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Dr. Lockietta Adrianne Greene
"Emotional Healer And Author"
Dr. Lockietta Greene
PO Box 871585, Vancouver, WA 98687
Phone: 1-877-884-5527 ~ 1-360-326-3077
Email: Dr.Greene@Lockietta.com
WebSite: www.lockietta.com/
Lockietta is a "Believer" with a God given mission to help women heal their life. The topics we will cover in this series focus on women and the abuse they suffer... particularly sexual abuse and related issues. Lockietta has also created a series of workshops designed specifically for women, Healing a Woman’s Life. Dr. Greene maintains a private practice, gives workshops, and is currently designing a training program that will teach others the art of being a LifeLine Therapy practitioner. She is the author of: The HONORED PROMISE of LifeLine Therapy. This special series is best understood if listened to in sequence.
Listen: Honored Promise1.mp3 (1) | Abuse And Betrayal.mp3 (2)| Abuse And Betraya2.mp3 (3)| The Marriage Bed 1.mp3 (4) | The Marriage Bed 2.mp3 (5) | Marriage And Divorce1.mp3 (6) | Purpose of Marriage1.mp3 (7) | Purpose of Marriage2.mp3 (8) | Purpose of Marriage3.mp3 "Building A Family ~ part 1" (9) |
Purpose of Marriage4.mp3 "Building A Family ~ part 2" (10) |

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