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Frederick A. Larson
The Star Project
Email: ricklarson(at)mail.com
WebSite: Bethlehem Star
The Star Project
111 University Drive East, Suite 220
College Station, Texas 77840-1700 USA
Phone: 1-979-846-6078
An attorney at law whose life was turned upside down. God decided to change Rick Larson's life! The STAR Project, a nonprofit organization is dedicated to spreading word of Messiah worldwide.

Topics: What does the "Bethlehem Star" reveal about the birth of Jesus and his Crucifixion? Does the "Bethlehem Star" validate Scripture? Are there secular accounts of the political events surrounding the Crucifixion of Messiah? Was there really a "great earthquake," did the "sun fail?" ... Scripture warns us "there will be signs in the sky" at the end times, so ask yourself, how much do you know about THE SKY. How often do you "look up" into the night sky?

As Jupiter was beginning the coronation of Regulus, another startling symbol rose in the sky. The constellation which rises in the east behind Leo is Virgo, The Virgin. When Jupiter and Regulus were first meeting, she rose clothed in the Sun. And as John said, the moon was at her feet. It was a new moon, symbolically birthed at the feet of The Virgin.
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