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Dr. Gene Nelson
Radiation bio-physicists
Email: c0030180@airmail.net
Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D., is a Radiation bio-physicists. His 1984 Ph.D. thesis involved the interactions of alpha particles from Polonium-210 with a model biological system. This research was very obscure and resulted in only a few abstracts and talks, including one at Los Alamos National Laboratories. Suddenly, his thesis work has become much more relevant as a consequence of the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko with Polonium-210. His thesis work could have resulted in improvements to radiation therapy against cancer.

He has been passionately involved in high-tech workforce issues for three decades, including giving testimony in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1999. He has learned that there are two men who have been architects for the destruction of the American science and engineering enterprise. One is a name that you have probably not encountered: Joshua Eilberg, a former U.S. Representative from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The second, widely known, is Microsoft Corporation lawyer-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. However, Abramoff's role has been well-hidden.

For background, see Dr. Nelson's 2005 article:
"Career Destruction Sites - What U.S. colleges have become"
The table for this article is available at:

And for summary information on the "Abramoff Visa," which is what the author calls the H-1B visa,
please see his Immigration Daily article from January 8, 2007.

Lawyer - lobbyist Jack Abramoff was retained by Microsoft in 1994 and this author believes that he played a pivotal role in procuring Microsoft - beneficial changes to the H-1B law in 1996, 1998, and 2000. About ten members of the Abramoff Lobbying Network played roles. In the span from 2002 to 2004, Microsoft's ill-gotten gains from the H-1B law changes were given preferential tax treatment. Bill Gates, III became the World's wealthiest man in 1995, a title that he held until 2007.
More details are available in Dr. Nelson's 10 page investigative article,
"The Greedy Gates Immigration Gambit," published in January, 2008.

This article establishes that "Things of Value" were provided by Microsoft Corporation in order to facilitate "Official Acts" changes beneficial to Microsoft in H-1B Visa law in 1996, 1998, and 2000. Microsoft Lawyer lobbyist (and felon) Jack Abramoff played a critical role in conspiring with 10 members of his network and elected officials to expand the "Abramoff Visa" (The H-1B Visa.) As a consequence of the employment discrimination against older and minority American citizens, this author seeks prosecution of the conspiring parties under RICO.

Dr. Nelson was able to get "on the record" in the case USA v Abramoff. I attended Jack Abramoff's sentencing hearing on
4 September 2008 at the DC District Courthouse. His 110 page "Victim Impact Statement" is document #40 in the Court docket in PDF format. It was filed with the Court on 3 September 2008. A searchable PDF copy is available at:
Also: http://tinyurl.com/koyqg2
It is also available including Judge Huvelle's handwritten approval comment via the DC District Court's PACER website.

Dr. Nelson was the lone in-studio defender of the employment rights of experienced American citizens in a hour-long 2004 PBS public affairs program, McCuistion. http://www.mccuistiontv.com/

Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D.
Arlington, VA

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