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George Wesley Buchanan
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George Wesley Buchanan, PhD., Litt.D., D.S.L., is a major scholar and Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC, USA. He is on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Biblical Archaeology Review.

Born in Denison, Iowa, Dec 25, 1921, he is third in a family of 10 children. He currently lives in Maryland where he cares for his wife. He has authored seventeen books and more than sixty articles in academic journals... and so much more.

George Wesley Buchanan has been recognized in academic circles
for being the first for the following:

1. The use of insights from the Dead Sea Scrolls to solve biblical problems.
2. The discovery of midrash (commentary on Scripture) in the First Testament.
3. The publishing of intertextual commentaries both in the First Testament and in the New Testament.
4. The discovery of the northern boundaries of the Promised Land.
5. One of two scholars who independently discovered the true location of the temple at Zion.
6. The discovery of a method for distinguishing the teachings of Jesus from
the additions of the later church. Other scholars have followed Schweitzer in
declaring that this could not be done.

Listen: Jesus Without Fabrication.mp3
Sabbatical Eschatology.mp3 (24 Mar 2011)
Eschatology Of The Book Of Daniel (Part One) (Part One ~ 9 Apr 09)
Eschatology Of The Book Of Daniel2.mp3 (Part Two ~ 16 Apr 09)

The Two Contracts With God.mp3 (Recorded on 5 Feb 09)
The Temple.mp3 (Recorded on 29 Jan 2009)
(First hand information about "The True Temple Site").
George Wesley Buchanan and David Sielaff discuss the Temple in Jerusalem and so much more. This is both amazing and very important. Everyone should hear this!

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