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Guest and Show Information For 2000, 2001, 2002.

27 December 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Amedeo Rosa, the "Minister of Propaganda" for will tell us about making things disappear! Yes, I mean it literally;) If you are using win98se, Me, win2000 or XP and have Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, or Fireworks installed you are all set up to work with this magical program because "Image Doctor" is a plug-in. AlienSkin Software is also designed for Mac. Go download your trial copy of Image Doctor. While you are there download "Eye Candy." Amedo Rosa graciously offers our listeners special discounts on "AlienSkin" software. Email Amedeo Rosa Use this special link ( CLICK HERE ) to get your discount for AlienSkin. This offer is for a limited time. The upgrade prices apply to first time buyers. Thank you, Amedeo Rosa!

20 December 2002 (RRN C-Band) Dr. John Jay Harper (Email), a veteran of 20 years experience working on "Top Secret" computer science and electronics engineering projects with the US Department of Defense. He is also a clinical hypnotherapist in Spokane, Washington and the director of a non-profit educational research corporation, the American Delphi Academy. Due to a life changing experience he has written a new book, Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century, that integrates the near-death experience within the framework of both science and religion; specifically it is a theory on the operation of cosmic consciousness itself. For more information see: and

13 December 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Ralph Fucetola, Attorney at Law and Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, Toxicologist and Pathologist Ph.D., DABT, DABVT. Dr. Al-Bayati reveals information vital to every parent or perspective parent. Information the medical establishment, legislators, U.S., British and European courts will find highly disturbing. Read The Final Report: The Yurko Case (482kb MS WordPad .doc). Special Report: Dr. Al-Bayati has produced scientific proof concerning lethal vaccine and pharmaceutical damages in the Yurko case - this is about the death of baby Alan Ream Yurko, the vaccine and pharmaceutical implications, as well as, the gross medical negligence responsible for the death of this precious baby. The father, Mr. Alan Yurko, is wrongfully charged with the murder of his baby and is sentenced to life+ in prison - for a crime he did not commit. The crime of killing baby Alan Yurko was committed by grossly negligent medical doctors... and the blame was placed on Mr. Alan Yurko.

Don't you think this family has suffered enough? Please help FREE Alan Yurko. Do something really important - - help put this family back together.

WE NEED PEOPLE POWER TO GET THIS INFORMATION OUT AND INTO THE HANDS OF PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. If you would like to help or want information on the "FREE YURKO PROJECT" Email Francine Yurko WebSite: freeyurko.

If you are planning a pregnancy, already have children or know someone with children this is vital information revealed by Dr. Al-Bayati. Visit Dr. Al-Bayati's WebSite. Email: Dr. Al-Bayati Phone: (707) 678-4484 or Fax: (707) 678-8505

Ralph Fucetola, Attorney at Law will also join us this evening with focus on vaccination and the law. Of special interest are the new laws concerning forced vaccination for smallpox. This edict gives officials the power to force vaccinate everyone, however the CDC states there are people who should not be vaccinated for smallpox because it could kill or seriously harm them. Visit our special page - Who should not be vaccinated for smallpox? Visit Ralph Fucetola's website, or Email Ralph Fucetola

6 December 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Bev Harris began researching voting machine companies when she discovered that unauditable private, proprietary codes are used for vote-counting, and that ownership of voting machine companies are kept secret. Tonight, Bev reveals the relationship between the voting machine scam and the IMF... and much more. Bev Harris owns Talion, a publicity firm, and has been a professional writer for 10 years. She is also the author of "How to Unbezzle a Fortune", a free online report with tips on how to identify accounting fraud and recover embezzled funds. Bev is also working on a new book and will be returning to the show to tell us about it. Email Bev

29 November 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Curtis Crowe of TracerTek Technologies. Curtis has been in PC audio for over 10 years starting as VP Sales of Turtle Beach Systems where he helped introduce the first high quality PC soundcard products. In 1995 he went on to be one of the founders and President of Tracer Technologies. Topics for this evening will focus on audio restoration, enhancement, and editing using TracerTek's amazing Diamond Cut 5 (DC5) software (also has forensic filters). Tracer Technologies specializes in Noise Reduction, Audio Enhancement, Studio Supplies, Multi-track hardware and CD Recording hardware for PC and MAC Computers. Email Curtis Crowe

22 November 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Lisette Larkins will tell us about her new book, titled, Talking To Extraterrestrials. Published in 2002, by Hampton Roads Publishing Company. ISBN number 1-57174-334-0. Visit Lisette's WebSite or Email Lisette. Lisette has experienced direct ET contact and on-going communication with ET's. She is currently busy preparing her new book and will return to the show to tell us about it.

15 November 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Nancy McAleavey, the CEO of Privacy Software Corporation. Topics will cover, in detail, how to protect your on-line privacy and security using PSC software. Visit the Product's Page to learn about or purchase these excellent programs. You can also visit Nancy on-line at
The Privacy Software Products Forum. Please note - the C-Band broadcast was not delayed.

8 November 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Stan Deyo - For books and emergency preparedness information visit Stan and Holly's WebSite. Also, while you are there check out the article, "The Coming ID4 Contact Scenario." This broadcast is part II continued from October 4th. Email - Stan Deyo

1 November 2002 (RRN - C-Band) GeorgeAnn Hughes with news and views. Topics for this show will include: West Nile Virus and other related health topics; Border Patrol issues and new guidelines and more...

25 October 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Ralph Fucetola, Attorney at Law. Tonight's show will focus on vaccination, the law, your children, your rights and your health. Did you know... every major female alternative medical doctor in New York State has either lost their license or is about to. During the second half of the show: Children are dying from vaccine and parents are blamed for murder. The websites mentioned during the show are: VaccinationNews and freeyurko. Visit Ralph Fucetola's website, or Email Ralph Fucetola

24 October 2002 (C-Band only) Tonight's guest: David Berlind the editorial director of ZDNet's daily and weekly email newsletters - Tech Update Today and Tech Update Weekly. Berlind, a tech journalist since 1991 has held several key editorial positions at Ziff Davis publications including Computer Shopper, Windows Sources, and PC Week. Topic - special investigative report on "The Plot to Take Over The Internet". This show first aired on 7 June 2002 (RWR).

18 October 2002 (RRN) Cartagio Contest - announcement! Guest, Olaf Hage - visit Olaf's WebSite. Topics - East coast sniper. Aluminum particles in chemtrails and memory loss. Giant bird in Alaska - a UAV? and more...

11 October 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Tonight: Kirk Fackre, Senior VP for Missiontrek. Email Kirk Fackre We will be discussing Cartagio's cutting edge technology. Download Cartagio (free trial) and follow along as we go over the exciting features Cartagio offers. Does real-time encrypted collaboration excite you? Tune in tonight and find out what Cartagio is all about. Click Here to Download Cartagio!

4 October 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Stan Deyo will be my guest this evening. Stan and Holly Deyo have co-authored 3 books - "The Cosmic Conspiracy" - "Dare To Prepare" (emergency preparation), and "The Vindicator Scrolls." For books and emergency preparedness information visit Stan and Holly's WebSite. Also, while you are there check out the article, "The Coming ID4 Contact Scenario." Several timely topics will be covered during this broadcast. After Show Comments: During this show, Stan Deyo revealed - first time ever - stunning news concerning the aliens, their invasion, their intentions and what is on the horrizon. Stan Deyo is scheduled for the 8th of November for part II... don't miss it.Email - Stan Deyo

27 September 2002 (RWR - C-Band) Tonight, Dana Pretzer, Mr. ( C-Band Talk Network) himself! Computer related topics are the bill of fare for tonight - the new stuff, the old stuff and our favorite stuff ;) Among other things, Dana has a contest to tell you about - visit Dana's website and get the details - you could win! Email Dana Pretzer

20 September 2002 (RRN - C-Band) Tonight we will welcome back Ralph Fucetola, Attorney at Law. Ralph's first appearance on TheByteShow was on June 14th. The topics for this evening will center on "Mum Marketing," or HOW TO do marketing on the Internet and stay out of trouble. Visit Ralph Fucetola's website, or email

13 September 2002 (RWR) Tonight's broadcast will air as usual on the Internet, however, this particular show will air on C-Band Satellite Network on Sunday the 15th of September at Midnight EST. My guest (Mike) is a long-time technology specialist with focus on the implementation and integration of new technologies. The topics of discussion will center on technology and public safety. The implementing of personal protective equipment (PPE). The implementation of new weapons, non-lethal or less lethal. Operational level systems and networking vs. the bureaucratic way of operating.

6 September 2002 (RWR - C-Band) Richard Forno, author, lecturer and highly esteemed technology expert will be my guest this evening. Richard's expertise lies in incident response and security awareness, information operations, and critical infrastructure protection. His clients currently include the Department of Defense and various commercial entities. Richard most recently served as the Chief Information Security Officer for Network Solutions (now VeriSign, formerly the InterNIC.) In this role, he built the first information assurance program and incident response capability for one of the world's most critical information infrastructures. Prior to this, Richard was actively involved in security program development and computer crime investigations at the US House of Representatives and other government agencies. You can visit Richard Forno's WebSite at (highly recommended reading) and should you have questions or something to contribute you may Email Richard Forno.

30 August 2002 (RWR - C-Band) Tom Campbell is my guest and he is going to tell us about (eSnipe) - what it is, how it works and why you would want to do it. Tom will discuss "sniping" as it applies to the Internet auction world and a whole array of important related information. Also, you will be the first to hear a very special announcement from Tom on TheByteShow this evening. Listen in and you will find out all about it. Comments after the show: Tom announced his new venture - a first class Internet email service. Check it out at KOBO.Biz. This much needed service will be up and running sometime around the first of October. Email Tom Campbell and ask him about the great discount he is offering on a Kobo email account for TheByteShow listeners. Thank you, Tom Campbell!

23 August 2002 (RWR) My guest, Olaf Hage (WebSite) we will be discussing issues concerning major electrical power outages and the possible relationship to advanced technologies involving mass mind control techniques and levels of exotic experimentation.

16 August 2002 (RWR - C-Band) Tonight, Ben Brady, a frequent guest on TheByteShow, will hash out the latest news concerning the Internet, the Microsoft Licensing Stasi and related fun topics. Ben is also using Cartagio and we will hear what he has to report. You can visit Ben Brady's WebSite at FireWallReporting - Email Ben Brady

9 August 2002 (RWR - C-Band) Tonight's mystery guest is an insider and long time expert concerning nuclear power and plant operations. What is really going on in the nuclear power plant? How safe are they from terrorist attack? Are some more safe than others? How well guarded are nuclear power plants... and much more.

2 August 2002 (RWR - C-Band) Tonight's guest is Kirk Fackre, Senior VP for Missiontrek. Email Kirk Fackre We will be discussing Cartagio's cutting edge technology. Cartagio is an innovative and highly advanced management and collaboration system designed for on-line power users, serious researchers in every field of science, on-line business professionals, knowledge management specialists, students and more. Download Cartagio (free trial) and follow along as we go over the exciting features Cartagio offers. Does real-time encrypted collaboration excite you? Tune in tonight and find out what Cartagio is all about. Click Here to Download Cartagio!

26 July 2002 (RWR) Guest Tonight is Victor Thornof
Babel Magazine is a Literary, Political and Philosophical on-line magazine. Topics: Has evil taken over the world? Very lively discussion. The U.S. government is a corporation, federal reserve ownership, snooping technology. Victor is working on setting up a center for independent journalists. If you are interested in being part of this worth while endeavor email Victor Thorn immediately at

19 July 2002 (RWR) Topics: the windows os, the IE-browser, windows software, and why you should think about learning a new operating system... think Linux. For topics that will be covered... check out TheByteShow Repository for obscure, terrifying, terrorist news about the virtual world worth reading ;))

12 July 2002 (RWR) A re-run of the 21 June show with Ben Brady. During the show, at the bottom of the hour we were blown off the air. The connection went down and we still do not know why, but we can guess. However, the show will air tonight.

5 July 2002 (RWR) Sharry Edwards will be tonight's guest. Sharry is the premier BioAcoustics founder and expert. She is the Director of Sound Health, a non-profit educational research institute. What's new in the world of BioAcoustic technology? BioAcoustics is world class cutting edge technology employing the use of voice prints. This highly advanced science will put you in control of your health. The topic of strokes and how the damage can be reversed using BioAcoustics was covered along with many other topics pertaining to health conditions. I sincerely encourage you to contact Sharry Edwards and learn more about BioAcoustics. Visit Sharry Edwards Website or Email Sharry

28 June 2002 (RWR) My Guest is Olaf Hage. This show was about the "end of the world." No kidding. Olaf always has a unique view to offer the listeners. Will the world end, and, if so, when? What will happen to the planet and the human race along the way to the end? Visit Olaf's WebSite.You will find fascinating and well researched information concerning biblical topics, the pre-flood world, Mars, Mercury, the end times, and much more.

21 June 2002(RWR) NOTICE: The last half of the show was not broadcast due to lightning. However, the show will be re-broadcast in the near future. Ben Brady is my scheduled guest tonight. We will be talking about worms and viruses that plague email. Ben, a security expert has come up with a clever solution - Secure Address Book. Now, no one has to be held hostage by Microsoft's petri dish for disease aka OutLook Express. If you are tired of being victimized by wormy virus email you can get your Secure Address Book right now at TheByteShow. Go take a look and if you like it, you can use the RegNow Secure Link to purchase Secure Address Book for $24.95, a $10.00 (Use Coupon) saving over the regular price.
Free trial download is also available.

14 June 2002 (RWR) Guest: Ralph Fucetola, attorney at law, has worked with health care practitioners for almost 25 years on legal issues of concern to both practitioner and patient. Topics: Supreme Court decision affecting free speech in advertising and how this affects health practitioners and purveyors of vitamins and herbs. The FDA, FTC, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program... and more. Visit Ralph Fucetola's website, or email

7 June 2002 (RWR) Guest: David Berlind the editorial director of ZDNet's daily and weekly email newsletters - Tech Update Today and Tech Update Weekly. Berlind, a tech journalist since 1991 has held several key editorial positions at Ziff Davis publications including Computer Shopper, Windows Sources, and PC Week. Topic - special investigative report on "The Plot to Take Over The Internet". Read Microsoft digs own grave of mistrust. Email: David Berlind

31 May 2002 (RWR) Guest: Sharry Edwards, BioAcoustics expert and Director of Sound Health, a non-profit educational research institute. The topic of discussion centered on software thieves. People who steal the work of other people. Intellectual property rights and the difficulties creative people have in protecting themselves and their work. Because Sharry has been through this experience she offered a great deal of insight into the problem together with excellent suggestions for increasing public awareness. Contact Sharry Edwards WebSite, or Email Sharry. During this show, Ben Brady, Clarion Programmer and computer security expert also joined the conversation offering his insight and solutions from a professional programmer's point of view. Ben Brady, author of ClearIce, WebSite, Firewall Reporting

24 May 2002 (RWR) Guest: Juan Hernandez, Sheriff of Dona Ana County, New Mexico. Topics: U.S. border issues with Mexico. Illegal border crossing. Juarez Police. Mexican military involvement in drug running. Are U.S. agents working in the field well equipped? and much more.

17 May 2002 (RWR) Guest: Sharry Edwards, Director of the Sound Health, a non-profit educational research institute located in Ohio. Sharry Edwards, a pioneer in this high-tech field of research, has been able to demonstrate that the human voice is a unique frequency representation of the structural and biochemical aspects of the human body. Topic: BioAcoustics. What is "Signature Sound?" What is a "Frequency Formula?" And, much more... Be sure to listen and check out Sharry Edwards WebSite or Email Sharry.

10 May 2002 (RWR) Tonight's guest, Dave Johnson, V.P. of Marketing for GoBe Software. I have finally found a first class word processor that will work splendidly on the win os and is not dependent on the IEbrowser. The name of this new jewel is 'gobeProductive' v3.0 for windows. This is not merely a word processor. Gobe Productivelive is a powerful program with many functions. Go take a look at the gobe website. Get Gobe Productivelive, you are going to enjoy working with this powerful, feature packed, high quality program! Support the companies that bring high quality, well written software to the market place. We, as consumers, need an alternative to microsoft. Gobe is offering you a superior alternative.

3 May 2002 (RWR) GeorgeAnn with guest, Olaf Hage. Topics: "The Nazi Technological Connection" with ufo's, crop circles, mind control, remote viewing and other matters. This is part one of a new series we are considering. Visit Olaf's WebSite . Stunning information!

1 May 2002 (RWR) GeorgeAnn hosted the two hour ProActive News for Bill Brumbaugh who was absent with a sore throat. Olaf Hage was the featured guest. Topics: Current news and events world wide. Comment: Kofi should be investigated for arms dealing with Africa resulting in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of human beings. Comment: Torture chamber discovered by Israeli military in Jenin where, according to reports, parents of child suicide bombers have been tortured by Arafat's authorities into agreement. Also, during this show, the severe damage done by paedophiles to children, and Roy Masters' common sense view of why paedophiles do what they do were also mentioned.

29 April 2002 (RWR) GeorgeAnn made a guest appearance on the Proactive News with Bill Brumbaugh (Bill's debut on the RWR Network). Topic: Current world news and commentary.

26 April 2002 (RWR) GeorgeAnn with guest, Michael Bickel. Topic: Michael's invention, Fast Fuzzy Cluster, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. Be sure to visit Michael's website, AWAREAI for in-depth information including charts. Email Michael Bickel. You can find Michael's White Paper here. You can also contact Michael at 1-281-339-1452.

19 April 2002 (RWR) GeorgeAnn with guest, Ben Brady. Topics: Internet News and Computer Security - privacy rights violations - PATRIOT ACT. Lively discussion with security professional, Ben Brady, concerning the loss of our freedoms both on-line and off. Ben's WebSite

12 April 2002 (RWR) Guest, Olaf Hage. In-depth discussion on the origins of Islam, its link to the Beast of Revelations, and who Palestinians' really are. Middle East turmoil as it relates to biblical history, ancient bloodlines and who owns what. Visit Olaf Hage's WebSite.

11 April 2002 (Aired on Crusade Radio) GeorgeAnn was a guest on the Olaf Hage Show. Topic: Paedophilia, yesterday, today and in the future. The link between paedophilia, the Church, political blackmail, and maritime gangs in the pagan world. Be sure to visit Olaf's website CHAPEL PERILOUS and check out his WEBCAST SCHEDULE
To read the "up-dated" article Paedophilia Is A Hate Crime (28 March - 31 August 2002) The Annihilation of Innocence

5 April 2002 (RWR) GeorgeAnn Hughes with News and Views - no guest. TheByteShow on Reality Web Radio. No guest scheduled. During the cybercast this evening I read an article critical of child molesters (paedophiles). I also took issue against media support of paedophilia. The attack of the pro-paedophilia crowd who are attempting to increase the numbers of children available to them must be exposed for what they are - SERIAL RAPISTS! The pro-paedophilia horde have become so disgusting that some homosexual groups have actually come out against this new wave of support for paedophilia. Having up-loaded an article highly critical of paedophilia the day prior to the show... obviously this has upset someone in charge at Google.

15 March 2002 (TheByteShow Debut on RWR) Michael Bickel inventor of QPP (Quantum Perfect Privacy). A highly unique email encryption program. Easy to use and reliable. Email Michael to get your copy of QPP - With unencrypted email one never knows when their words will be used against them by the thought police. QPP is highly recommended by TheByteShow. I want to thank John Young at the Cryptome for the temp link to Michael Bickel's QPPP White Paper on TheByteShow website. Much appreciated.

22 March 2002 (RWR) Repeat of Christmas Show (25 Dec 2001) with GeorgeAnn Hughes and Olaf Hage on the subject of Virgin Birth.

29 March 2002 (RWR) GeorgeAnn with news views and what's happening. No guest. However, it is difficult to imagine how Palestinian parents are able to send their children to pointless suicide. It is an extraordinary statement of insane hatred towards, not only their own children, but the civilized world. There is no way to circumvent the fact that the Muslim religious leaders and the Arab world are at fault for not taking a strong stand against this pointless murderous insanity. This is not a matter of race or religion, it is a matter of behavior. It is a matter of survival for the civilized world. Daniel Pearl Video Link

29 Jan 2002 (RWR) Tom Smith, Author of "The Tahchee Chronicals." Tom Smith had an amazing encounter with an ancient Cherokee spirit that turned his life upside down. Unusual info on the pre-flood world and its people. New info on reincarnation and a serious message for the future... a fascinating read.

TheByteShow - Year 2001

25 Dec 2001 (ns-RWR) GeorgeAnn with guest Olaf Hage - HOT SHOW! For special information click here: Virgin Birth From a Biblical Perspective and current scientific information. Virgin Birth, angels (nephilim DNA), and the world we live in today... you will have to order the tape!

21 December 2001 GeorgeAnn hosted the ProactiveNews (2 hours) this evening. My guest, Ben Brady, Clarion programmer and computer security specialist of 30 years. He is the author of ClearIce, the firewall log reporting tool. Topic: The latest news about the Microsoft operating system(s) and security related issues.

4 December 2001 GeorgeAnn was a guest on TheProactiveNews this evening. Topic: Sixty thousand Christians, aka., human beings, are in fear of being slaughtered by 7000 armed muslim Jihad crazies and apparently no one cares, not one caller responded... and that is a pathetic statement for American Christians!

3 December 2001 This evening GeorgeAnn was a guest during the last half hour of The ProActiveNews. Topic: Jihad.

26 Nov 2001 (ns-RWR) Angela Raab: Angela presents info about dragons and angels sampling human DNA in the preflood world, genetic corruption, shape shifting angels (little grays) and dolphins. Abduction and pregnancy are also mentioned. Angela is writing a book and will be returning to TheByteShow.

26 November 2001 This evening GeorgeAnn was on TheProactiveNews with Olaf Hage of Petra Grail's Chapel Perilous. We discussed cloning and the harvesting of human organs. It seems that not many people are aware of the fact that organs are *not* harvested from dead people when those organs are to be used for transplant. Personally, I would not sign the back of my driver's license. Guess I'm selfish, huh;) I broached the subject of the paganistic portrayal of a bearded Jesus with long hair. According to Harper's Dictionary of Classical Literature and Antiquities, by the time of Constantine a new type of Jesus began to be portrayed among the Christians of the Roman Empire. They latched on to the paganistic style of grooming that was typical of the pagan gods and adopted it as the revamped image for Jesus. This new depiction of Jesus, the one we are familiar with today, is fashioned after the bearded Greek god Zeus with long hair. This image is also the same as the Egyptian god Sarapis, (Zara.piz). The Osirus or the biblical Cain that the Masons are so familiar with.

30 Oct 2001 (ns-RWR) Nick Nierop: Current Events are explored form the Scientology view point. Nick is from Australia and is a highly experienced minister with the Church of Scientology. The views expressed during this interview are purely common sense.

4 Feb 2001 - Ben Glickler, computer programmer discusses C++, Pearl, Java. Ben also gives common sense computer security information and tips for the home PC user.

18 Feb 2001 My guest, Ben Brady author of ClearIce. Ben is a computer security specialist. The topics covered: Firewall log reporting, what is it and why is formatting important. Other security issues are also discussed. Things PC users need to know.

11 Feb 2001 - Jon Kelly, Inner Voice Analyst. John records conversations and plays them in reverse discovering some very interesting hidden aspects to the human mind. Who is the world druid? Why do they want children? Very strange and fascinating.

18 Feb 2001 - Marcus Allen, U.K. Editor of Nexus Magazine

25 Feb 2001 - Regis Mencer(Tiny Software) and Clarion Developer, Ben Brady discuss Tiny Firewall, firewalls in general and PC security issues for the home user. Think of a firewall as a condom for your computer.

TheByteShow Year 2000

3 Sept 2000 - Nancy McAleavey, CEO of Privacy Software Corporation. Topics: What is a trojan program and how does it take over your computer? How can you detect trojan programs running on your computer? Nancy also gives detailed information on vbs scripting host, trojans and the Privacy Software product line. If you are concerned about your on-line privacy you will find this very informative.

10 Sept 2000 - Robert Graham, CEO of NetWork Ice. General discussion on the intrusion detection system, BlackIce Defender and serious computer security issues. Carnivore and Altivore are also discussed.

17 Sept 2000 - Dr. Poel - High Tech Dentistry and Human Cadavers. If you are considering re-constructive dentistry, you may change your mind after hearing this information.

24 Sept 2000 Special Guest: Ben Glickler, computer programmer. Topics discussed are general computer security issues for the home PC user. Ben offers computing tips for enhanced on-line security. Ben also states that when it comes to safe computing practice for children there is no software substitute for a caring parent.

"The Intruder Bulletins" by Mark Antony Rossi

A Special note: I have to tell you... once in a great while you will be talking with someone and suddenly you realize, this person honestly cares about people and the world we all live in. Mark Antony Rossi is such a man. Caring, common sense, astute perception and his highly developed sense of ethics makes his work not only timely, but as you turn the pages you will discover an ominous time line unfolding into the future.

The Mark Antony Rossi Series
Mark's WebSite
Email Mark Antony Rossi

22 Oct 2000 Mark Antony Rossi discusses - When God Wears A Lab Coat and covers the following subjects: Human Cloning, Genetic Discrimination and Artificial Wombs.

29 Oct 2000 Mark Antony Rossi - The Horns of A Bio-Dilemma covers these topics: Pharmaceutical Fascism; Sexual Selection; The Homosexual Gene.

5 Nov 2000 Mark Antony Rossi on the issues connected with, "The Murder of Privacy," such as Carnivore U.S. and U.K.; Camcorders-Street Cameras and the Digital Dictatorship.

12 Nov 2000 Mark Antony Rossi presents the subject of "Bio-ethics and Common Sense." This interview covers the following topics: Legislation; Huxley and Orwell; Human Nature and The Broken Machine.

19 Nov 2000 Jerry Drizin - Financial Planning. Jerry is a well known financial genius, he is also a financial consultant. If you are interested in Nevada corporations, VEBA, or other financial matters you will want to contact Jerry at 727-515-9352. You may find the information on this special interview quite useful.

26 Nov 2000 Mark Hollingsworth - PDA Book Mark has done a great service for the computing community by producing readily available computing manuals in digital format greatly reducing the cost of such technical materials. Mark talks about how he got started with computers and how his on-line bookstore became a reality.

3 Dec 2000 - Ask Dr.Tech - William Lam and Jim Pojda. Ask Dr. Tech is an online company that deals with computer difficulties and PC users who need help. This interview covers the services offered to subscribers. The question was asked if 'Ask Dr. Tech' offers computer security advice to their subscribers and the answer was, no, they do not.

10 Dec 2000 - Chris Elston of Elston Computer Systems. Chris has also accomplished a highly useful service for the computing community regardless of the users level of experience. Chris is the developer of "The Step by Step Guide to Up-grade Your Computer." Chris reveals helpful tips and tricks for the user of the Windows operating system during this interview.

17 Dec 2000 Peter Tattam, inventor of PetrOS, a new computer operating system many years in the making. PetrOS is designed for multi-tasking and also employs the use of sandboxing. Peter discusses PetrOS at length during this interview.

24 Dec 2000 Robert Carbone, physicist and medical doctor discusses laser technology. Due to extreme sound distortion this interview is no longer available.

31 Dec 2000 Falk and Kama Burger, both are certified Gemologists. Falk is a jewelry designer and MetalSmith, 505-663-0710. His work can be viewed in Lapidary Journal. Topics covered during this conversation: Gems and what to look for when you buy. How easy it is to pawn off synthetics as the real thing, and much more.

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