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Avast anti-Virus Software FREE To The Home User.
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SpyBot - FREE - Search And Destroy Utility

Belarc Advisor - FREE
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Gets rid of Anti-Malware, trojans, worms, bots, hijackers, downloaders,
spam proxies, rootkits, adware, spyware, keyloggers, "dialers" and other
malware ~

Audio - Video

To Check Your Connection Speed:

Shane Brooks produced one of the most useful programs ever
for dealing with the evils of Windows. Scale down windows
to a fast sleek operating system. Get rid of the IE-browser
if you want to. Make changes, and *easily* reverse them.
LitePC Home Page. Buy XPlite/2000lite. Buy 98lite

Web Mail Cloaking Utility
WEP - Router Utility .....

So, how are you today?

Don't be a willing victim! Educate yourself about
Computer Security

What To Do If You're An ID Theft Victim
Or Think You Might Be
( SecurityFocus )

Microsoft Help and Support article about Unexplained computer behavior;en-us;827315

Microsoft Windows Worm Removal Information

FireWalls and Trojan Ports
Need to check out something?

MySecret Blowfish Encryption Utility

Have a nice day with your
Microsoft operating system

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