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Dr. Keith-Scott Mumby
Email: admin@informed-wellness.com

Who is Doctor Keith-Scott Mumby?
Read His Bio
1. He is a founding member of the British Society for Clinical Ecology
(now the British Society for Nutrition, Allergy and Environmental Medicine)
2. Medical Advisor to the board What Doctors Don’t Tell You (journal)
3. Scientific and medical advisor to the British Society for Homotoxicology
4. Certified chelation member of American College for the Advancement of Medicine
5. Professor of Nutrition and Vice-Chancellor at the Open International University for Complementary Medicines
6. Professor of Energy Medicine at the former Capital University of Integrative Medicine
7. Faculty: California Institute for Human Science
8. Vice-Chancellor of the newly forming CAM University
Listen: Vaccine.mp3
Cancer Alternatives.mp3
Natural Alternatives.mp3

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