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Aaron Kaplan
Author, Researcher
Email: frightening (at) optonline.net

www.Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion.com

Aaron's Commentaries

CountDownToChaos2.mp3 (Part Two ~ More Fascinating information!)
CountDownToChaos.mp3(Part One ~ Fascinating information)

The Blood Lines.mp3

The Bomb Is Dead.mp3
(Fort Knox, Bit Coin, Ukraine, Japan, Spear of Destiny, Dr. Kyle Kaplan, 3 Space Craft, Sitchen, Iraq, Anunnaki & No Where To Hide)
The Missing Link.mp3
(Where we came from, Who did it, and.....)
ZigZag Comet.mp3
(Malaysian MH370, Comets & comets that are not comets, Anunnaki, more)
Things That Seem To Disappear.mp3
(Malaysian MH370 & Pakistan, Russia, the Crimea, the Maya, Nibru is Close)
Tall Whites & Anunnaki.mp3
(Who are the tall whites? What is their purpose? Betty & Barney Hill, Vatican, Obama)
Mystery Ice Breakers & AntArctia.mp3
(The mystery of the ice bound ice breakers to Antarctia and the strange treaty)
Comet ISON And The Ark.mp3
(ISON Update, UFO's & Israel, Anunnaki, DNA, Ark of The Covenant ~ 26 Dec 2013)
The Missing Element.mp3
(Comet Ison & The Sun, The Book Of Enoch & The Anunnaki, The Return, Large Space Ships, Dark Side Of The Moon)
A Reality Check.mp3
(The debris field, Ison, the ocean, Puerto Rico, and much more...)
Conspiracy Alive And Well.mp3
(Shootings, 911, Solar Event, Ison, Moving Nukes, Last week in December?)
A Frightening Nightmare2.mp3 (Part Two)
(The Region III Event And Much More... 4 Sept 2013)
A Frightening Nightmare.mp3
(Russian Troops, Mars, Comet Ison, Special Weapons, Syria ~ 2 Sept 2013)
(PART 2 - Water, Sink Holes, Weather, OuterSpace ~ 13 Aug 2013)
Mysterious Events.mp3
(Many topics covered including Mars, the moon and the middle east ~ 27 July 2013)
The Last Earth.mp3
(Aaron covers the possible demise of the earth as it is ~ 1 May 2013)
Not Mars.mp3
(Aaron covers many topics - Including The Anunnaki ~ 4 Apr 2013)
Amazing Stuff.mp3
(The Iraq war, caves, Noah, Nibiru, Sumerian Tablets)
Who Is God.mp3
The Truth Revealed.mp3
(About The Pope, DNA, The Moon, Anunnaki and much more ~ 23 Nov 2012)
Earth's Most Terrible Day.mp3 (26 Oct 2012)
What's Wrong With The Moon.mp3
(About The Moon, Anunnaki and much more)
From The Past To The Present.mp3 (17 July 2012)
(Fire Balls - Crop Circles - DNA and The Anunnaki)
Suspicious Plane Crashes.mp3 (5 July 2012)
Fatima, The Vatican, The Butler And UFO's (20 June 2012)
Falcon9 Rockets.mp3 (9 June 2012)
Silence From Space.mp3 (18 May 2012)
Nuclear Contaminated Japan And Issues with Antarctia.mp3 (9 May 2012)
Alien Reverse Engineering?.mp3 (6 April 2012)
The Trouble With Moon Rocks.mp3 (25 Jan 2012)
Latest Events On Earth And In Space.mp3 (13 Jan 2012)
The Hidden Depression.mp3 (24 Dec 2011)
Earth Under LockDown.mp3(9 Dec 2011)
SpaceShips And Revelations.mp3(8 Nov 2011)
Politics And OuterSpace.mp3
(JFK, Marilyn Monroe And Clinton)
Religion, Signs And Space.mp3 (7 Oct 2011)
Hiroshima And The Third Reich.mp3 (1 Oct 2011)
Elenin Mystery Solved.mp3 (21 Sept 2011)
The Secret Is Out.mp3 (Israel, Syria, and so much more ~ 13 Sept 2011)
Commentary: SpaceShips And Comets.mp3
The Return.mp3
Quiet Conspiracy.mp3
Inside Conspiracies.mp3
Commentary: Electric Mars.mp3
Commentary: Current Events.mp3 (20 Mar 2011)
Japan Devastation and The Libyan War and more
Commentary: Economic Meltdown, True Story.mp3 (4 Mar 2011)
Commentary: Mystery Upon Mystery.mp3 (19 Feb 2011)
Commentary: USS Liberty And The Gaza Flotilla.mp3 (15 Jan 2011)
Commentary: The Birds.mp3 (8 Jan 2011)

Listen: Special Edition1.mp3 (Part One)
Special Edition2.mp3 (Part Two)
Special Edition3.mp3 (Part Three)
Special Edition4.mp3 (Part Four ~ Lucifer And Chemtrails)
Special Edition5 - Boots And Coots.mp3 (Gulf Disaster)
Special Edition6 (Part Six - Politics and intro to Garden of Eden - Mars)
Special Edition7.mp3 (Part Seven - The Garden of Eden - Mars)
Special Edition8.mp3 (Part Eight)

Who is Aaron Kaplan?

He attended and graduated from Samuel James Tilden High School in Brooklyn, New York, on June of 1964. He continued his education and graduated from the College of Aeronautics, class of September of 1967, near La-GUARDIA Airport, Flushing, New York.

Aaron Kaplan was employed for over thirty-five years in the Aerospace/Aircraft Industry civilian and military projects. He has performed work on all types of aircraft, including designing major parts for Jet Engines, including the rights to a patent received from Pratt and Whitney, Jet Engines Mfg. in Hartford, Connecticut.

Aaron has also been employed by such other companies such as Fairchild Republic, Grumman Aircraft, Sikorsky Helicopters. He also worked for EDO Corp., involving submarines, and Electro Visual Engineering, involving flight simulators (the newest 3-D type).

He also has a great deal of knowledge of the Hebrew language—reading, writing, and speaking. This is due to one main reason: Aaron was raised in Israel as a youngster from the age of two to fourteen. He was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1946.

He also used to fly private aircraft and drove racecars at the racetrack. He believes that he is pretty well rounded to do this type of research - analyzing and arriving at the correct conclusion...

The New Serise With Aaron Kaplan
Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion1.mp3 (Part One)
Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion2.mp3 (Part Two)
Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion3.mp3 (Part Three)
Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion4.mp3 (Part Four)
Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion5.mp3 (Part Five)
Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion6.mp3 (Part Six)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion7.mp3 (Part Seven)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion8.mp3 (Part Eight)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion9.mp3 (Part Nine)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion10.mp3 (Part Ten)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion11.mp3 (Part Eleven)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion12.mp3 (Part Twelve)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion13.mp3 (Part Thirteen)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion14.mp3 (Part Fourteen)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion 15a.mp3 (Part Fifteen ~ A)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion 15b.mp3 (Part Fifteen ~ B)
Deep Analysis Frightening Conclusion16.mp3 (Part Sixteen)

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