email in general and the many related issues. There is a courtesy 10% discount already set up for "TheByteShow" listeners... Thank you, Tom! Email Tom Campbell to get your discount.

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