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Rescue Incorporated,
Don Smith
c/o Brian Wright
6485 Lake Ester Drive
Fairburn, Georgia, 30213
Email: don@donrs.net

(a non-profit organization)
If you have been wanting to become involved in something worthwhile, wanting to help others help themselves, if you have been looking for an honest organization completely dedicated to helping people you have just found it!

Don Smith's organization does not waste funds on tv advertising, fancy private jets, limos, celebrity foo foo, and other bloated administrative costs. No, No, No!

His missionary work takes place in extremely poor areas - - Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia - - where there are life threatening shortages of food... and education is seriously lacking. There are orphans, crippled and elderly people who live in these villages and are dying by the thousands due to malnutrition and various diseases such as AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, polio, and many other diseases. Many infections are brought on by poverty, lack of education, and little or no medical care.

Don Smith is a man who believes in teaching people how to help themselves. His dedication has been exceedingly successful... Rescue has developed into not only food production, but also educational classes in the villages taught by local volunteers in reading, sanitation, family planning, sewing and knitting. They want to learn successful farming methods, equipment repair, and how to irrigate crops.

He says; yes, people appreciate charity but charity will not solve the problem and the African people he is working with understand this and they are very willing to receive education and do the needed labor. Because of "Rescue" many lives are being saved, poor people are being fed, children and adults are learning to read, elderly people are being cared for, and orphanages are being supported. They use the opportunity that we can give them to better their own lives and help themselves, their families, and all the people in their villages.

LISTEN: Rescue Report1.mp3
Rescue Report2b.mp3(23 July 07)
NOTE: On this audio file (RescueReport2b) Don mentions Lawrence Chimoyo, a medical doctor who is in serious need of basic medical equipment and supplies for his village clinic. No donation is too small.
Contact Don Smith directly if you are moved to help Dr. Chimoyo.

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The Class
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Edna Cares For Orphans
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Edna Manages Orphanage
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The Family 2
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The Family 3
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The Family 4
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Family "Twins"
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Family 1
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Lunch Time
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New Family Member
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Orphanage Newcomer
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Play Time

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