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Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest
prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John: 2

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Catherine's Health Hub.mp3 (15 Aug 08)

Today, even given the multiple advances of medical sciences, more of us are afflicted with new, baffling, low-grade, and chronic illnesses. So many of us unquestioningly trust our healthcare providers with the responsibility of our physical wellbeing, a trust that is obviously misplaced. Misinformation abounds, propagated by the very entities from which we glean most of our information - the mainstream media, health organizations and our doctors. The very culture of allopathic medicine discourages us from taking responsibility for own health and seeking natural God-given remedies, and ridicules those with alternatives to toxic medications, disfiguring surgeries and radioactive "cures."

This health "hub" is created to serve as a link to sites with truthful, proven alternatives to pharmacopeia (sorcery as admonished against in the Bible), as well as timely alerts and articles.

Please check frequently for updates on health news, links to great sites and health-enhancing products.

Makers Of Vaccination
Refuse To Take H1N1

What Is In Vaccine: The Individual Components of Vaccines (Excellent Info)

Read The Interview With Andrew J. Moulden M.D., Ph.D.
"Through my extensive research and my work throughout the years, I have discovered that vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (ischemia) to brain and body from clinically silent to death. These are strokes – across the board for all of us. I have reason to believe that all are being affected and all vaccinations ARE causing the overwhelming rise in autism, specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, sudden infant death, gulf war syndrome, dementia, seizure disorders, some cancers it would appear, and much much more." [SNIP]

Impact of Influenza Vaccination on Seasonal Mortality in the US Elderly Population
www.whale.to/b/hoax1.html (The flu hoax and holocaust)
www.909shot.com (National Vaccine Information Center)

www.imva.info(Info about magnesium, mercury, cancer, iodine, vaccines)
www.westonaprice.org (Wise traditions in food, farming and healing arts)

Stem Enhance: http://georgeann.stemtechbiz.com/Default.aspx
www.timeguard.org or
www.healthspanmax.com (best multivitamin around!)
www.AgelessCures.com (Curcumin)

www.GardenersNet.com ("How to" garden tips)
www.OrganicConsumers.org (Food health news and resources)
www.SoilAndHealth.org (Online library of organic gardening and nutrition)
www.VeganOrganic.net (Great info on growing indoors or out)

http://CureZone.com(educating instead of medicating)
www.DoctorYourself.com (World's largest health homestead website)

(American Nutraceutical Association)

(Database of edible, medicinal and useful plants)


(Correct imbalances based in individual biochemistry using natural substances)

(Therapeutic nutrition based upon biochemical individuality)

Children who receive the entire 3-shot series of Hepatitis B Vaccine have a 9x higher rate of developmental disabilities than unvaccinated children. (PDF)
Hepatitis B triple series vaccine and developmental disability in US children aged 1-9 years
Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, September 2008
Carolyn Gallagher* and Melody Goodman
Important ~ SEE: http://www.fourteenstudies.org/ourstudies.html

Autism: A Novel Form of Mercury Poisoning.
Medical Hypothesis, 2001.
Sallie Bernard, Albert Enyati, Lynn Redwood, RN, Teresa Binstock, PhD.
This simple but groundbreaking work spelled it out for the layperson by demonstrating that the symptoms of autism and the symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical. Excerpt: "Due to the extensive parallels between autism and mercury poisoning, the likelihood of a causal relationship is great. Given that possibility, Thimerosal should be removed from all childhood vaccines and the mechanisms of mercury toxicity in autism should be thoroughly investigated."

Special Video:
Dr. Emoto -messages from water - amazing

Fluoride Action Network

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