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The Collins Brothers
Phillip D. Collins & Paul D. Collins
Email: thefaceunveiled(at)yahoo.com

The Mechanisms of Social Control
Phillip has studied philosophy, political science, journalism, theatre, religion, and classic literature. In 1999, Phillip earned an Associate degree of Arts and Science. In 2006, he earned a bachelor's degree with a major in communication studies and liberal studies along with a minor in philosophy. He has also written articles for Paranoia Magazine, MKzine, News With Views, B.I.P.E.D.: The Official Website of Darwinian Dissent and Conspiracy Archive. A comprehensive collection of Phillip's work can be read at: www.conspiracyarchive.com He co-authored the ACL Report concerning the social sciences and psychological warfare (on-line subscription). He recently completed a collection of short stories, poetry, and prose entitled Expansive Thoughts. Readers can learn more here: www.ExpansiveThoughts.com

Phillip Collins and Paul Collins are also featured writers
for Tom Horn's world famous "Raiders News Network"

"The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship:
An Examination of Epistemic Autocracy, From the 19th to the 21st Century."
By Phillip Collins And Paul Collins

Social Control
Phillip Collins discloses how the criminal elite hijacked science
and transformed it into a weapon against the masses...
Social Control.mp3 (Part One)|
Social Control2.mp3 (Part Two ~ April 2006)

The Hidden Face of Terrorism
LISTEN: Paul Collins
The Hidden Face Of Terrorism.mp3 (Part One)|
The Hidden Face Of Terrorism.mp3 (Part Two)|

The Hidden Face of Terrorism:
The Dark Side of Social Engineering,
From Antiquity to September 11.

Published in November 2002 (still a must read),
Purchase as an e-book (ISBN 1-4033-6798-1)
or in paperback (ISBN 1-4033-6799-X)

Oil And Population Control
LISTEN: Phillip & Paul Collins
Oil And Population Control.mp3 (13.6mb ~ 1:59)

Darwinism And The Rise Of Gnosticism
Phillip Collins
Phillip states; "Evolutionism is in truth a metaphysical doctrine decked out in scientific garb. In other words, it is a scientistic myth... both the Nazis and the communists exhibited a religious adherence to the Gnostic myth of Darwinism." And, they continue to do so! Where did this "myth" really come from? Who made the "myth" popular? A lousy deceitful "myth" is being used as a weapon against GOD'S people.
Part One: The Rise Of Gnosticism.mp3 (6.67mb ~ 58:21) |
Part Two: The Rise Of Gnosticism2.mp3 (6.61mb ~ 57:49)

The Culture Of Death
Phillip D. Collins
Part One: Culture Of Death.mp3 (6.71mb ~ 58:42)|
Part Two: Culture Of Death2.mp3 (6.441mb ~ 56:20)

The Curse of Democracy
Phillip D. Collins
Listen: Part One: The Curse of Democracy1.mp3 (6.441mb ~ 56:20)
Listen: Part Two: The Curse of Democracy2.mp3 (7.40mb ~ 1:04:40)

Phillip D. Collins
Listen: Part One: Technocracy1 (6.88mb ~ 1:00:09)
(Part Two) Technocracy2 (5mb ~ 43:46)

In Bed with the Enemy
Paul Collins
There are criminal elements within the U.S. government that are guilty of
protecting and shepherding the very Islamofascists they claim to be fighting.
LISTEN: In Bed With The Enemy1.mp3 (Part One)|
In Bed With The Enemy2.mp3 (Part Two)|

Unholy Matrimony
Paul Collins

The Tie Between the Cult of Intelligence
and the Cult of Oligarchy
LISTEN: Unholy Matrimony1.mp3 (Part One)|
Unholy Matrimony2.mp3 (Part Two)|

Nothing Beyond The Flesh
The Theocracy of Prima Materia
Phillip D. Collins
LISTEN: Nothing Beyond The Flesh1.mp3 (Part One ~ 9.87mb ~ 1:26:18)
Nothing Beyond The Flesh2.mp3 (Part Two ~ 8.50mb ~ 1:14:19)

The Ted Haggard Affair And The CNP
The Collins Brothers
(Phillip and Paul)
LISTEN: Ted Haggard And The CNP1 | Ted Haggard And The CNP2

MJ 12 The Technocratic Thread
The Collins Brothers
(Phillip and Paul)
LISTEN: MJ12 Technocratic Thread1.mp3 |
MJ12 Technocratic Thread2.mp3 |
MJ12 Technocratic Thread3.mp3

The Last Wake Up Call
The Collins Brothers
(Phillip and Paul)
LISTEN: The Last Wake Up Call

Panoptic Age: Entering the Pupil of the All-Seeing Eye
The Collins Brothers
(Phillip and Paul)
LISTEN: Panoptic Age1 (Part One With Phillip Collins ~ 1:32:53}
Panoptic Age2 (Part Two With Phillip and Paul Collins)

The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and
the Balkanization of America
The Collins Brothers
(Phillip and Paul)
LISTEN: Race War and the Balkanization of America.mp3
Read The Article: www.ConspiracyArchive.com/Commentary/RaceWar.htm

Foxes Guarding The Hen House
The Collins Brothers
(Phillip and Paul)
LISTEN: Foxes Guarding The Hen House.mp3

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