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David Eells
Unleavened Bread Ministry,
6 Apache Trail,
Pensacola, Florida 32506
David is a man of God. He takes the "Word of God" seriously. Read the book, "Sovereign God." When you visit the Unleavened Bread Ministry website you will also find sections dealing with Numerics and the KJV, prophecies, dreams and visions. On "TheByteShow" David Eells gives straight, no nonsense talk about his walk with Jesus, Christianity, Faith, Tribulation, Deception, Rapture (is it Scriptural?), and the "Last Days."
LISTEN: For Those With Ears To Hear.mp3 (3 Sept 2007)
The Man Child.mp3 (2006)
The Covenant.mp3 (Part Two ~ 9 March 2006)
The Covenant.mp3 (Part One ~ 27 Feb 2006)
Rapture.mp3 (23 Feb 2006)
DavidEells_Faith1_TBS.mp3 (2005)

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