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Greg S. Deuble
"They Never Told Me This In Church"
A Call To Read The Bible With New Eyes
Greg Deuble resides in Brisbane, Australia. He is the author of "They Never Told Me This In Church." Greg's dedication to truth is, indeed, an honest and urgent call to read the Bible with new eyes.

"Greg Deuble invites the reader to a careful re-examination of the Faith once delivered in the light of the Hebrew heritage which formed the framework of all that Jesus taught in regard to himself and his Gospel mission."

"Greg's book also takes the reader on a step by step journey into a deeper understanding of how the Messiah Jesus and genuine Christianity became obscured, altered and distorted into the watered down thing it is today."

"They Never Told Me This In Church" presents irrefutable proof that the Christianity we have today is NOT the genuine Christianity which was known and faithfully practiced by the early Christians, including the apostles. This is a most powerful and enlightening book. It is a very important book, especially for these times... easy to read... and a must read for every serious truth seeker!

"They Never Told Me This In Church"
is available from the Atlanta Bible College: 1-800-347-4261,
or www.Amazon.com

Greg is a graduate of the Church of Christ N.S.W Bible College in Sydney and has had pastoral ministries in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. A highly gifted speaker and teacher of God's Word, Greg has conducted many evangelistic meetings throughout most of Australia.
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They Never Told Me This In Church2.mp3 (part two)
They Never Told Me This In Church3.mp3 (part three)
They Never Told Me This In Church4.mp3 (part four)
They Never Told Me This In Church5.mp3 (part five)
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