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Eric Towle, PhD
Author of: The Uprising of The Human Spirit
The UPRISING OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT illuminates the plight of people today caught between their own rising mind and spirit and the forces of wealth and power seeking to maintain their obsolete interests at any cost.

Eric is a long time student of the human condition. Although he considers himsef largely self-taught through personal study and experience in the world, Dr. Towel also holds a PhD in Transpersonal psychology and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. He has worked as a psychotherapist, counselor; and mediator. His research finds the true sources of failed lives and social breakdown in the commercial culture's retarding of higher consciousness, the dumbing-down of public education and the decline of political and economic justice.

Listen: Eric Towle: The Upising of The Human Spirit2.mp3 (Part Two ~ Human Consciousness)

The Upising of The Human Spirit_TBS.mp3

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