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David Zdan
Christian Researcher
Email: thezdan@yahoo.com
David Zdan is a serious student of the Holy Bible and researches many other texts as well. He is also an "out of the box" thinker! David is a Sunday school teacher and song leader at Landmark Missionary Baptist Church. He has been an extra in movies, writes poetry and has attended community college.

David has given his life over to the Lord Jesus Christ. He considers himself to be an amateur researcher in the areas of church history, prophesy, eschatology, creation science and the great bible version debate.

Listen: The Gates Of Hell.mp3
Letter From Jerusalem.mp3
Nuremberg Collection.mp3 (Not For The Faint Of Heart)

Secret Instruction.mp3
Secret Instruction2.mp3 (Part Two ~ The Widow)

Listen: A Warning To The West
The Cross And The Swastika1.mp3
The Cross And The Swastika2.mp3
The Cross And The Swastika3.mp3
The Cross And The Swastika4.mp3
The Cross And The Swastika5.mp3

Mystery Babylon.mp3

Who Owns You.mp3
READ: Who_Owns_You.pdf

The HuMan1.mp3
The HuMan2.mp3

Christ Or Antichrist.mp3 (Part One)
Christ Or Antichrist2.mp3(Part Two)
Christ Or Antichrist3.mp3(Part Three)

Translators And Martyrs.mp3 (Part One)
Translators And Martyrs2.mp3 (Part Two)

Burning Bibles.mp3
Ghostly Guild.mp3
Dead Sea Scrolls1.mp3 (and more... Part One)
Dead Sea Scrolls2.mp3 (and more... Part Two)
Where Is The Word Of God.mp3

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